Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Egorova to Rick (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings. My name Sveta. To me of 30 years. I want to get acquainted with you for serious Attitudes. I was interested with your structure. At present I am lonely Also would like to get the friend abroad, I live in Russia, in City Ivanovo. I have addressed to such kind of acquaintance, from for that, That there is a big opportunity to meet the present love, the prince On a white horse. I think, that if I could find your structure in the Internet, That I not the first which has written you the letter. And if at present you too It is lonely, can we shall try happiness and we shall come into contact: you and I. And it is time to me to reflect on a marriage . If you think, that I as that approach you, can write to me on: Or send me the electronic address. C respect Sveta.
Letter 2

Hello Rick.It is very pleasant to see your letter back, and I already know that you have become interested in me. I send to you my photo and I hope that we remain in contact to you on long time. My purpose, what behind the expiration of time of correspondence and a mutual inclination to each other to connect the hearts a mutual marriage. For me it is necessary correct the man and during our correspondence I want to find out it. At me two higher educations and I still where did not work on the speciality because young experts badly employ, am especial girls. My name Sveta, in translation into Russian designates: " Light "," light in a window " or when in the street it is bright. And your name designates that be? I like light tone of any color, both red, and green. My clothes too different and different colors, I than do not disdain from clothes and still I sew some clothes for myself because I very much like all to do by the hands. In the childhood I liked with the daddy and mum to go on the nature, they to me told about flora and fauna much. And now I very much like to be on the nature with friends, to burn out a fire, to bakee a potato in Coal. At us very beautiful nature, trees "birch" grow. You saw such trees? They very beautiful. I shall send you a photo of my edge and I hope, that you will love these photos. I love the native land Russia, only she not so us loves that, and not so that cares of us. Many people escape abroad, and probably and I not exception as I want to find for myself correct the man abroad. I know only the English language, but it is not so good, at me there is nobody to practise. You likely already to hear that our Russian men very much like ***** and to walk with other women. And I would like to find correct the man, not strongly abusing alcohol. I do not use alcohol and I do not smoke. I know, that now few such provisional girls, but I do not wish to have harmful habits. And at me besides very strict parents whom I very much respect, and I do not want to hurt them from for rash actions. I when was not married and I do not have children. But I very much would like to give birth to the child. I love children, I have nephews, and brothers and are not present sisters, because my mum could not give birth on a state of health more. I live in city Ivanovo, it near to the city of Moscow. Our city refers to as city of brides and I one of those brides which wish to leave in marriage. But only at own will and for the correct person. I was born on March, 09, 1973. As to me my mum told, I the daddy has brought to mum the big bouquet of roses for a female holiday and has put it in a vase, and at us then the cat was, I do not remember as call, it has jumped and has dropped a vase with colors. Mum very much was frightened and at it fights so I and was born a little before term and right after the international women's day have begun. I such big letter has written. There will be nothing to write further. I wait from you a brief history of your life and reflection about me, and about myself I shall write later. Up to the following letter . Sveta.
Letter 3

Hello Rick.Unexpectedness for me was that you the first person with which I have got acquainted through the Internet and we with you continue to correspond from the first. I addressed in agency of a marriage and by that has used service of this agency. I wish from our attitudes only pleasant sensations and I hope, that we can continue the attitudes in a real life. I not always have access to the Internet, but I do not hurry to speed up our affinity. I do not want to be mistaken in you. Time will show. In fact I have chosen you and I answer on your letters, means that you to me are nice. Everyone not the married woman always will be the bride, and I besides was born in " city of brides " and it is a sign that to you I have carried the most potential bride. But my city name not only city of brides, but also " city of fabrics ". We have textile enterprises, it is a lot of educational institutions and on this in our city many women, a lot of visitors of women and almost all of them work or study as textile workers. And it is a female speciality and consequently at us women exceed a man's half. In our city make Fabrics , Patterns Fabrics answer various tastes, and also corresponded to diverse their application in a life. In XVIII century at the beginning of development of the cotton industry in Russia when fabric were a fashionable novelty, they have found application in furniture of nobiliary interiors: them tightened walls, upholstered furniture, did of them Canopy on windows. From them willingly sewed both fashionable a dress, and various domestic clothes even in aristocratic layers of Russian society. With development of a mechanical production in XIX century and reduction in price fabric they become daily necessity for a life of wide city, petty-bourgeois and country layers of the population of Russia. Cheap, practical, with colourful patterns fabric went on an ornament of a country log hut: from fabric did blankets, pillowcases, Canopy , separating a kitchen corner. Bright Large patterns flower ornaments such fabric pleased an eye and brought conviviality in furniture of petty-bourgeois and country dwellings. fabric have found wide application and in national clothes - from them sundresses, female and man's shirts, aprons, a dress were sewed. Decorative, dress and Shirts fabric were done with corresponding for each kind of products patterns. The population of city Ivanovo 453800 person. Distance up to Moscow of 318 kms. At us the Moderate climatic belt. Average temperature of January:-8.10Ñ. Average temperature of July: +18.80Ñ. I have finished the Ivanovo State University which is in one street with my house. As I have finished still the International institute of business, information technologies and finance (ÌÈÁÈÔ) , on a speciality I the economist. I have finished both institutes on an estimation "well". If you have houses a computer you at leisure can descend on sites of these institutions and look. A provisional history of my city and mine. I wait from you of the return letter. Sveta.
Letter 4

