Letter(s) from Oksana Kuznecova to Duilio (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello, my new friend Duilio! How are you? I am fine today, i was so glad today to get letter from you in my mailbox. I read your letter with great interest. I really want to know you better and i want to be friend with you. Where are you work? I work as the manager in trade company. I like my job. I live with my mum and daddy, I have sister. My family is very important for me. I'm 27 years old. My birthday is December, 28, 1976. What about music? I like different types of music, but most of all, I prefer slow romantic music, as it helps me to relax. Did you ever hear Russian music? What do you think about it? Did you ever been in Russia? Well, i live in city Moscow. I don't have any bad habits. I don't smoke, I don't drink hard drinks and, of course, I don't use any drugs. I can afford myself to drink some soft grape vine or some beers in a good company. I'm fond of cooking. I prefer Russian and Mexican food. I so glad that we begin to correspondent with you. Can you send me your photo? I can send my photo, if you like. Well, i will finish for now, and will wait for your letter. write me as soon as you can, ok? Your new friend Natasha.

Letter 2

Hello Duilio! Thanks for your nice letter and photo. It was very pleasantly for me! Some words about my family. I live with my mum and daddy, I have a sister. My family is very important for me. Our family is very friendly and intelligent. To my passions I can concern reading. I always loved the literature: usually I read Russian classics. Besides, I like to listen to good music, love my friends, who are dear to me, like interesting conversations with new people. I enjoy relaxing sound of waves on the beach and long walks during the sunset, I like the bright sun and the moody moon, animals and warm spring wind, to dream and to think: so I love life and try to enjoy every minute of it, which God gives us. I want, that you have found out slightly more about me. There is so much to know about each other as well as the fact that we come from such different parts of the world. I like my city and my country, all my friends live here and I enjoy by dialogue with them. I very much love summer, sun and easy clothes. I love to float in warm water. I love a sport. I love aerobics and I think, that it will occupy the important place in my life always. I'm go in for scuba diving during 6 years. Now I'm swimming only for pleasure and maintenance of the form, and some years back I was swimming for achievement of sports results, that is it was the daily struggle with minutes, seconds and with itself. And this sports have learned me to discipline and persistence, but I am romantic and pensive and the strong man's shoulder beside is necessary for me. I would like to enjoy life to the fullest. Life is short and every minute of it is worth living and enjoying. Also, I like to think and I have many dreams... One of the dreams is to meet a wonderful man who will be my best friend and love, with whom I can share the rest of my life through good and difficult times. I hope, that you will become this man for me. I dream of a meeting with decent and kind foreign man and to remove to his country. I know that international marriage is special kind of marriage when the confluence of different cultures and languages is held. It's rather sad to part with parents and friends. I know that on removing to another country I will have to change many outlooks and life style. I think we'll discuss about this more in ours further letters. I'll finish this letter. Write me soon and tell me more about your country, your life, your family. Natasha.

Letter 3

Hello Duilio! I am fine today, and you? I have some free minutes now from my work, but soon i must go back to my work. My day was little busy, i had so many work today. But now i have rest and i want to spend my free time in writing letter to you. You are so good and sweet man, i really like you. So I hope you found me interesting and who knows, may be something will happen between us in future. As I've already told you I work as the manager in trade company. I like my profession very much, as I am really fond of English and my professions give me a much practice. I never been in your country, i think you have a lot of great places, like in my country. Well, I hope that our correspondence means much for you as it means for me, as I want you no know that I am serious in my intentions and don't want games. Well, I want to know more about you, as I think that from this moment you are a kind of stimulus in my live. I want to know what you like, what you are interested in, and whatever. Tell me more about you, ok? Well, I'm sorry but I have to finish my letter now, as I don't have much time. I wish you all the best. For me it was really nice to get a letter for you. I'll be waiting for you reply. Have a nice day and take care. Kiss! Bye! Natasha!

