Letter(s) from Elena Gaynutdinova to Jim (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Jim,
I am very glad, that I have an opportunity to continue with you our acquaintance. Probably, you would like to learn my curriculum vitae and about my city. I was born on July, 25 1977 in the huge country of Russia, in the small city of Naberezhnie Chelni located on coast of Volga. Volga is the biggest and important river in territory of Russia on which coast beautiful cities have settled down many, rich culture. You probably heard about some from them, it is Kazan, Samara, Nizhni Novgorod. I live on distance of 680 kms to the east from the city of Moscow . Therefore, if sometime you will want to find my city on a card it is better to you to begin the search from the city of Naberezhnie Chelni.My city of Naberezhnie Chelni has the population more than one 600 000 people, basically it - industrial city, in it it is a lot of monuments of architecture. Despite of the important role of this city in histories of Russia, the My city Has huge value in my life. I love noise of its streets, its silent parks on which it is very pleasant to do walks after the working day. My working day very much sated because I work as the oculist (eyes doctor) in one of local hospitals. Into my duties enters all works connected from this uneasy trade. To receive this trade which is pleasant to me, I have finished six-year training in the Kazan Medical Institute. First I worked as the assistant the oculist, and now I work independently as the oculist. Even 9 business hours every day cannot tire me, because in my life now work of a table as rescue from loneliness. Therefore I frequently after work go to park with girlfriends. I try to conduct a healthy way of life, therefore I do not smoke and I do not use alcohol. Frequently in our country solar weather is replaced by clouds, in such days I do not like to walk, and I spend the evenings behind reading of the favourite book or I listen to pleasant music. I love almost all directions in music, all depends on mood. I live one in an one-room apartment on surburb of city, near to hospital where I work.
I prefer to observe family customs without changes and a lie for this reason I search for the man which would divide with me mine feelings. There can be therefore I do not search for the person of the age, and I would search for the person which appreciated love. In Russia I could not find such person, therefore I have decided to try happiness in other country. First of all I appreciate honesty and fidelity concerning the man and the woman. You with me agree? Please, if you will decide to write again to me, write to me about what you want in attitudes between people, it will be very interesting to me to know about you and about your life is more detailed.Also write to me, that you want to learn about me. I hope, that to like you my photo and you will write to me again. I shall wait very much.

Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Jim,
Today I send you I wash a photo as I and promised. I hope, I have not disappointed you, because this one of my favourite photos. In my previous letters I have overlooked to tell to you, that I have no computer of a house, and all my letters for you I write to Internet - cafe. Therefore I have no opportunity to write to you of more than one letter in day. But I hope, that it will not prevent our correspondence and I shall try to give you of more information on me.
I know, that you live in the interesting country which differs much from ours. I never travelled outside of my country, but I think, that at me still ahead. Each country, even each city has the features which do its unique. Once I went to Moscow on work, and I have been surprised, that in one country, only in different cities, such different people, and at them absolutely other life live. It was interesting for observing, that people live in Russia, speak Russian, but absolutely with other accent, That all people where hasten, and the life as if boils.
In the childhood I very much dreamed to be the cook or the culinary specialist, and now I like to prepare, and even I think out sometimes the unusual dishes. Therefore when we with girlfriends or with working collective mark any holiday for this time I become the main cook. I very much want to prepare sometime for you for an especial dish with which you never eat! Tell to me, that you like most of all from meal that I could understand that to you to prepare. The more I write to you and I receive from you letters, the more I understand, that you very good person. It seems to me, that any woman will be happy to divide with you the life and to have from you children. I very much would want it. For each woman the most important a cosiness, is warm also love in the house, and she creates it together with the favourite person. I so think. I believe in the god, and I believe that he will present me simple human happiness and harmony with the favourite person. Probably, I shall be shown you naive, but I would like to see such person as you as my love. I was possible shall set for you an immodest question? If you want you can not answer me. How you consider, you could love such women as I?
You already know, that I live near to the river. We with friends frequently bathe in the river in the summer, I like to float and sunbathe. Also we go to campaigns in which we sit at a fire and we sing songs. My girlfriend well is able to play on a guitar and I always with the great pleasure listen to her. It so is pleasant, when you can sit at a fire at night and, not hesitating of anybody to sing songs which like you and your friends. Please, write to me how you will usually spend the days off with friends. Please, tell to me more about the life, you even can write to me the secret desires, it would be very pleasant for me to know about you as much as possible. I think, that you are already tired to read my letter, therefore I stop to write, and I start to wait for tomorrow's day to find in a box your letter. To take care, because your life road for me! Elena

