Letter(s) from Maria Patrusheva to Bill (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Bill,
The thank for your letter, me was pleasant to receive from you the letter. you grasped me by the letter, it was really pleasant, I never met such the man as you, you very interesting and with you it is very pleasant to speak. You have told many beautiful words from which me it became very joyful and pleasantly:)Bill how are you? Bill yes I too treat seriously search of my true love, but I yet have not found her, but I hope shortly to find out her:) for this purpose I have decided to write to you. I very much would like to learn about you more, than you are engaged in free from work time? What you like to make? I would like to find out about you all. To me would like to tell in this letter slightly about the family, and about itself is little bit more detailed. Now I live one in small city, and my parents live in village, they have moved there 4 years back, as my daddy was sick also slightly to him fresh air was necessary, and I have solved to remain in city, as I needed to act in university. My parents the very good people, they have got acquainted when to my mum there were 21 years, and mine the daddy was much more to him then there were 41 years, they had very strong love, at first parents of my mum would be against that that my mum met the man which is much more senior than her, and even from behind it she left from houses, but in due course her parents have understood that their love cannot be separated and they have solved her to leave in marriage, and in 1 year after their wedding I was born. My daddy worked the driver of the lorry, now he any more does not work as he became old, and my mum works the doctor in village, I too want to become as she the doctor, when I was small I frequently went to the mum on work and observed of that as she treats the people, and to me it very much was pleasant, from childhood me the mum learned as is necessary to use an injection, and already in 7 years I well put injections, and daddy me learned to drive the machine, but I even all has not learned well to drive her, once I has not got nearly in failure when I went behind a rudder of the automobile, to me on meeting has gone away the I automobile, but I only miracle has avoided failure, after that I floor of year did not go for rudder of the automobile:) I am very grateful to the parents for that that they have brought up me such what I is, as without them I probably would not become such. I am very similar to the mum by appearance, sometimes me even confuse to my mum:) sometimes even it is amusing. Tell to me little bit more about you and about your family. It would be interesting to me to find out about it from you. So I can study you little bit faster.
I love very much to travel, but though I and did not leave never farther than Russia, I all the same love to visit new cities, I especially like old Russian cities in them very beautiful architecture, is especial to me to like to visit N. Novgorod, there very beautiful churches, with which 200 - 300 years, you probably heard about it. I very much would like learn about your city you can to me slightly to tell about him? I shall finish the letter, and I very much would want to receive from you a fast reply, before speed meeting, Masha...

Letter 2

Good Morning Dear Bill
Probably it is not a morning at all in your city, but lets take it abstractly. A morning is my favorite time of the day - because it is the beginning of a new day, new moments of life and new wonders to face. I believe in wonders, and I know they exist. Our life is a wonder, and the way we found each other is a wonder, and the sunrise is a wonder too! So, let our sun rise ;-)
We don`t know each other yet, but I believe that all people have something good in them, and isn`t it great when people try to see these good sides in each other, and accept the others in a friendly way? ;-)
So, if you believe in the same, then I think we will become friends very soon, and open a new page in our lives. What is the most important thing in your life?.... I am a very cheerful person and I have a good sense of humor, it is also very important in life, humor helps me to cope with many hardships in life.
You know, I am sure that if a person has a goal and he has faith in that, he will by all means achieve a success and that is why I am always trying to be a determined person and not to give up even if something does not go the way I want. It was pleasent for me to get letter from you. So maybe I can to try to tell something more about me, and I belive that you will read it :)
Certainly a great big thank to you for your compliments. To me certainly very much pleasant to hear pleasant wonderful and warm words in my party, yes, I had to hear compliments more than once, and it is the truth pleasantly to feel myself as a beautiful woman, but nevertheless inside beauty is much more important.
I had many friends, there were relation in youth, but I have never had serious relations. At once I want to inform you, that I have never had anything more, than usual kiss without any feelings. I try to be frank with you, that you can to get to know about me more so much, how many it is possible to tell about myself letters. Forgive me for my english, maybe it is not so good. But I try to learn it. I have a lot of girlfriends, but as I know, that the female's friendship does not happen.
What are looking for in a woman?
What I'm search in a man? - I want to find a man, who will be honour with me, who will not make me a bad and a sick, who will be valid to respect and to love me, who will answer me by mutual feelings, and who is not going to use me, or even to try to use. I shall not forgive it. I'm very brave, both resolute. And sometimes womans are much more dangerous then men. But I think that you are not such man, also that us was reduced by good circumstances :) I'm right? But if I will find a man, who will be my second half in my life, I will make all that he can to become happy, I will give him all that mans need from woman, we will creat a strong family! I will the best friend for him, and I will help to do all that he will need to do. Mens and womans are not simple people who loves each others, they are partners, and best friends in life.
If I will find a man who will live even in the cold North, I will live with him there, even if he will very poor. I'm looking for a man, who can to see a second-half in me, who will be sure that I'm his woman, who will be sure, that we can to become happy.
The new page is already prepared for you in my life, and it is looking forward to be filled! ;-) Masha