Letter 4

Hello dear Duilio! How are you? I was glad to receive your e-mail! We've been knowing each other for so little but it seems to me that I know you for a long time. I think it's so because we understand each other. You should know that you are really important for me. It seems that you are interested in me as well and it's nice to feel that because you know it's wonderful to feel that somewhere there lives a man who think about me. Though this is my fourth letter for you you've became my real friend. Sorry that I tell you about that but I just want you to know about that. What are you doing now? I'm interested in everything that happens to you, I want to know about everything. By the way what do you like from foodstuffs? Well, that's all for today. E-mail me as soon as possible and I'm be looking forward to your reply. Kiss, take care, Natasha!

Letter 5

Hello dear Duilio! How are you now? I am fine and so happy read letters from you! Oh, how i was glad to get letter from you today! you make me my day! Your letters are like sun! it warm me so much! As i wrote i am fine today! I woke up today at 7 Am, have a breakfast, then i went to my work and writing letter to you! The weather is good today. Yesterday i met my girlfriend, she is my best girlfriend. I did not see her for 2 months, 4 months ago she flied to USA, she married on good man from Las Vegas. Now she come to Russia to visit her family and friends. We spoke with her about many things, and when i told her that i found good man, she was so happy for me. She could not believe me that i found you via Internet. I promised her to show her your picture, can i do? I thought about you today, i imagined myself that i come to you, you meet me in the airport with bouquets of roses, and i was so lucky to see you face! And you will kiss me first time, it will be so unforgettable time for me. Do you want to see me? You know that we'll be able know each other better if we meet. Well, sorry if you don't like this idea I'll not speak about that. As for me I really want to come to you! What do you think? What's going on there? What's new? How's your weather? What have you been doing today? For me everything is important and so you are free to ask me about everything as well. Well, I have to go now. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day and take care. Kiss and hug, Natasha!

Letter 6

Hello my dear Duilio! How are you today? Sorry for my long respond to you.! I am fine and so glad to get letter from you! I got all your letter and I'm very happy that I have you in my life. When i got your letter when you ask me about our meeting , i went to my aunt, who work in the travel company. When i come to my aunt, she was so glad to see me (we did not see a long time). I asked her about prices for tickets and visa. She explain me about everything. She checked the cost of the airline tickets. They cost about 700$. I say "they" because I need in round-trip tickets, it's a kind of a guarantee for my government. My aunt can order me round-trip tickets for about 600$. (tell me your nearest airport, i need to know it, ok?). I think it is so great, and it is more cheapest. By the way, my aunt send to you her hi, and she want to tell you to care about me, and she asked me tell you do not worry about my tickets and visa(and other documents). She will help me at all, and I'm so happy about it. So, you must tell me, can i order this tickets? And about visa, i will need visa type B-2 About this visa : B-2 - Tourist Visa This visa enables foreign nationals to travel and vacation temporarily in the U.S. Such trips cannot involve employment, and the length of stay may be up to one year. So, about visa, this type of visa (with documents + foreign passport) will cost 4260 RUS roubles (approximately 150 US $). To order my visa will take 5-8 days, but i believe that my aunt can help me to get it faster. So, i need 750$ for all my trip to you, my aunt told me that it is very cheap for us, because very soon prices will go up, and all things will cost more expensive. I asked her about how i can book my tickets, she told me that she will help me with this tickets. Tell me about all that i wrote you. Please, don't worry about my visa I can afford to pay for that by myself but I'm afraid it'll be too expensive for me to buy tickets, so I hope that you'll not refuse to help me with the money for airline tickets for me. I must be sure that you'll help me. What do you think? I think that it's a good idea to come to you as only than we'll know each other better. I imagined several times us walking in the park, my arm in you arm, we are walking and walking and there's no one around us who's happier than me. Isn't it fantastic? Well that's all for today. Take care for me. Sweet kiss warm hug! Natasha!

Letter 7

Hello Duilio! How are you? I just got your letter! I will try to answer your question. About visa:I write to you about visa how do I have explained in agency. Maybe I don't understand some point. Ok. About "scam": I hear about that such (girls and maybe guys and ets..). About our meeting: I think you must remember I write to you "if you don't like this idea I'll not speak about that.", and I did not ask you about certain amounts of money, I write to you how much my round trip will be cost and if you can't help me I will do it myself but it took a little more time. If we have not understood each other please forgive me I think we can be only friend and chat some time. Natasha.