Letter(s) from Anna to Arthur (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my mystery!
With great interest and with the same timidity I am beginning this letter.
It's my first experience when I am writing to somebody I know just a little about and can only imagine. Therefore I called you the "little mystery".
But I hope that someday this mystery will turn to be reality. And in the meantime I have an opportunity to share with you my mystery. As you know, my name is Anna, I am 25 years old. I live in Odessa, Ukraine. I am not very tall, my height is 173 cm (5'7"), weight is 55 kg (125 lbs).
I like to believe I am intelligent, caring, affectionate, purposeful, honest, devoted, kind, tender, and romantic. I have never been married and have no children (though I really desire to have them with my right man). I wish to find a good man I will feel in complete safety with, I wish to start a family with him, and go along the life side by side with him. What I value in men is devotion, honesty, persistence, intelligence, charm of soul.
I enjoy outdoors, nature, reading, music, movies, pets. I like flowers, especially lilies of the valley, they are very tender and sweet. I like it when there are flowers at home. It really refreshes and cheers up. Well, I will close for now, though there are many things I still wish to tell you, but I hope I am yet to have possibility to talk to you the next time. Take care dear Art.

Letter 2

Hello again dear Art!
It was really great to hear from you again, thank you very much for your letter. I feel that you are an interesting person, with many views similar to mine. So I really have this desire to tell you more about myself. First of all I have to tell you that my English is far from being fluent (I used to learn it but really have to refresh and improve my knowledge). In the meantime I use the service of translator in an agency, as well as e-mail sending service as I do not have my own computer.
I was born and grew up in a very friendly family, in the family where everything is built on understanding, trust, love. In such aura my parents have raised 2 children, me and my sister Natalia, who now works at the TV company. My mother Tatiyana, born in 1951, is an educator in the music school. I love my family very much, and I am thankful to them that they have cultivated this feeling in me.
Now I also aspire to creating my own family, in which consent and love will reign. In my life I want to meet a man I can rely on, together with whom I will feel myself in safety.
Now I live with my parents. Therefore I have a great deal of cares. And I always spend weekends in a different way. I do love to be closer to nature, far from a noisy city. In a summertime I enjoy the beach, and now, when the weather is colder, I like walking through the parks, along the boulevards.
I meet with my female friends, we share our secrets, we go out, go to see movies. But sometimes I just feel like wrapping myself in a blanket and reading an interesting book.
I have diverse interests in literature. I like to read captivating love stories, also I like classical writers such as Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Lermontov. I love reading Ostrovsky's works. I enjoy listening to music, though I don't prefer any definite styles in it. Every style can be nice, it depends on mood.
I adore animals. At home (I mean at my parents') there is a cat. I took her when she was just a baby. She was like a down. She is growing and she appears to be very smart. I love her very much. I began to notice that when I am out for a long time, she misses me.
Dear Art do you have a picture of Bonsai tree? I think I have never seen it before.
Actually, I can tell a lot of things about everything I have in my life, but I am afraid that my letter will tire you (for it already looks long).
Maybe I haven't told you about something you are interested to know, but I hope there will be opportunity to do it the next time. And in the meantime I want to wish you a wonderful day and good spirits!

Letter 3

Hello my dear Art!
It was really pleasant for me to hear from you again. I still find it hard to believe that it is happening indeed, I mean that fact that we have met and are communicating at such a great distance, but the way you are expressing yourself shows me that you are close, and though I cannot really see your eyes, your body language, it seems to me that I am staring to feel you through your letter to me.
I am very thankful that you have appeared in my way of life, and I like to believe it is not a casual circumstance and we will meat and be together. I do believe that this year will bring happiness to me, because as I like to repeat everyone deserved happiness!
Dear Art I wanted to talk to you on an important, yet delicate subject. You know that I have to use the agency, and it costs me a pretty penny (considering my salary). It's very embarrassing for me to touch on this subject… But if you really want to try to develop a serious relationship with me, and if it is possible for you, could you help me with the payment for our correspondence? I realize that it's a bit surprising and it might sound queerly for you, but believe me this money would be not for me personally but for our communication to continue. Our communicating is very important to me and I like you very much, and I do hope it's the beginning of something promising and wonderful.
Dear Art ow I wish to answer your questions.
I can tell you that I don t consider someone who is older than me, as not right mate. I value inner qualities first, and then everything else. Besides some people at their age look much better and stay in better shape then others who smoke and drink heavily, and don t look after themselves.
Yes, I am religious (Orthodox), but I don't attend church very often. What about you?
Please tell me more about your children.
Please, tell me how're you these days, how is work. What have you done for the week-end, any fun?
Well, that's about what I wanted to tell you today dear. I am looking forward to hearing from you again. With all my heart I wish you a lucky day and good spirits.
With affection,