Romance scam letter(s) from Irina to John (USA)
Letter 1

Hello, my dear John,
I was very happy to get your massage. I think our communication won't be borrowing and we'll find lots interesting and exciting about each other.
I was born in Starobelk. My name is Irishka, 25 years old. I graduated form the technical school and now I work as a tailor at a small factory. Beside my work now I study at the University to get a higher education to be able to teach students how to sew things. A salary of a teacher is a bit higher then a salary of a tailor that is why I study at the University.
I am a very ambitious person. I believe that every person who comes to this world has a purpose. My one is to make a strong, good family, to bear children, to bring them up, to make them good people. And I want my husband to be my support, my light, the source of inspiration. I want to be a good mother, a loving wife. I want to be always honest with my husband and expect it from him. I want a family full of love, respect and care. This is the real attraction for me. I am looking a man abroad because I am disappointed by ours. They try to find a woman for one night., let her money and leave her forever. I want a serious man. I heard that the men on other countries are not the same. They are brought up in strong family traditions. I feel that somewhere abroad he is seeking me. That is why I decided to take risk to step out my country.
I also like adventures, that is right I cross thousands miles to find you. I am totally aggressed with the fact that the distance will make our feelings stronger". Let time challenge us and let Internet become our love angel connecting us. And what do you think?
My dear friend, partner, and dear future lovely husband should be successful, and also have a good heart.
Also I feel that to keep balance in life is very important, instead to try to do every thing by yourself, find a life partner to work side by side. That is much more fun. Single bird can not fly too far, right? I am looking for an honest and faithful man. Someone whom I can trust and who will appreciate what I can give him and also accept me for what I am.
And how do you see your match?
I'll wait for your answer impatiently.
Kisses, hugs, Irishka.
Letter 2

Hello, my dear John!
Thank you for your next answer. I was very glad to get it, it's very nice. I think we have much in common and I want to tell you my thoughts, hopes and dreams and to know you better. And also I hope that you'll do the same, and we'll be happy together in future. I want to share this poem with you John it describes how I want to love and how I want to be loved in return. From your letter I feel in the deep of my heart that you will understand it and that you will enjoy it. THE SPECTRUM OF LOVE
There is a much greater motivation than just my spoken word.
For me to love is to commit myself freely and without reservation. I am sincerely entrusted in your happiness and well being.
What ever your needs are, I will try to fulfill them. If you are lonely and need me, I will be there. If in that loneliness you need to talk, I will listen. If you need to listen, I will talk.
If you need strength of human touch, I will touch you. If you need to be held, I will hold you. I will be naked of body if that be your need. If you need fulfillment of the flesh, then through my love I will give you that.
I will try to be constant, so you will understand the core of my personality.
I shall show you love now, and each and every day, for each day is a lifetime.
I will not defer my love, nor neglect it, for if I wait until tomorrow, it may never come. If I give you kindness and understanding, then I will receive your faith.
If I give you hate and dishonesty, then I will receive your distrust.
If I give you fear and am afraid, you will become afraid and fear me.
I will give to you what I need to receive the most, love.
When I hold you, kiss you, or touch you, I am saying in a thousand words, I LOVE YOU!
Do you like the poem? What do you think about love? Do you believe in power of love?
Do you have the same thoughts about Love? If no, why? Waiting for your answer with great impatience,
Thinking of you, your Irishka.
Letter 3

Hello, my dear John!
Thank you for your wonderful letter and your beautiful photo. I feel like we are becoming closer and closer to each other. I think about you all the time and wait for your answer. You are deep in my mind. And I felt myself so happy when I came to the Bureau and found your letter here. As for your question, Yes, I like the song. No, unfortunately I do not see the film 'Ten' with Bo Derek. No, I do not smoke. I also look for my soul mate. I have a good sense of humor. I am a real. Yes, we can remain friends even if one of us decides that we are not soul mates. We have much in common, and I'm sure that we can have wonderful future together, future that can unite us even more. I'm serious about our relations. My darling, I'd prefer not to tell you this, but I have one big problem in my life. I haven't got another way out. I miss you very much and I'm afraid to loose you. And if I don't say you I may loose you. As you know, I'm a student and also I work. And it is difficult but I made my ends meet in a way. A salary of a tailor is so miserable that It is enough only for bread and water. Now I'm lack of money to pay for our correspondence. I'm so sorry, I feel myself so embarrassed but I have nothing to do except to tell you all the truth. Because I'm not even sure that I can write you tomorrow. It's awful, all this situation. I hope you'll understand me and forgive me. I really want to lettering with you. You've become part of my life and I don't want to loose this beautiful part. I want us to know each other better and better with every passing day, I want our feelings to become stronger and stronger, I want to meet you one day and then... who knows what can happen then...
I dream about the moment we are together having romantic picnic on the beach and spending the most gorgeous time together, holding and kissing each other. But all these wonderful dreams can be lost because of simple and complete at the same time thing: money. The only hope for our relations is you. I can trust you and belive that you won`t leave indifferent to this situation. Trust is a fragile thing, I do not know why but I trust you with all my heart.
Your Irishka.
Letter 4

Dear Sir!
Thank you for your interest in our client Irishka Sykina who is using the service of Marriage Bureau of our "International Company". We would like to inform you that she is interested in you very much, but Irishka has informed us about her financial difficulties and her not being capable to pay for our service. If you are interested in her and have a wish to help her, we will be glad to help you in any questions and will provide you with all the necessary service.
Please, inform us and your Irishka about your decision. International Company
Director Konstantin Ivanov
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