Greetings Rick.I estimate, that you have answered me again. I think, that the most important - is inwardness of the person, soul and that they think concerning themselves. As Gorkii - the known Russian author has told: " the person - number, which date stamp - that people think of it, and a denominator - that it thinks of itself. " I hope I not poorly in my translation classics, but this average, that then a lot of people thinks concerning itself - smaller and uninteresting is direct! I think, that I am confused, a little but anyhow I like to read your letter and to want to inform you more concerning me directly. I am sure, that you are interested, that I search in such kind of attitudes as for the letter through the Internet for such long distance. It is rather difficult to speak for me! The reason I is not sure directly! I can speak only, that it is possible to turn something more than simply friendship, but I do not want to speed up event. If I really interest you, and you do me also - who knows - can be, once we shall meet and we shall speak warm words each other in the person. First of all I want to add that I search in the person. It should be very cautious with me the reason, I am very vulnerable girl. It - for the first kind, I look optimistic and not i despond, but inside I very much is sensual. I think, what the person should earn money, and I should hold housekeeping and raise children - I understand, what it - dream, only but - you agree? - very pleasant dream! The person should sympathizing and to understand, that I want - especially in a bed! Confident it not all but the main thing, that I look in the person! I hope, that I did not frighten you according to high requirements to the person. I am very simple and simply my best person searches! - I to inform other item to you as I receive access of the Internet here. I want to speak, that it - really banal way. I have no any computer of a house - so I should use cafe of the Internet here in city. There are many various centers of access of the Internet - I use the closest to my house. I want you to to not be the offended fact if I shall not write everyday because the cafe of the Internet - very much is not close to me, but only when I shall have chance, I shall do it because I like to write letters to you, and I see that you interested in me also. If we have mutual sympathy at us the joint future will be possible. I like to receive your letters. Sveta.
Letter 5

Hi my love Rick.I understand, that I was possible was is too open with you in my last letter. And I understand, that, Can it seems, is impossible..., but we should try it any way, I think. I know some girls who had this process, already a little and now they live a happy life with their foreign men. They have found their happiness, and we should try, if we want to be together. I arrive to you any time and I can remain there within 2 or 4 weeks or during other part of my life If you will want it!!! If - not a gift, I shall come back!!!!... Process of reception of the visa not such is fast, as we want, 1-2 weeks are required, probably is faster, so I should begin it right now. Certainly, it depends on your ability also. So we should solve it together. That you think Concerning it. I have gone to travelling agency. They have told to me how to pay the visa. As I have no passport foreign, the visa will cost for me, about 220 USD. I shall require your help, road. The hope you is capable to do it for us?! They have told to me, the best way to send money - the Western Union or system of Gramme of Money ( I have gone to office of the Western Union the closest bank of me - VNESHTORGBANK VARENTSOVOI, 13 IVANOVO, 153000 phone: +7 - 093 - 2471740 and they gave me the following information: To send money: the Quantity(Amount) of Money should be, represent words or numbers. You should write the full name of the receiver and the full address of the receiver. Svetlana Egorova, 10-7 Ermaka street, Ivanovo, 153025, Russia. Also the full name of the sender and the full address, I shall require it. Also it is necessary to know MTCN Number of the Control of Transfer of Money, it will consist of 10 figures and Expected quantity. Also you can use dialogue services dear, I hope, that we shall be To cope with it. I want to be with you so much. Let's do all in the best way for our dream to come true. I shall do all from my party, I promise. I wait the answer, your loved Sveta
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