Scam letter(s) from Irina Vishnitskaya to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hello John!
Thank you that you paid your attention to me in this huge world called the Internet, in this world of human fates.
Sometimes one line can tell a lot about a person. Sometimes a contact happens intuitively, and if to fall to thinking it is difficult to answer why exactly you wrote to exactly this person. I hope my intuition didn't let me down, and our contact will be pleasant for us both.
It seems to me the main thing in our communication is that we should be sincere with each other, otherwise there would be no sense in any word written by us, we would never be able to become friends.
Having read your several lines, I have got the desire to know you better, to share my thoughts, beliefs, to tell about myself.
As you already know, my name is Ira Vishnitskaya. I was born on June 4, 1967. My height is 167 cm, weight 62 kg. I am divorced. I have a daughter. She is 15 y.o. I live in the nice old city of Odessa, Ukraine. It's situated on the Black Sea shore. I have an associate degree and work in one private building company as an office-manager.
I like reading, traveling, listening to good music. I have job, good friends, but unfortunately I haven't met a man yet I would love to be next to with forever.
I hate rudeness, hypocrisy, lies, I value friendship and I am able to be a friend. In deep meaning of these words. In a man I value most of all trustworthiness, kindness, loyalty. My friends say that I am a kind, sincere person, they can always rely upon.
Now almost all my dreams are about meeting that one and special beloved man, my other significant half. Somebody to share my feelings, my affection, my soul with. I wish to be his understanding friend, reliable partner, faithful caring wife, affectionate lover. He should be sure that he won't be deceived or betrayed in any circumstances. I never used to play with the feelings of people, for I know how it hurts. Maybe it sounds egoistic, but I so much want to be loved and to love.
I would like to know more about you. What is your hobby, occupation, likes and dislikes?
I think I will close my first letter by now, in hope to receive yours. Feel free to ask any questions, I promise you to answer them sincerely.
Have a nice day and be in good spirits.
Letter 2

Hello John!
I was glad and surprised to get such huge and thoughtful letter from you. I share your opinion concerning communication through Internet. Of course, it is ****** to cross a lot of counties in order to meet a person who wrote you several letters and send photos. I do not make you harry with your visiting me.But it seems to me that we should be ready for meeting if our correspondence show us that there are a lot of common things between us. As you asked I give you information for your Synastry Analysis. I was born at 4p.m. on 4th of June in 1967 in Odessa.My full name is Irina Igorevna Vishnitscaya.
Answering your question what am I looking for in relationship, i can say that my desire is to create a friendly family with a man who will be able to love me and my daughter. I am sure that I can devote myself to such man. it seems to me that it is impossible to create a family if even one partner is not eager to devote himself to the second match. John, I managed to see your photos.And I will send you more mines. By the way, thank you for your funny story about unhappy police officer. Best regards,
Letter 3

Hello John!
Thank you for you your letter. I am very glad that you tell about yourself and place where you live step by step. This create a full picture of your life. I also enjoyed your photo with your dog. You look like English lords in the novels of Charles Dickens. The interior of the room shows you delicate taste. Concerning my photos, I will send them after New Year. John, i share your opinion that man and woman must be friends first of all. Because if there is love but there is no mutual understanding and two persons are completely stranger for each other, any passion will not be able to keep them together. I know this from my life experience. Unfortunately I had no a lot of chance to travel abroad because of difficulties with money and getting visa. But i visited many cities over Ukraine and Russia. I can only dream about safari in Africa. John, I should to say that I am afraid wild animals and even can not imagine how I will cuddle leopard or lion. Only after you. I think it would be great to make a walk together with you and your dog around the Irish hills. I also appreciate your ideas to walk on the beach under moonlight. I hope that if our relationship grow in something more than just correspondence these ideas will become reality.
So, John, I close my letter and wish you Merry New Year. Sincerely Yours
Letter 4

Hello John!
I liked the pictures you send me. I must tell that nature in your country differs from mine. But in any case it is very beautiful. I am glad that you have enjoyed my photos. And the girl sitting on the young man s knee is my daughter Violetta. She will be 16 in February. I liked your joke. It seems to me that it reflect the attitude of the majority of me to relationship with women.But I am sure that the inner world of the person is more important than his look. Unfortunately, not all people understand this.
John, I do not know any comedians you have listed. Concerning the films, I have seen Pretty Woman, Four Weddings & a Funeral. I liked these film. I think that in spite of the rather primitive plot Pretty Woman incarnate the main dream of any woman- to find real life and to have strong protection against pain and troubles of our cruel world.
Actually I prefer the old soviet and french films with the participation of Alen Delon, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Catrin Denev, Sofie Marso. These films are films of my youth. When I was a school-girl I often was invited to the cinema by my boy-friends. It was so romantic. But life earlier or later put everything on its places. I got married and born a daughter. Family life has its own rules, duties and troubles.
John, would you please to tell me about your relatives?Do you have connection with them? What are your relations?
John, I have a request to you. the matter is that I use the service of the dating agency for translation and sending-receiving our letter. I must to pay 100$ per a month. This amount is too high for me. Could you pay if only half of this cost? Thank you beforehand.
So, I close for now and wait for your response.
Best regards,
Your Ira.
Letter 5

Hello John!
How are you? Are you well? I have not received your letters for long time. Maybe my request to assist me in paying the service of the dating agency have hurt or confused you in some way? John, please, write me. I hope that everything is well and you were just busy a lot.
A lot of kisses to you!
Your Ira.
Letter 6

Hello my dear John!
I was very sorry to receive your short and angry letter. You have became very important and close man. My intuition says that we can have joint future. I am sure that we will be able to create a perfect family. But john, I do not know English at all and can not use a computer. Besides this the translators of the agency can not give me your address. The matter is that I have no access to the computers of the agency. The translators receive your letters, then they translate and print them. My responses to you are made in the same way. I write them by hand on the sheet of paper. So, the service of the agency is the single possibility to hold our correspondence. Of course, I can refuse this service in any moment, but not knowing each other s contact information it will mean that we will lose each other forever. The translators of the agency do their work uniting single men and women and they want to get their fee. I think it is normal. They helped us to meet each other and I am very grateful them for this. My dear john, I repeat that I understand you and at the same time I do not want to lose you. John, please, understand me. I do not you to pay the whole amount for the service. Only half. I think it is honest. Or maybe 50$ per a month is more important for you than creating a family?
Kisses to your!
Your Ira.
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