Letter(s) from Natalia to Mike (UK)

Letter 1

Hi Mike!
I am very pleased to receive from you the letter. I would like to receive photos from you.
To me very much to similar, that you to understand mine not so good English language. I hope you will understand this well. Well, I will tell to you about me:
I have growth of 165 centimeters and weights of 55kg. I live in Russia in city Zelenodolsk, it is near Kazan. It is approximately 850 kilometers from Moscow. I am 23 years old. I do not have any brothers and sisters. My favourite color is green.
I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not drink strong spirits drinks of spirit. But sometimes I love to drink in the good company not a lot of grape vine, though it happens very seldom. I want to tell, which I am play on the a piano very well, I have finished musical school, in which I studied 6 years. At home I have a cat. His name Murzik. He is a large cat, but very kind. When I play on the piano he attentively listens.
I play different music. I like music of the composers such as Bach, Chopin, Mozart and others.
Everyone speak, that at me very good and pleasant voice and consequently, when at me I a little bit sing good mood vokal (solo). It is pleasant to me and modern melodious music. My favourite foods are sea products, and also various fruit salads, but I also can prepare other dishes. I am a very good cook. I like spend the free time with friends, to walk, go on discos. I very much like to dance. I listen to various music. At me many different hobbies. In my free time I like to go walking near a wood or lake, when it is warm weather. In evenings I love laying in my bed reading romantic books, and also making sweaters and scarves from rams wool. I also love sports. I used to be engaged in gymnastics. Also, I like to watch on TV football, hockey, and basketball. I do not have children as never married!
I live with my mum. My parents are divorced. My dad lives separately. I sometimes meet him.
Grandfather unfortunately has died 2 years back.
I the student 4 rates of Pedagogical Institute. I well know the English language and for a long time I want to visit in the UK. Now, I have decided to go in the the UK for a month or two under student's program "Work and Travel". Did your heard anything about "Work&Travel" and the program of an exchange of students between the countries? If you want I will tell to you more about it in next letter? I write you today from an Internet cafe. I unfortunately have no the computer and telephone at my house, because it very expensive.
This isn't a problem?
Tell please more in detail about you and your life. About your work, hobbies and a way of life etc... I am a very open and honest person with a good heart, and look forward to your next letter.
Well i better close for now in hoping to hear from you soon. Have a great day!

Letter 2

Hi Mike!
I am very glad to receive the letter from you. It makes me happy. Thanks for telling more about yourself. You soun'd very good. Also thank you for a beautiful photo. You very nice. Please be patiences and attentively read it.
I hope you can translate all that here is written :) Now I want to tell to you little more about me, about company " Work&Travel "
and about my plans for the near future.
I the simple Russian girl. I sociable.
I like to learn a lot of new about different people, the countries, etc. I for a long time wanted to look at other countries. Many of my friends already went in the UK under the student's program and very much it was pleasant to them.
They have told to me a lot of interesting so I too have wanted to visit at you.
I for a long time prepared for this, have found out a lot of information. Besides it is very good practice for me in studying the English language. Therefore this year I too have decided to go in the UK. "Work&Travel" helps students to leave in the UK. Did you anything heard about programs of an exchange between the countries when students from the different countries come to other countries to study and work? Company "Work&Travel" one of the companies which can help to arrive to me in the UK.
It helps Russian students to arrive for a while to UK, to be employed and find habitation. Usually the company itself searches for people who would agree to pay cost of trip and official registration of papers for students, and then students fulfil this money, thus returning who has given their those of them on loan. Frequently it happens so people who has given money to the student invite him to themselves and the student lives at them during all stay in the UK.

Many students use the help of the company. It connects students with any people (basically it is older persons or families with children). Then these people pay trip of the student to the UK. The student then works and lives at these people or works in the other place which the company also can find. Thus he fulfils money which to him people gave. So he returns them. Also he works always to have a few cash to not be a burden for family or the person which him has invited. But the most important for all students is an opportunity to see other country, other people, to feel new feelings, etc. But I have decided to try independently find that who can to help me to receive more time. I have decided to write to you because you have liked me also
I think that you the good person. Also I want to tell that if the student himself finds people who will invite him and will help him he receives the discount as the company to have less time to work with him. Besides if you want we could get acquainted closer and to begin more than friends if I have arrived in the UK.
It is a shame to me to ask you the help, but I nevertheless do it. I want to ask you that you have helped me with it.
Can you find to me habitation or work, and also have helped me with money? If you want can invite me to yourself. When I shall come to you I shall earn them and return to you.
I mean, that I want to take money at you ON LOAN. I do NOT ask, that you gave them to me for ever.
Also I can work for you if you want.
I am ready to consider any offer on work at you. If you do not want, that I worked for you I shall find work in the other place and in any case I shall return to you of money. I necessarily will find work and I promise that I shall return your money.
I can keep up children, work as the nurse.
Also I can work as the waitress, wash floors, etc...
I wanted to tell that I can work for you (for example to do all homework, to clean, wash, prepare, etc.). Or there where you will find work for me.
But if you do not want that I worked for you or strained you, The company can find to me work in your city in the other place, do not worry about it.
By the way that the company searched to me for work in your city for this purpose you can invite me to yourself. If you do not want it I do not guarantee that I shall get to you in city as the company searches for habitation to students on all the UK.
Anyway you will have the information on me, you will know where I shall be, etc. So you can not worry about money.
I was necessary RETURN for you of them!
I do not want to deceive you and simply your money are not necessary for me.
I the real Russian girl which require the help.
I can prove that I am honest!
If you can invite me to yourself I shall keep more time and I can faster arrive to you. We could get acquainted and have a lot of fun. I have more got used to get acquainted and communicate with people in a real life, instead of in internet. whether personal meeting and direct dialogue with you can better show we approach each other. Look at it here is how: the lonely Russian girl who cannot arrive in the UK because of that that at her is not present money asks you money on LOAN.
I want to allocate it - does not ask simply so, and asks you on LOAN. If you help her you have a chance to see her personally and to get acquainted with her.
She works in the UK and NECESSARILY GIVES you of money back. Then she can remain with you if between you there will be what that feeling.
If there is no that she simply gives money and leaves. So you lose nothing, and on the contrary receive, or your future girlfriend (or more) or simply familiar with which you have well spent the time. No minuses, only pluss.
Just think about it. From your decision the future can change your or my or all together.
I repeat once again, it can be not only that that you to me will give money on loan, and then I to you them return. We can get acquainted closer and to try to have relations. I do not exclude it, but at the same time I do not insist on it. Decide to you.
Excuse if has forced you to spend a lot of time to read it. Hope to hear you soon.