Letter(s) from Marina Tufteeva to Terry (Canada)

Letter 1

Greetings my lovely Terry as promised I write you the message as soon as has visited travel agency. There to me have told that I all over again should issue the passport for travel abroad which costs about 150 American dollars.
Then it is necessary for me to fly to Moscow to issue the visa which costs about 380 $. And the visa will be made out with 2 weeks and for this time I should make the medical insurance 200 $. For me it is huge money. I as want to answer your question. I use public transport to reach work. But I have rights for driving and consequently I can drive automobiles. Your Marina.

Letter 2

Greetings my lovely Terry,
I was very glad to receive your substantial letter. Now I see that completely can trust you and can entrust to you the life. Do not experience I has found the answer to the question in your letter and now I want to make our plans further.
???1 lovely I many times spoke you that to me inconveniently to ask you that you have helped me with money that I might arrive to you. But it is necessary for me, without your help I can not pay trip. It is a heavy step but I am ready to it and now I can not wait more while we shall be together. Feelings and the desire overflows me and now the only thing of that I want so it to be with you beside. But the only thing that me keeps so this that that I have no money. I have written to you in the previous letters how many to me it will be necessary money I hope you have kept my letters and remember. I have learned that you can send money to me through the western union. To be necessary for you only I a full name and city in which I lives. My name Tjufteeva Marina Rossija city of Volgograd. That I could receive money to me it is necessary that you have written to me a full name and the full address. And as it is necessary for me that you have sent me of 10 figures MTSN which to you will give in bank. As soon as I shall receive your money I shall be dismissed from work. First of all I shall make the passport for travel abroad, and then I shall depart to Moscow for registration of the visa and then at once to you. On it I shall finish this letter and with impatience I shall wait for your answer. With love Marina.

Letter 3

Greetings my lovely Terry
Forgive that so long did not answer your letter but my chief all time was at the computer and consequently I might not use the Internet. And in days off I was borrowed with that that helped the scold we together with her houses put things in order at it and have baked a pie. I came into the Internet of cafe on Saturday and have read your letter but unfortunately I did not have opportunity to answer your letter. As in the Internet of cafe to me have helped to study program MSN as you already see I were connected to you and now we only need to find the certain moment of time that we might communicate. Unfortunately I can not communicate with you while I am at work and consequently I shall be, each day up to ours with you of a meeting whether to come into the Internet of cafe after work and to check you are at the computer. It approximately 6:00 pm Moscow time. I hope you you can will count up how many time it in your country and you will wait for me. And now I sit in the Internet of cafe and I hope that you will find yourself at the computer and we can communicate but all is not present you and not present. I hope you you will occur while I shall add this letter. The truth today I has come late but it because I today have lead very heavy day. Of which I think that it will be interesting to you to know my lovely.
I shall begin with that that today in the morning I have submitted documents to militia on registration for me the passport for travel abroad. And to me have told that I during three days should pay 150 dollars for his registration. I have asked them as you and asked that other person for me through bank might not pay to pay cost of the passport. On what they have answered me that they have no the right to accept bank translations.
I hope you not against it and I as I hope that during this time you will help me to pay it. Then I have gone to learn to travel agency. Where at them all in detail anew has asked. Mine are loved Terry, now all depends only on you as soon we shall together. I think that you should not learn anything in embassies as that information which I know may learn too quite enough but if you want that. In the first as soon as I shall receive the passport they will send me to Moscow in their central office. In Moscow I should stay during 2 weeks while will make out the visa and for this time I should pass a medical board and will receive the medical insurance.
I wrote to you that she will cost 200 dollars. But still I should pay in agency for residing at Moscow on 65 American dollars per every day of residing. Total for two weeks it turns out 910 dollars. All over again I shall arrive to you under the visa of tourist B2 and then when I shall arrive to you we with you we will address in immigration service and we shall change my visa of the tourist for the visa of the bride. And I can leave for you in marriage. Though with the visa which to me will give I can stay at you 90 days. Therefore we you will have time better to learn each other. Unfortunately I should bring in all this money itself and cash but I think that then you can book a ticket to me. Now put for you. My lovely I very strongly love you and I believe you and now I tomorrow shall be dismissed from work and I shall wait for money from you. At last that my dream will be executed also we shall be with you together. I want it most of all in life. If someone knew as I actually you I like and I shall love probably all stayed life. If you knew everything, that I feel, how want to see you to glance in your eyes, to lead a hand on hair if you knew never would make that has made not knowing all it all this. You were, are and will stay for me all. And I with pride speak that I love you most in this life. Now all my life consists only of ideas on you As I would like that you have looked to me in eyes that sight which has penetrated into depth of me, forcing to thaw all freezed my body. You see you will look to me in eyes? I would give all that for words, that you to me will tell, those three words which force to beat heart of anyone in love up to without memory of the little girl. Those simple words about I you love item. As I would like to lead a hand on your unshaven cheek to touch up to you. You at all do not imagine to yourself as I want it. I believe you and only therefore tomorrow in the morning I shall be dismissed from work and I shall wait from you for money. I with impatience shall wait from you for the letter.
ps. That special photo for you.
I love you

