Scam Letter(s) from Olga Medvedeva to Roy (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Roy
I shall send you my picture for Christmas
My love my name Olga, surname Medvedeva
I shall be glad to receive your card
Your card will go very long and will pass a lot of time before to come to me
My love I to want that we started my arrival you
I you to want to be together and consequently it is necessary for us that we were together
I to want that you to send money for documents and I to begin trip to you
Today I to have rest and I do not need to go on my work in hospital
Therefore today I later to rise about a bed
I to wash and do gymnastics
When I to begin to do domestic affairs that to me to call my girlfriend
My girlfriend to work in shop which to work round the clock
It is a supermarket and in this supermarket my girlfriend to take a payment for products and things
My girlfriend too today to have rest and consequently she to ask me that we together to go on walk
Today on street cold weather and I long to think
But nevertheless I to decide to go on street and it is a little to walk
We to decide to go in shops and to look various things
I to think that all women to like to go to shops
We to come into different shops where to sell different things
But most of all to me to like to look on wedding a dress in wedding shop
My love to like me one wedding dress with laces, this dress long
I to try on a white wedding dress with laces
I to have ideas and dreams
I to imagine as I to put on a wedding dress on our wedding
It became pleasant and joyful to me to think of it
I shall think that in this dress I am very beautiful and fine
I shall be very beautiful your bride
I to think that when you to arrive for me on the automobile, you will be struck my beauty
You will have pride that you messages of me under a wreath of a marriage(spoilage)
All visitors will be struck with our beauty
It is my dream to have a beautiful, long dress
To me very much to not want to leave from this shop
But we to leave from shop
We to take a walk on shops and after slightly that I to go in the Internet of cafe
I love you and to adore
Your bride in a white dress Olga



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