Scam letter(s) from Oksana Syhina to Jacob (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello Jacob!
Nice to have your letter! So you are from Romania, I've never been there. I think that is very beautiful country as well as Ukraine. Is this last photo from the mountain river in Romania?? Very gorgeous! I wish to visit this paradise for the extreme I right?
So you must be really my soul mate, if you like all these kinds of entertainment. So good to know that somewhere in the world live people with the same tastes:)
But I like to do much more things than it was mentioned in my profile.
Surely , you do the same. Let's see if we still alike a bit? I want to tell you in details about my hobbies, in order you to know me & my life better. I'm seriously carried by design. In future I want to be a designer. I adore photos, I mean taking photos, also I'm making some special portfolio. As for my sport passions: first of all it's diving. Every year with my friends I go to the Crimea to dive to the depth of the Black Sea. It's so cool to see the inner world of the see by your own eyes. Also step-aerobics: sometime ago I did it very seriously, went to different festivals, then taught this subject. And now I'm trying to keep fit with the help of the aerobics. Very often I go to the swimming pool to swim a bit,jump from the springboard. Feel like a fish in the water. And one of my most favorite hobbies is driving horseback on. Here in Lugansk we have special school of the horseman. In the region we have two wonderful stud farms where marvelous horses are breed. They are very clever & inelegant animals, can understand everything. And it's easier to ride a horse than a car:) Have something alike???? Write me soon, I'll be waiting for your answer. Some personal info is welcomed as well:)
Enjoy your day and make the best of it. Have fun and take care, your Oksana.
Letter 2

That was my previous letter, if you liked it so much so here is it for you:)
And now some new lines for today.
Well, I'm sorry you are Dane? But living in Italy, right? And travelling everywhere? So interesting! You must have very multicultural soul & spirit? How interesting is it to speak with you.
To see you...well yes I appreciated the landscape from your photos, as I thought it was not worth mentioning that you are quite nice guy with the catching smile. But, sorry I know that men like to have compliments as well as women also.
So I'm waiting till your mail system is OK, write more about yourself.
I mean something personal, were you married, do you have children???
Well I think I should start myself first!
You know, I got divorced recently. Now I understand that I made a great mistake when fell in love with this man, and my heart still suffers from pain and disappointment. We didn`t have a child and I think thus God showed me that he was not the man of my life. That was a great lesson for me. I want to have a good family and a child very much. I will try to do everything to make my future marriage be full of love, happiness, warmth and child`s laugh.
I really want to have frank, faithful and honest relations now with you. Perhaps it will seem to you that I ask very many questions but you are extremely interesting for me and I wish to understand you better, to feel you, to open your heart and your soul for me. I would like us to get to know each other at first before our meeting in order to see in you close and dear person for me when we meet. It is very important for me to feel you, your self. I want to fall in love with you, to feel a piercing shiver when looking into your eyes and to forget about everything except for your embrace when you touch me.
I would like to know more about you. Please, write me about yourself, your work, where and whom you live with, your tastes in food, clothes, describe me how you spend your spare time. Tell me about your relatives and friends. Tell me which features of character are the most valuable for you and which ones are repulsive. Tell me about the things you like and the things you hate.
I look forward for your replies, your Oksana.
Letter 3

Hello, Jacob!