Letter 4

Greetings my lovely Terry,
Forgive that, has not written to you the message at once. I want to tell you many thanks for that money which, you have sent me. I am very glad that you have believed me. Also do not experience now there is a little time and we with you soon shall together. I have hardly received money from you on Saturday. And at once has run to pay my passport. Unfortunately I did not have time to go in the Internet of cafe and to write to you the message, forgive me for it. As soon as I have paid the passport I at once have gone to scold to finish last preparations for departure. We with mum have decided that as I will not be long time, and I was possible aa?ionu only in some years for my mum that will not remain one better if my mother will move on some time to the sister to Sverdlovsk, it is city in Siberia her sister there lives. And so we together with it began to prepare for departure. Today Monday and since early morning we with mum sends to settle last problems. Mother has gone to discharge from office with and I have gone to receive the passport. To my pleasure to me his distances without problems. Then I at once have gone to travel agency that they have faster sent me to you. They have on the spot ordered to me tickets up to Moscow and today at night I take off to Moscow. Where as they have told me me their agent will meet. After agency I at once have run in the Internet of cafe to write to you this message. Be not upset in that that you doubted of me I all to you I have forgiven understand your fears. But be sure in me I of you not to a deceit and soon we shall with you together. Now I shall go home where with mother we shall collect things. And at night I shall depart to you my lovely. I shall write to you the letter tomorrow from Moscow. Up to ours with you of a meeting remained slightly and at last my dream will come true.
Always your Marina.

Letter 5

Greetings my lovely Terry,
You forgive me that I did not write to you so long, but on it there were reasons. Now I want to tell to you as have passed my days in Moscow. To Moscow I have arrived late at night. But not looking at it I was met by the person from travel agency. It has accompanied with me up to hotel where for me me number was already ordered. Since early morning of me have caused in their representation in Moscow where I have written necessary the application and for me have begun to prepare necessary documents. For me have allocated round of the agent which helped me in all. Last two days this agent went with me on various studies and helped me in all. I not ci? that I would do without him in this huge city. I would think that I one would not consult. Because these last two days I rose early in the morning and we went till the late evening and all time were engaged in official registration of papers. I came in hotel and simply was ready to drop. Today it has turned out so we legalized papers only a few hours and consequently second half of day at me is free. And I at once have run in the Internet of cafe to write to you the message. The Internet of cafe which is near to my hotel works only till 8:00 pm. As to me have told that for some quarters there is as round-the-clock a Internet of cafe.. But likely I shall write to you from here so it closer to my hotel. I so am glad that with official registration of papers does not arise what problems the truth long is necessary to stand in turns. But anything I shall cope. Each past day approaches me me to you. And as to me have told in travel agency the visa I shall receive August, 31. And then I can take off to you. Today I have walked on the red area. This very beautiful place. On the area there were many people, the majority of them there were young pairs. They walked on this area and enjoyed wonderful weather and beauty which surrounded them. They went kissing and embracing and for them it was the big happiness. About, My God, as I envied them. I at once have imagined, as we with you soon also shall walk on parks of your city and you will show me all most beautiful places. I can not wait that day when we shall be together and I can embrace and nestle on you all body and kiss so hotly as anybody never kissed.
I feel, that every day my soul and a body wakes up and towers to heavens. You see remained very little about that day when we shall be together. I began to count days and hours, how many we need to wait for our meeting. It approximately 312 hours. 312 longest hours of my life and they seem to me eternity. But I am sure, that we shall overcome this time, our love will blossom, as a flower after a rain. I love you Terry. Every day I feel, that the dream of all my life will come true. I as want to inform you that before a start I have taken from mine scold 150 dollars. From your money I have paid 150 $ for the passport and having added the I have paid 910 dollars for hotel accommodation as at me it is cunning 40 $ for flight up to Moscow. And oia?u I on hands still has only 60 dollars.
I hope you you remember that soon to be necessary for me 200 more dollars for the medical insurance and 380 dollars for the visa. I hope you you know that I make all documents through travel agency and consequently all little bit more dearly. Understand me my lovely without agency I is simple I can not because this city very big and I in it never was earlier. And they help me in all. Tomorrow I shall write to you more and I hope though for the small message from you.
With love Marina.