Letter 3

Hello Dear Bill
It is pleasant to write the new letter to you, now you for me the new friend, new solar beam in my rainy and boring life. Maybe I am mistaken about that, that my life boring, but seems to me so. I very value our friendship. Though we are a little more familiar with you I all the same I appreciate that that you to me write letters, and in them write so much beautiful words. It seems to me that we search with you for one and too is love. I the lonely person and consequently want to find the half with which to me it would be good. What concerning you? Why you have decided to search to yourselves for the woman thus?
Bill there is no I have no international passport but if you want to meet that I could make him quickly, for this purpose it would be required to me about 4 days. You want to meet in Paris:) yes I would be glad to visit this city I know that this fine and very romantic place, I was there to time as to me difficultly to pay charges connected with travel. Bill when precisely you plan to be in Paris? Write to me the ideas about it; I very much would like to know your imaginations about it.
You asked my address, I write him to you:
Masha Patrusheva
City of Cheboksary
Street Lenin 58,34
Unfortunately my phone is now blocked also I is not sure that at us it to turn out to speak with the phone number you but if you want can leave to me.
I am always glad to each your new letter. Maybe I shall become the happy woman, I very much hope. Can I ask you, how do you imagine your future wife? What you most of all interests in life? Are you economical man? Do you have the serious purpose in your life, which you want to reach? I will hope that you will answer me honourly. Today very perfect weather. The sun shines, sing songs a bird. Perfect the light-blue sky. And my mood very perfect too. It would be desirable to run, to jump, to sing songs, to play as kitten:) But as always I have a lot of doings. I had breakfast today, took a shower, has made of manicure before that how to engage in doings, I have gone in Internet - cafe to write to you the letter. How are your doings? How are you? What news? What plans for week? I very much would like to see you in real life:) It is interesting to me to communicate with you in real life. How do you think, can people love each other, if they at all did not see each other in life? It is very interesting. The psychology of the people can be studied, but it is impossible to understand a soul. The soul is something unknown and secret. I very much would like to study your soul that in her to be stored.
I am surprised looking that the people live, and die lonely, and not having grown fond anybody. It is terrible. I think that I will visit a church tomorrow, because I feel, that I must to do it.
Today I was in a museum, at an exhibition of expensive and very perfect rare stones, and art products from these small stones. There were different breed's stone, but it was very beautiful. Especially I liked a small picture made from multi-colored small stones, in a picture the beautiful landscape is represented: Beautiful sunset and blue sea. But all of them very expensive, therefore I has not bought though one of them. If you only knew as I love different stones. In childhood I saved different small beautiful stones. It was my hobby in the childhood:)
that concerning your hobbies in the childhood?
I probably asked you so many questions in this letter. I hope that you the answer for them everything, it would help me to study you little bit better. Whether still I would like to ask you have any other photos which can send me?
I yet have no new photos, but I shall make them soon for you, only a few special photos:)
I slightly today am tired also I think today early go to bed to sleep. I shall finish the letter. I hope to see your good letter soon:)
Yours Masha
kiss you

Letter 4

Hello Dearest Bill
Thank for the letter was again pleasant to read me it. How your day? Forgive for that that I do not write you so long, free day yesterday was and I would like to have a rest from all a little and to think of my life that a little that in her now occurs. Much has changed after we have got acquainted with you, my life has changed. Would not be such earlier that I thought of the man the whole evening, experienced about that where he and than now is engaged, and now I so think. Forgive for such frankness but I need for you to tell me much now I can not store this all in myself and be silent. You have won my heart and my ideas and they only now about you. I do not understand I think of you as the small schoolgirl :) If fairly to speak I very much missed about you and you always in my ideas :) I began to think of you much, you became the man ? 1 in my life though we and not to time did not see all the same to me it would be desirable to be with you and to find out you as much as possible, can be when or we shall meet and we can take pleasure in our general days together, you and I. It is my dream.
I miss you.
Bill you have written so much beautiful words in the letter. To me I was very pleasant to hear about that that the unique woman in your life now, I would like to remain such on the whole life which we shall carry out together. Bill I very much wants to meet you and I would like that it has taken place as soon as possible. Thank for that that speak that want to help me with travel to you, Bill if you want to meet soon that I could arrive to you to America and I would not need to make out long the visa, I have very good friends in my city which can help me in her registration. I today was in travel agency and spoke concerning all documents and as I can receive them, I found out all and now would like to speak you about it. My visa will be ready in 15 days and all other documents in which I shall require, for me will be necessary the international passport and the insurance. Bill if I shall start to make out them to me it will be necessary to pay for passport 110 of dollars, for the visa of 290 dollars, for the insurance of 140 dollars. Bill I have no this money and I can not pay them. It is difficult for me, I do not know where it to take. I would not would like that it was a barrier to our relations. I want to be with you and I would want that we have grown fond each other. I believe in you and I believe in that that we shall be Together. Bill our meeting is a serious step in our relations and we should consider this seriously, from it will be our future depends. Bill if you want that I can start to legalize papers and already approximately in 16 days we can meet, I very much would want it. Write to me please your ideas concerning our meeting; I very much would want to hear them. Today at me a day off and I have a rest, yesterday there was a lot of work of a house, I made full cleaning a house both it has borrowed all the day and I got tired yesterday a little, then in the evening I have decided to make to myself a small holiday I have prepared for a pie and have bought some sweets in shop, it was tasty:) I like to use sweet sweets, these are my small weakness. When to me sadly I go to shop and I buy sweets they cheer up me a little. What you make when to you sadly and alone? The loneliness a bad thing, frequently happens me alone. I live at home one and always it is necessary I is of one and sometimes it happens so sadly that beside there is no love the man and so it would be desirable love, therefore probably I began to search to myself for the friend through the Internet and I feel that who has found that me understands also to whom with me interestingly. I would want that our relations proceeded as well as well as now.
Well I finish the letter, I hope that I shall see your letter soon. Yours faithfully Elena.