Scam letter(s) from Marina Tufteeva to Mark (UK)

Letter 1

Hello dear Mark,
Is glad to receive your letter. Today again cold weather in Russia.
The Internet of cafe is near to my work. But nevertheless, to reach here to me it is necessary to go on foot. And I have a little frozen while have reached up to here. But nevertheless this work is justified also I with pleasure I can read your letter. I am glad to each your letter. And with each letter, I feel, that we learn each other better. I do not know to what it will result. But I hope only to the best.
I would be very glad if you have sent me a small symbol. But the matter is that at us in Russia the parcel can not reach and I cannot receive her. I think, that it would be better to you to send through the Western Union and then I could choose to myself a gift. But I think that you should solve itself that to you to make to send me a gift whether or not. I would be very glad if you have visited me in this summer.
I would show you many beautiful places in my city and I would acquaint you with the friends. There is no I not Mari, I Russian.
Usually, when I come home, I spend evenings one. If to me girlfriends will not come. I watch TV and I prepare for a supper. I like films about love more. With the happy end. As I look news to know that occurs in Russia and in the world. Last my relations last almost one and a half year. I gave this person all myself. All heat and tenderness. First time my guy was gentle and tender. But in due course I began to notice, that it becomes rough and gives me of less attention. Then it forgive has ceased to come home. And his condition was not clear. Then I have learned that started to accept drugs. I struggled with this evil. But at me it turned out nothing.
Then it started to steal from a house of money, my jewelry. And in one of days has struck me. It I forgive to it could not. We have left. And later I have learned that it has died of overdose of drugs.
Now I want to learn a life anew, to learn a life easy and air. I want to get other soul - releasedI thirst, that I had wings that I could fly. And if to me it will be bad, I want, that a number was a native shoulder. I want the best though I do not know, whether I have on this right. I want to be strong but so that I had not to struggle for it. I want to be loved but loved truly. Perhaps, it is too much - to ask it,
that each of desires was executed. But I have only one desire which, I hope, will come true is that sometime I shall be together with the favourite person. " You know, in my heart the spark of hope has lit and I did not believe that the men are interested in mutual understanding and spiritual communication. Our men look for the satisfaction of their needs and desires only and drugs and other affairs. But in you I felt some special male charm. It keeps me warm. Beauty, outlooks does not mean much for me. I value soul traits,
I like kind, loving hearts. I do not know what about you, but I'm tired of loneliness. I want to obtain the love, where there will never be an end and will only be love, care, tenderness and kindness.
From reading your letters I feel like you're a very deep and beautiful person. I'm very happy to get letters from you. I like to read what's on your mind. Here are some of the things on my mind. It's been very hard for me to trust anyone at all. For the last years the only person I could trust was me. I now know that I cannot continue to keep myself from having a relationship. I truly want to share my life again with the right person. I'm a fun person to be around and very loving. There are so many things that I want to do but I am going to wait until I find my best friend. This way we can experience some of these pleasures together. I often wonder what it would be like to come home to a smiling face and nice greeting after a long day at work. To have someone their to snuggle up next to and watch a good movie. To get on Sunday morning go out for breakfast. Just to know what it's like to actually have someone care for you. These are things I never felt in my life. I want some to express their concerns and feelings with me. They do not always have to be good that's why we're all individuals.
All they have to be are your feelings. Things are not always going to be perfect. You're not always going to see eye to eye on certain things. If you can communicate and respect each others views this types of things can be easily dealt with. I feel asking Questions is very important. It nice to ask just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Little things like that make life easier for everyone.
Sincerely Yours Forever,
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