Scam letter(s) from Oksana Syhina to Victor (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello again, my dearest Vic!
I was so pleased that you liked me and that you answered my letter. Thank you very much for your compliments and for telling me much about yourself! Your job must be very interesting, tell me more about it! In my first letter I told you few things about myself, but I would like to be sure from the very beginning of our correspondence that I can trust you. I really want to have frank, faithful and honest relations with you. Perhaps it will seem to you that I ask very many questions but you are extremely interesting for me and I wish to understand you better, to feel you, to open your heart and your soul for me. I would like us to get to know each other at first before our meeting in order to see in you close and dear person for me when we meet. It is very important for me to feel you, your self. I want to fall in love with you, to feel a piercing shiver when looking into your eyes and to forget about everything except for your embrace when you touch me.
You know, I got divorced recently. Now I understand that I made a great mistake when fell in love with this man, and my heart still suffers from pain and disappointment. We didn`t have a child and I think thus God showed me that he was not the man of my life. That was a great lesson for me. I want to have a good family and a child very much. I will try to do everything to make my future marriage be full of love, happiness, warmth and child`s laugh.
I would like to know more about you. Please, write me about yourself, your work, where and whom you live with, your tastes in food, clothes, describe me how you spend your spare time. Tell me about your relatives and friends. Tell me which features of character are the most valuable for you and which ones are repulsive. Tell me about the things you like and the things you hate.
I look forward for your replies, your Oksana.
And if you like we could arrange a telephone conversation and I will be very glad to hear your voice.
Letter 2

Dear Victor Baz,
Excuse me for my letter and interference, but I will try to explain you my appearance.
My name is Alla Lukyanova and I help to translate your letters for Oksana from English into Russian and her letters for you from Russian into English. Oksana speaks English a bit, but this knowledge is not enough for writing letters and for the qualitative translation of her thoughts, questions, etc. And she does not have a computer at home. She is extremely interested in the acquaintance with you and in you yourself. Of course it would be better for both of you to meet personally, but now there is a great distance between you and letters are the best way to know each other before the meeting. Of course Oksana understands that she must learn English for you, because if you like each other, she will go together with you to your country and the knowledge of the language will be very necessary! But at this very moment before the meeting I can help you to translate your letters for each other. You can completely trust me, I am a teacher of English language I make qualitative translations and I am really responsible to my job. I give you a guarantee of confidence and decency. In order for you to be sure that Oksana is a real person I will make a special photo of Oksana for you with a note in her hands on wich it will be written anything you will say.
Your letters will arrive at my computer, I will print and translate them into Russian, call Oksana and inform her about your letter. You will receive her reply as quickly as it is possible.
As you have already understood I help Oksana to find a husband but she has problems with English and she does not have a computer at home. If you pay the translation of your correspondence with Oksana it will show that you are serious in your intentions because many men just play with girls in Internet. You should understand that if you want to marry Oksana, you have to be ready for the expenses on the opening of visa and a travel to Ukraine, on the help in learning English for Oksana, on different documents in Embassy and etc. Please think about this carefully if you are ready for such difficulties. Because you can break Oksana`s heart and both of you will be greatly disappointed if you will not be ready to overcome all difficulties together.
Ok, as you understand the first and important way in the start of your relationships is to pay for the correspondence.
So I send you the information concerning my services for your correspondence with your girlfriend.
Unlimited services per month cost 100 EURO. This prise includes all services below. 1)Opening of e-mail box.
2)Unlimited translation of letters English-Russian, Russian-English.
3)Printing of letters and photos.
4)Scanning of photos.
5)Photographer`s services for making photos
(by Internet and snail mail) of your girlfriend. 6)Interpreter`s help during telephone conversations. 7)Delivery of your letters at your girlfriend`s place in case of her illness, being busy at work, etc.
8)Delivery of gifts, flowers, etc. You send money to the name of your girl Oksana Syhina.
The easiest ways are by Western Union (
Please send a letter with a 10 digit code. Address:
91000,Ukraine, Lugansk,
ul.Lyganskoi Pravdi 153/22 Inform me if you agree to my help in translation of your correspondence, I really hope that you understand the situation with the language barrier and your intentions concerning the marriage with Oksana are very serious. To understand and to write to each other every day is very important and differences in your language must not prevent the development of your relationships. Please get in touch with me.
Here is my address: and if you want call me : + 38 066 209 13 29
Sincerely yours, Alla Lukyanova.
P.S. Do not worry, Oksana received your last letter.
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