Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Jenshina to Collin (England)
Letter 1

I’m very interested in your profile, I like what you said about yourself and it’s close to me what you are look for. If you interested in me as well, I would love to hear from you back, please write me your e-mail address so that we could contact easily, With warm wishes,
Letter 2

Hello Collin!
I have just read your letter and it at once took my attention. I liked your photo very much! I don't know may I be persistent but I would like to know a little bit more about you. I don't know why but you are very interesting for me. I have never tried before to look for the happiness in the Internet. But every person at one day decides to do something what he was thinking about a long time. And it happened to me. This day has come and I decided to realize my dream! I have never talked about it with anybody else except my best friend. We are faithful with each other and I trust her. It seems to me that it has something magic. It is like a small adventure... I am looking for the only men, for kind, romantic and honest one, who will devote himself for our love and family. I am looking for an educated and different developed person, my hope and support at the moment when I am alone... I want to find him for all my life - only the one!!! I want to share with him all my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!! As for me I am very romantic person and like evrything beautiful. One of my hoobbies is knitting. I like to knit for me and all the memebers of my family. Espacially in the evenings when the weather is awful and nobody want to go out I prefer to saty at home sitting in the cosy chair under the warm plaid and knit something special. I like it very much and even wneh I have a law spirit it can rise it very quickly. Also I adore to spend free time in the open air, espacially during the weekend I prefere to go to the country house with all my family. There is a wonderful wood there, near the house, and my favourite job is to pick up the first flours there. They are so beatiful! So, now you have a little bit of imagination about me and I hope that you will want to know much more... I will be waiting for your letter.
Letter 3

Hello Collin!
I would like our correspondence will turn from the friendship into something deep and wonderful relations - into our love! Though, may be it is early to talk about it. Anyway it is so nice to see your letter and read your warm words in it! I feel a little bit involved and in the same time I feel happy as you may be the men who I was looking for a long time. It seems to me that it is time to tell about myself. I won't be to write a lot because I don't know ehat may be interesting for you and I will be waiting for your questions in your letter. When I was a child I often dreamt about my future life. I often imagined myself as a girl-singer. I sign well. Also I draw - it is very interesting for me and I study it. And also I wanted to go in for figure skating and wanted to become a famous one. You know, I even was going for figure skating for two years. I do love it!!!!!!!!! But as time passed I understood that popularity, money, success - it is nothing! And nothing may compare with being a loving wife and careful mother for my children. You may be a famous singer, become a popular sportsmen, but nothing can be compare with the family happy. As every women I want to be a beautiful, I want every my step, every action and everything I do would be perfect and my love men admire with it! Everything I have I want to give the only men wich will be love me and who I will be! I want other men will say to my: your women the most beautiful and wonderful one! You are really lucky! Are you agree with me? I live with my parentes and my elder brother. My mother works in the factory, and my father is driver. My brother Sasha recently have graduated the university and now he works as a programmer. As for me I study in the university and learn English and computer siense. I am a future teacher. So, bye for now. I will be waiting for your answer impatiently.
Your Olga.
Letter 4

Hello Collin! I don't use agency, I write you by myself, I lerned English in the University. Why you don't trust me? Olga.
Letter 5

Hello my dear!
I am so happy to see your letter again! You know, every time I wait for your letter impatiantly. They give my soul a wonderful spirit, they make me happy for the whole day. I don't wolk now, I fly... This night I was takling with you... Did you hear me? I am dreaming... No, I don't want to takl about it in the leter thruogh the Internet. Only in private. I want to be with you, very close to you and see your eyes. I am really want to be with you. Sometimes before I go to sleep I imagine how it will be. I always dream about our meeting. I will go to the travel agency and know everything. Yesterday I decided to talk with my mam about you. And told her about our relations. She was surprised and she can't believe that we made acqaintance through the Internet. She is worry about us. She asked me about you. I told her about our meeting and she let me go. She said that helped me a little. Darling, how it will be? our meeting? How we will be spend our time together? I want you to be faithful with me. I want to know all your dreams. You know I always knew that somewhere threr is a men who was created only for me and me too. I always knew this and every day I believe in this more and more... You help me to understand it. You are and only you and nobody else. Now I don't want to write about diffuculties, I am confidant that it doesn't matter for us. There is one thing - the most important for us - it is our meetenig. I am thinking about you, my darling and now live the day when we meet...
With love from Olga.
Letter 6

Hello my love!
Probably I think about you too much because I miss you and your letters. You know, last night I saw wonderful dream. You can not imagine what was this dream about. It was about us. We were walking together by some street at one very beautiful city. Streets were nice and empty.We took each other hand in hand and were smiling and laughing.We seams to be very happy and look at each other eyes with tenderness and joy. In my heart I felt warmth and happiness and pleasure. Never in my life I had feeling like this. When I wake up in the morning that feeling - warmth and happiness still was inside of me. I do like it would be in reality soon... I was in the travel agency and they said that they can make International passport during 10 days and it will be cost $95. Also they can arrange visa for me for $175. I can give you the address of the agency and you can connect with them:
Waiting for your reply,
With all my kisses,
your Olga.
Letter 7

Dear Sir!
We are glad to inform you that we received your letter. Our agency will be glad to help you.
We can offer following services:
- organization of the tours all over the world;
- order and armoring of aviatickets;
- order and armoring of hotels;
- insurance;
- registration of visa;
- registration of international passport;
We need full information about city where you want to meet your Lady: the name of your city, the name of the nearest airport, approximate date of your meeting.
Our agency works for twelve years in the market of travel. We have business with many as Ukrainian as European travel companies. We have a lot of clients in Ukraine and also in Europe. There were no comlaints from clients who used our services. Every year we extend the net of using of our services in every cities of Ukraine. We have no our web-site. We are glad to help you in any questions you have. With the best regards,
the director of the travel agency "Alisatravel",
Svetlana Danilova.
Letter 8

Hello my kitten! Didn't you get my photo that I sent you? I send you once more and hope that you will like it! Your Olga.
Letter 9

Dear, I so missed you, I need your eyes... every time when I remember that I have you - my man, my real man about which I was dreaming all my life - I feel happy and I realize that real love existences and feel more happy when I understand that this great chance to taste it I have!!! Kitten, I wish to love only you, to love, I shall care for you, I will be your women, will be faithful and not betray your love, I will be deserving of my love for you... You are my love, my darling, my kitten... I miss you very much!!! I want to see you soon, dear. I promise you that you will never pity about it. I will try to make you the happiest man in the world!!!
Waiting for your reply,
with all my kisses,
your Olga.
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