Letter(s) from Olga Teplyashina to Tito (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Dear Tito,
Thank you so much for your letter and for your warm words. You are so nice that it's so hard to belive that I have found you in such a big world. You know I think you have nothing to worry about because all the papers can do the travel company for me and all I will need to do is to go to Moscow before my coming to you and receive the visa. They will prepare all the documents for me. I have a friend working in the travel company with a good reputation and I think we can trust them. I am sure my friend won't let me down.
But dear everything is all right accept the price. I don't have such money and it's a really problem for me. I wish I could have them and then I won't need tell you this because it's a shame for me. But I have nothing to do with this. All the trip including documents for visa and tickets and insurance and etc will cost about 1355$. I am sorry for this. I am really sorry.
I will let you go now and I hope to hear from you soon,
I am sorry again!
Please take care.
You mean so much to me........
Yours truly and entirely Olga