I can't begin to tell you how much I miss you! When I sat down to write your letter I wanted to send you my most positive feelings.
Right now I feel extremely lonely and lost! I am having a difficult time managing without you. yes, I know the biggest part of the way is ahead.
I got married so early, when I was 18 years old. I was young & lived unhappy life for 7 years... He ***** a lot, so I decided that it must end someday. The court process lasted for a half of year, till I felt free at last. So it was not the pleasant time in my life:(
But I don;t want to talk about it too much, I try to forget that as a bad ream. Good experience?????.....maybe.....The only thing I know is what I need in this life now. I need real man nearby! Talk over about another things.
As for my language. I know English not so good to write letter myself. I can only speak it. But for translation of your letters I use the service of the translator. But the translator is one of my best friends. We know each other from the very childhood. So I can trust her as myself. I can be sure in her honesty! So you can do the same! You see the level of my Grammar is very low, so when she comes, & we start the translation, I start learning something from her! So today we want to enjoy the last warm days of the Indian Summer in autumn. Indeed the weather in my town is so that one can't stop but going somewhere for a walk:) I haven't decided yet how will I spend this weekends, maybe together with Julia -one of my best friends too & her sonny Mark, we'll go to the park. You know little children are fond of collecting these yellow & red fallen leaves:) Oh I adore walking with my friend & her sonny. I like this child very much. He is so clever in his 4 years. And that is so fun when little children are paying with the mess of the leaves. They start doing the "rain" from all this - wonderful. I don't know if you have the possibility of doing so. Do you have such trees which throw the leaves? If yes, so you can do the same:) So wish me good day:) With all my love to you. Your Oksana. PS.I have never been to Italy:(
Letter 4

Hello dear Jacob! I'm so happy that you liked my special photo for you:) It was my pleasure to make you smile & sure that I'm real & care bout you & our relationship. I decide to express my attitude to you, so I did this.
I thought that you can like it, so it was indeed. I like to make my close people, about whom I carry so much, laugh:)
So want us to laugh together over the phone, call me:)
That is my mobile phone number +3 8050 476 09 85. I'll be waiting! The better time is evening, when I'm a bit free from my work... I'll be waiting for your call. I imagine how wonderful voice you have:)
Surely very manly but tender at the same time.
Sometimes women can fall in love with a man just hearing his voice & vice versa:) I think you know that all women love with the help of ears, that is scientific fact... So call me, dear Jacob. If something wrong with the E-mail, we can always talk over the phone.
But I took into my consideration, & send you this letter to other address. Tell me if that works? So what are going to do in Romania? Will you have a rest there???
Will you shave your beard off? I like it in you, but as for every man, it can make a person a bit older. So better without it. Especially if you say that it sctratches you... But still I like you..That is a compliment for you! And I like your body as well, I think I can't see some of the disadvantages which you say you have, because of photo.
But tell me what do you do to keep fit? I'm a bit addicted to that occupation, that's why it is very interesting topic for me... My dear fit man, you know how it can be pleasant to receive compliments?? Especially for a woman like me? When I read your warm & kind words I feel like a REAL WOMAN. It is very important to feel yourself appropriate. I want to say, that now, in the age of female emancipation, when a woman "doesn't" need a man, that's just from the first sight…. I think so. A woman can't live without a man & vice verse. The Nature made two genders to continue life – a MAN & a WOMAN! When a woman says: "I don't need a man/a male" she is not sincere with herself. A girl must have man's attention, compliments, care….. every day, every minute….. And I have it, thanks to YOU. I 'm very grateful to you for making me Real Woman. I'm trying to do the same, am I good in it, honey? At least I have such compliments not every day, as you are not here? And I'm so happy to read all this about myself, I begin to consider myself a QUEEN? I'm kidding………
Sweet kisses to you, your Oksana. PS. Very funny cartoon:) Thanks:)
Letter 5