Letter 6

Greetings my lovely Terry,
I again could not receive your money. My lovely to me have told that between my name and a surname the word is inserted. Check up again translation my full name Tjufteeva Marina.
As soon as I shall receive the visa she will be valid during 90 days that is if I will not have any problems with the ticket I at once I shall depart to you and all this can stay at you time. Now we should plan on the future. I shall write to you the short letter because today I want to find a communication center and if at me that will turn out I I call you tomorrow on Sunday exactly at 18:00 Moscow time. As I shall find out the address exact hotels and I shall write to you tomorrow together with the address. As I want to ask you. Whether you know what formation at me and consequently I want learn from you I in your country can to find work? You will help me with it? Then I think that as soon as I shall arrive to you to us it will be necessary to address in eiea?aoeiiio? service that I could remain with you for ever. Well now I shall go on searches of a communication center and I hope that tomorrow you will be at home when I shall cause you. See you soon my loved. Marina.

Letter 7

Greetings my dear Terry.
At last at me it was gave out a free time to write to you the letter. I do not understand your experiences why you do not trust me. I already in Moscow and all documents to arrive to you are available. Why you so suffer for the money? I have spent them to destination and now all is ready me only it is necessary to take away August, 31 the visa and to take off to you. Now on me already nothing depends because I already have made all also to me it is necessary to wait only. Now after dinner I shall be am in the Internet of cafe and to wait for you on msn. When you will receive this letter answer him at once and do not depart from the computer.
Because as soon as I shall receive your answer I at once I shall enter in msn.
Now I shall go I shall have dinner and when I shall come I shall write to you one more letter.

Letter 8

Greetings Terry I just have come again in the Internet of cafe and I shall wait now for you at the computer. Please if you will receive this letter that do not depart from the computer. Because I should talk to you through msn. Now I do not have any cares as all more that from me caaeneei I have made and now I need to wait for Tuesday to receive the visa and to take off to you.
I worry on the account of the ticket because time approaches and at me it is not present. Write to me the nearest international airport to you. That I might learn the prices for tickets. In that agency in which I made out the visa it is possible to order tickets on planes more cheaply than will cost at the airport. They do it only for the clients. If you can not buy to me tickets for August, 31 that urgently send money to me that I could buy them in Russia.
While I shall finish this letter and I shall wait for you at the computer.

Letter 9

Greetings my lovely Terry
I had time to reach up to the Internet of cafe only in the evening. I have checked up tickets at the airport. Unfortunately in the near future tickets to you are not present. Most the nearest it September, 2. I shall treat to you with change. The price of the ticket with gathering about 830 dollars. Now I sit in the Internet of cafe and I shall wait for you. I hope you enter in Msn as soon as you will come from work. I shall wait for you.

Letter 10

Greetings my lovely Terry,
I have just arrived from the communication Center where tried to phone up to you.
I have stood in a queue two hours but in a result with you there was no connection.
I again shall try to call tomorrow. I have bought tickets for September, 10 the information on them.
Moscow (DME) - Zurich (ZRH) Swiss 1325
Zurich (ZRH) - Chicago IL (ORD) Swiss 0008
Chicago IL (ORD) - Toronto (YYZ) American Airlines 2026
I shall depart to you 07:15 - September, 10 2004 and I shall arrive in Toronto 17:58 - September,
10 2004 I Hope you will be free this day and can meet me. My lovely I not where was not gone and not i?iiaao. Now I shall wait for you on msn I hope you will be at the computer. With love Marina.