Scam letter(s) from Zivile Solovaite to Eugene (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my Dearest! You have really astonished me, my sweet! I am so happy to hear from you. I hope my letter find you in a good mood and that you are getting on well these days. Of course, thank you for your wonderful letter. It brought a smile on my face. It is so sweet that you like me and that you want to marry me… So, you want to know about my family. Well, I am a single child in the family. My parents are wonderful; of course, I get along better with my mother. Very often we go for a walk or we go to do our shopping. I usually try to help her in her daily duties. We can talk about everything, I tell my mother good things as well as bad. Sometimes I think that I would have wanted to have a brother or sister. On the other hand, it is quite good to get all love, attention and care. Now, can you tell me something about yours? I am very sincere in wanting to find my soul mate. I am very romantic, sensual and passionate and very much a lady. I truly want to find my Prince and treat him everyday as my Prince. The joy in my life will be to make my Prince very happy, loving, and assured in our bonded relationship growing in love and commitment. I see marriage as one final relationship. Of course I expect a man to bring his magic, dreams, and thoughts into my life. I think that we should share ideas and work on projects together. I think these things bond us together. I had a friend once say that problems solved together actually bond people more than anything else. I know that going through a crisis or some problem brings people together, but for me the strongest bond is true love. I like knowing that the man I love is committed to me, is trustworthy, and has integrity. Of course the physical part of the relationship is important too. I think holding hands, eye contact, kissing, and hugging are all very important. As you already know, I still live with my parents. I don’t hurry to get married, because I think it is too an important deal. To my mind love is not enough for getting married. The partners should be not only attracted to each other but also responsible, careful and domestic. They have to be able to discuss their disagreements and solve their problems. Marriage is like an arrangement to extend your name and create a collaborative property as well as a satisfying life. So I am still looking for right men… Please tell me more about your dreams woman. Warm regards, Zivile
Letter 2

Hello, my dear Eugene,
How do you do, my dear?? As for me, I am feeling not well… But at first, I should apologize for my belated writing to you. I am so used to you and your letters :) However I had some serious trouble with myself recently :(
To be frank, I have an anemia and I have little problems with my health…do you know this decease? It is the time when I have a lower than normal number of red blood cells in the blood of mine. I feel not well, and I don’t go to my work already for several days…I lack of energy and vitality…and my spirits are very low…My doctor offers me to go to the sanatorium near my city, about 100 kilometers away from my home, but I don’t want to go, since I don’t like feeling ill or very sick and being near the people having the same problems :( I am taking many medications which don’t give me energy at all, they just take it away actually, I am sleepy almost all day long, including nights. Well, I am really sorry to talk about it to you, maybe you don’t like to hear such sad things :))) The treatment will take for about two weeks and I really don’t want to, but I know that I have to :) what do you think? How do you feel today yourself? :)
Maybe I am looking right now like a selfish woman who likes to talk about herself only and to whimper often :)) but I am not, I care about you and I wish to hear from you at least some feel-good words :)
I wish you to hear my words for you: "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows." These words are created by one very clever and interesting but unfortunately deaf blind woman who became a role model for millions of people - Helen Keller :)
Thinking of you!
Smiling for you!
Caring for you!
Letter 3

Dear Mr.Steel,
I have talked to Zivile today. Unfortunately I also suspect that this lady is not honest and I have all reasons for the further investigation of her agency activity.
She wants you to call her today or tomorrow, so she will explain you the reason why she did not want her photo to be taken (she also explained it in her second letter to you).
She does not sound like she is interested in meeting you. She says that she is loosing her interest because you did not trust her (we do not believe it). I let her know that you will be in her country soon and that you will want to meet her.
Also I informed her agency that we suspect them in fraudulent activity and we need an evidence that this lady is real (the real meeting).
I credited your account with 3 tokens, so you can read the second letter she sent to you and you can reply to her letter.
Please, inform us when you are going to Lithuania. If you do not meet Julia by any reasons, all the money you spent for the correspondence with this lady will be refunded and her agency will be permanently blocked on our server.
This agency activity is under investigation right now and all their payments will be on hold till they solve this problem. Best regards,
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