My charming Jacob!I can't begin to tell you how much I miss you! When I sat down to writeyour letter I wanted to send you my most positive feelings. It was great to talk with you last evening. I think we spoke more and understood each other more than ever before. We must continue to buildour relationship this way as much as possible. It is when I hear yousay me all this, and I can hear your breath, I imagineevery little detail about you in that moment... and I am not there tohold you. I am not by your side to kiss you, and show you that I feelas much the same way. I cannot give you my full affection. This drivesme crazy. It was nice to finally hear from you and speak with you onthe phone. Though if we have a dispute. It is not enough though tofill the emptiness I sometimes feel.As for professional hypnosis, I think that you have such a voce thatmake me calm down, & forget everything bad, So I felt quite relaxed &a bit sleepy:) As it was late evening already!I had your SMS last evening & this morning - thanks a lot! I like thistype of our communication!It would be really great if you come here to visit me, we will meeteach other and talk about everything, look into each others eyes. I donot want long and unproductive correspondence, I am really seriousabout starting a family and I do not want to loose time. Do you understand me? I love our letters to each other, but still, it is notthe communication alive. I think if we meet, it will be great for bothof us. What do you think?I already try to imagine our first meeting at the airport. I will make a beautiful hair dress, put on the most beautiful dress. I really wantyou to like me in person! I will come to the airport earlier not to miss your flight. I will be so worried and I will be trembling. Atlast I hear that your flight is announced. I look at the window andsee your plane is landing, only minutes separate us. I have a suchwish to run away and hide somewhere, I want to become invisiblebecause I am very worried and excited!! I can not move and look at thedoors you will come out from.... My heart is beating and it seems thateverybody see it but it does not bother me. When I see you I know thatI will get red and feel embarrassed. And I know that I want to takeyour hand and tell you:"You are welcome, I am your Oksana". I am trembling and waiting for your first words, your real voice. I willforget all words, I will not be able to say a word or a sentence,maybe you too. We will look into each other eyes and see that we cannot describe in words. I will touch you tender and cry, but it will behappy tears. You are here and you are with me, my sweetheart!!!! Let's try to realize this dream. Try to plan your come to me, my dearJacob! Choose the best dates for you & please tell me everythingbeforehand. As I told you I need to have vocation at work & arrangeall the questions with your staying....Too much so I need enough time!!Waiting for our meeting with anticipation & anxiety. Your Oksana.PS. I like to give much of me to a man, but I like to receive as well,the most - respect & understanding!
Letter 6

Hello dear Jacob! So dear Jacob, I came to know that I can have this vocation in order to meet you on the 7th of October in Kiev. Do you like it??? I think yes:) If you don't come, then I'll come & I'll ...**** you:)
By the way how is your FRIEND? Did you enjoyed your bier? Kiss you... My dear Jacob if you decided to come to Ukraine, what is very welcomed:), I can say you that one apartment will be better than a room at the hotel. I choose between some good variants, & I MADE THE BEST CHOICE. It is very modern & comfortable, you'll like it. I found one very good - the address: Lesya Ukrainka str., 8/20. It will be better, than the room with a bad & table for such a price. The apartments in Kiev are not so expensive as rooms at the hotels. For example in one of the hotels "Rus", single room costs 120$. But this apartment, which is situated in the center of the city, is less. It will cost less. I'll reserve it for you & me for the 7.10. You see the capital of my country - Kiev is situated far from the town, where I live (Lugansk). It is 1000km. So the air-tickets cost too much for me. You know that I work as a teacher now, & in Ukraine teachers have very low salaries, that is well-known fact. You promised me to help me with that. I promise you, that I'll meet you at the airport. And who knows what will we be doing, when we see each other.....:)
I like to wear high-heel shoes, I worry won't you be shorter than me:)?
So, you tall man, I'm not shorter that you, that's why don't worry about our height, that would be the last thing we'll think about when we are together. I think when we are close, the world will **** from our humor:) But i reality I must say to you, that I feel comfortable with you, very easy to communicate & I feel as well as you are the person that is meant for ME exactly! While our phone talk I noticed that we are, like you said before, twins! Can it be true that we think so likely? It can if the persons really have so much in common. You guessed every my wish:) Are you really telepat? Have you ever tried to do hypnosis? Won't you do it with me? I'm scared:)
Well too much of humor. But I like it, as only with humor one can live easily, not bothering him/herself with all the problems. But sometimes we need to be serious....I laugh when I write it:) But still! I need some money for my trip to you. I need to go by taxi from Aleksanrovsk to Lugansk airport to fly to Kiev. I need to fly from Lugansk to Kiev (95$ air ticket) - it's KYI AVIA COMPANY, there I need taxi to reach the apartment from Julian Airport, And after, after all the rest, I need money in order I can come back from Kiev home to Lugansk. then flying back home from Kiev to Lugansk (95$air ticket). I hope you don't mixed all the information, I think I do:) But I'll try to clear my mind:-D Would you be so kind & send me 300$ for this spendings? I need to pay the deposit for the apartment (100$). If you come later than me, I need to pay the deposit, as I will be waiting for you. Don't you think that I'll be waiting for you in the street, as a beggar, crying & hoping for you..:) Ha-ha, I need to stay in the apartment, so I need to pay it beforehand. At what time will your plain land in Ukraine, Kiev? I can't wait... Hugs & kisses to the tallest man in the world:-) Jacob, Your Oksana.
Letter 7