Letter 3

Hello my love Jim,
Thanks for the fine letter and warm, kind words in My address. You do not imagine, as I dream of the same desires, as You. Already has passed a few time as we are familiar with you. And as if the who le eternity would pass. If you knew, how in me all strongly change my feelings, desires, hopes... And the most important, I now know, that I have you, and I shall protect you, that did not happen. And any sort of quarrel contentions let pass us the party. At all I do not know - whether there will be they at us, in fact we from a half-word understand each other. About such relationship of souls I even in dream did not assume. Certainly I not fantastic princess, also live terrestrial measures and " financial problems ", but I think that near to you, feeling your breath and charm, I could reach the even greater. And I would feel near to you myself as behind a stone wall. Native mine, at me was not closer than the person for last years, than what has appeared only recently. And to you as to anybody I am obliged to much. As it would be desirable to tell to you warm, gentle much. That this letter has a little warmed you, your soul. It would be desirable, that from my words to you it became pleasant, good, joyful. Someone considers, that daily vanity and is a life, the present reality, and the everything else - inutile illusions, in clouds, in a word - nonsense. But you so do not think, love? In fact the life is, first of all the moments, instants when you suffer sensations of pleasure, delight, excitement, happiness. For the sake of such instants also it is necessary to live. Yes, it is possible to count something unearthly. But what then in general all experiences, feelings which are tested by the person? Especially, it at all a deceit, not a phantom, not a Mirage which will thaw without a trace. In fact it is a reality - my words, the phrases addressed to you, my lovely. And a reality - those sensations which they will cause in your soul. Certainly, simply the mere verbiage which is said simply so, aimlessly if only to borrow time is a usual chatter, idle talk. But I do not want to make some phrases simply. I would like to cause the words in you good, warm emotions. To calm you if something disturbs. To install optimism. In fact actually the life is fine. And it is valid so. In fact In the childhood we enjoyed her and for anything did not long. Why, becoming Adults, we do not become happier? In fact the world around has not changed almost. Probably, all business only in ourselves, in that what we as we concern to a life. Sometimes so it would be desirable to live one emotions, not expecting something, not calling in question, and completely trusting not to reason, and the feelings. And who has told, what is necessary to live reasonably? It is necessary to live happily! But in fact the happiness without feelings does not happen. And the reason seldom gives to us a condition of happiness. In the world it is so much reasons, that all life to count itself unfortunate, and so, apparently, it is not enough to be happy. You have not noticed? I near to you, my man, have sat down near you and silently I look, I try to make out features of your person and I observe, how you read this letter. I observe, how your person, his expression, a sight vary in process of perusal of these lines. How it would be desirable to guess, touch these words your heart and if - yes, what you feel, you suffer now? Let not I, but my words to touch gently you. Feel them warmly, feel it. Let it as is possible longer love will not leave you. It is pleasant to understand, that now we with you one, you and I. Reading these lines, you involuntarily think of me. Let the instant, but now for you is not present anybody, except for me. And not only my words, but also my ideas which they bear, gently and tenderly embrace you. Whether it is quiet and good you in these embraces, mine good? I ask, overlook about the past, be not anxious about the future. That was and that will be - now completely not important. Live hereby, live these instants. Also be happy, mine loved. Last night I for a long time looked at the star sky. I so would like, that you were a number that you saw that I that I could embrace you see, tell, that missed, to meet with you a dawn... I have closed eyes, and for an instant you seemed to me, that beside, that I embrace you, I see Reflection of star light, thin path a ray of light in your eyes... ... I looked afar, following to the leaving sun. I knew, that through a pair of hours on a decline of day you can see the same. The same decline, the same sun, To which I so wanted to tell: " you Will see my loved - transfer it from me Greetings! Its kiss from me the red, gentle beams of a decline "... I look afar and I hope, that I shall necessarily make utmost, that To meet you, and I should not look in anywhere... Loved! When You are raised early in the morning when you go for work when you you miss when You come back home when you lie down in cold bed, know, that I beside. Very much on you I miss........Elena

Letter 4

Greetings my love Jim,
I cannot without you, I need in you... You my sun and air... I choke without you... Allow to love to me you all life and to be with you while you do not stop loving me. Let me to concern you, to laugh at you. To allow to care to me you and to do you happy. You have already made me happy when write to me words of love. It is a little more more, and I shall die without You. I thank you for your love, and you should know, that I am ready to make for the sake of us utmost. I am ready even to break all barrier to be together With you. I think, that you would be pleased to see me to hold me in hands. I want to tell to you, that I love you, looking you in the face. I have learned to arrive to you, the visa and the passport are necessary for me. But the visa is done in Moscow, and I should go to Moscow. I shall take the visa of the bride or the visa of the visitor, that to me will advise in embassy.. The visa is made 7-15 days and this time I should be in Moscow. But as soon as I shall receive the visa, I at once can buy the ticket and arrive to you from airport Sheremetevo-2. I do not know the price of the ticket, but to me there will be the discount, as the medical worker. I am very pleased, that I have chance to see you. But to go in Moscow and to make the visa, 450 dollars are necessary for me to pay for road up to Moscow and residing there, and also to pay for the passport for travel abroad and the visa. The visa given to me within 90 days and during this time we can marry. I to save 100 dollars, and it are necessary for me 350 dollars. I for a long time did not want to address to you for the help, but I think, I should rust you. It is inconvenient for me to ask you, but whether you could help me with this sum of money that I quickly could arrive to you? Unfortunately, I have no any the bank account, but in bank system the Western Union is very much distributed. This system is fast and reliable also them very much in city of Kazan. Then I to Go and receive your money. You can send money in any bank Western the Union in the city of Kazan for my full name and the address, my full a name
Elena Gaynutdinova
109-60, Glavnaya street,
Nabereznie chilni,

Also I want to know your full address and a name, and also the Airport which is located close from you Where I can arrive. If you will help me and will send money, you should inform me through E-mail about it and all necessary information. I with impatience wait for your answer/ love Elena