My dear Jacob that is my home phone: +3 8 0642 65 85 87.
But only one thing this weekends, I'm going to go to my parents, so I won't be at home. Call to my home from the next Tuesday.
And my Mobile won't reach the connection.
You see my parents live in the region,& my mobile operator doesn't cover this area. Bad, yeah? But I can do nothing just hope, as they say that it is spread( the cover of the mobile connection) with every year.
But not now:(
Still we have at least something than it was by our parents:) Well I need to go, have a nice day, call me next week:)
Letter 8

My dear Jacob!
I understand you, I belive that you understand my condition too. What a problem? Any of it! Well you want to reserve the ticket to Kiev for me you can easily do it at the Kiev site of air company. So go to this site Kyi Avia & reserve/book the ticket. That is very simple.
I can reserve us the hotel or apartment, whatever you wish!
Should I reserve by myself or I can give you more sites & you'll find what ever you want?? But for me that is not a problem!
I dream to see you in Kiev! So do you like this idea? If you say that you come earlier, I can ask one of the taxis from the agency- Valera to meet you at the airport & drive you to the apartment.
The only question that I have in my mind is the following.
Do you trust me? I can't understand... If you have something to tell, do it, otherwise that offences me. I don't want to begin our relationships from the mistrust! I'm sincere with you & open. And you?
I think we are a good match, I understood it form our letters but mostly from our phone talks.
I really want to know you better, I want something good in our future.
So let's make it work!
I'm waiting for your answer. Kiss you, Oksana.
Letter 9

I really shocked about your letter, your words, & your behavior during the telephone talk. You were other person than I knew before, not that intelligent man, calm & wise. That was impossible from your side to cry on me! You sent me this sites, so??? I knew about this site, it is from the time when I used the service of the agency. I told you about it during our phone talk, I have nothing to hide. You behavior was disrespectful to me as woman, you showed that you have any nobility. Why should I always justified myself? You have never seen me, & you already accuse me. I felt like you are a rude policeman, without any respect to me as a woman. I never asked you for money, I just invited me to Lugansk.
I felt very painful, you offended me, even not knowing me in real... I didn't wait that from you, I imagined you as a wise, mature & self-determined man. But you turned out to be very boyish.
In my life I already had much pain, so now I don't want to have it anymore. If our relationship started from this point, from the accusation & insults, I don't think we must continue this. This relationship won't be romantic anymore, I don't feel the continuation of this. Do you think that now I'll have the wish to go on this relationship? With all the pain & accusation? I was very frank with you, very open, I never hide anything from you. If you don't believe me, what can I do? Send you the passport & papers, that's too much. It was enough for you to come to me, & could show you all these. But to send you this through the Internet, that's humiliating!
So I need to ask you to be a gentleman with me, Can't you guess about this by yourself?
There are too many men in the world, who are caring, loving, understandable & trusting, but not worrying about their wallet & yourself. I don't want to suffer anymore! I understood one thing, that I can't rely on those people as you in a difficult situation. I understood that if I have some problems, I'll be with it alone..
I want the man, who afraid of nothing, because of their woman.
That was very outrageous from you side to write me this last letter. You are man!
I have the emptiness & despair in my soul... I feel pain...
Do you consider that is normal, that I'm as a woman, must go to Turkey alone, taking into the consideration that many women disappear in the Western countries..,And you were afraid to come to one of the safest countries - Ukraine. We never had any terror acts in the country. Have you thought about my safety, about my health, when you invited me to Turkey...................... I'm sure that you are a good guy, but I don't understand you, we don't pass each other. I think we must wish each other only good luck. I wish you to find the woman of your dream.
Take care, Jacob.
Farewell, Oksana.
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