Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Sergeeva to Wayne (USA)

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Letter 1

Greetings the my dear friend from continent far from me!! I very much It is strongly glad to that you have become interested in my person, I am very glad, That you have not given up to me and have written to me the letter. I shall try to do So what to not afflict you in to learn each other. I shall try To do so, that you would learn about me as much as possible. I hope, you so With pleasure you will tell about yourself. I shall answer all Your questions and to ask questions to you as. In hope to receive on Them answers. I very much would like you to learn. Therefore my friend, Tell to me, please, about itself. It will be very interesting to me to learn about To you. In fact the first letters, and that is " the first sight ", I want To tell, that on the first letters can be understood what person from itself, and That it wants from a life. As it looks at a life. I want that you could Will write to me every day in fact better if we shall write the friend To the friend every day we every day shall learn each other better. And Therefore it is necessary to tell as much as possible about itself. What the first The opinion on the friend the friend has developed the most good. It is very important for me, Also I hope as important for you, my friend! I want to tell, that you Seem to me very beautiful and very lovely, I shall hope, that in You same good, and to us with you it will be possible to learn lives each other Well. And it is possible to grow fond in the future each other. Well, I think, that You very much want to learn about me. I shall write to you the small story about myself. I the usual girl from the great country Russia. Probably, in me also is, Something not usual, but I about it to write to you cannot yet. As Itself I do not know it... But, all seems to me, that I at all I am distinguished from other girls of our country. Probably, I also am mistaken. To me It seems what to describe me would be very easy in that case, If I did not do it in the first... At me ideas and words are confused, As I do not know, that it is possible such to tell about myself, and the Interests. My heart is beaten very quickly. I thought, that you to me not Write, and will leave my letter to you without the answer. That to me very much not It would be desirable. My friend I ask you Pardons beforehand if in the letter, you will see many mistakes. I At once I inform you, that my English language, is not perfect, but nevertheless I I know it. If to you, something to you will be not clear, write to me it Once again. And I shall answer you. As it at all will not complicate me. Well All right with it like, as well as have understood, to you I continue the story about To itself, my friend. As you know my name is Lena, me 26 years. And I live all this time in city Kazan, approximately in 900 kilometers from Cities Moscow, my republic refers to Tatarstan. to me very much To like my city. It very interesting and beautiful. You were Sometime in the life in the great country of Russia? If yes when and in What city. And if is not present, would like to visit my country ever? I was born as in city Kazan. I when was not married so As, I cannot find the person with whom it was possible to create family. I I want to have family very good both friendly and strong. To me very much It would be desirable to create very good future for children. But, the person In Russia on to like very difficultly. By experience of the friends and familiar, all Marriages in Russia break up very quickly. Therefore I while and not I hurry. But also to detain with it for a long time I do not gather. Children, to To regret, at me is not present. But, nevertheless in the future I very much would like To have the child and the good person, what to live for the sake of someone. I was more I do not want to live only for myself. I want to live for someone, giving all The love to the one whom I shall love. In the life I want to love and be Loved. To the husband I shall allow all love. Doing, so It was very happy with me! How many children to me are to be had, I Yet I do not know, as did not reflect with this question. When at me The husband we it will be necessary with it we shall discuss or (how many the god will give, So much will be). I hope, you understand me... Harmful habits I not I have. I do not smoke tobacco products, and I do not use some alcohol. I drink, Only wine, and only on any big holidays. If will be Good and big holiday I think, what not a lot of alcohol is possible. Or if somebody will have day a birth. From meal I most of all I prefer Russian kitchen. I have ended University, and now mine Speciality Manager. But, as here in Russia I have not found to myself Work on a speciality, and now I should work insurance The agent. While this work arranges me. But nevertheless I do not gather To work as the insurance agent eternally. I shall try to find to myself work By a trade. On character I very good and cheerful person. I always I am glad lives. Also I try to take from a life everything, that is possible. But, while I not Has found to myself love in what I am very much afflicted. But I think, that all will be Well! I with impatience shall wait for your answer the my dear friend! I hope, that the answer from you for the letter, in hope, that you will write To me it is fast. Write to me about itself, than you are engaged and that like, I All wanted to know about you. Sincerely your friend from Russia Lena!!

Letter 2

Greetings the dear friend **** eiy ****! I am very strongly glad, that you to me Has answered. I am glad, that you have not left my letter without the answer! I very much, It is very strongly happy, that again I write to you the letter. I with big Interest read your letter, it was very interesting to me. To me very much It would be desirable to learn about you with each letter more and more and more. I so I shall write to you as much as possible about myself. About the interests and Desires. I want, that would study and have learned me as it is possible better. What in The further you were not mistaken in the choice of the wife in the future... You know, me Very much it would would be desirable, that you would become that person, about which I Dreamed all life. In the life, I always appreciated in men Nobleness and skill to defend the honour and honour of the lady. I think, That if two persons in all and always are fair each other, and at them is Mutual understanding, also there are any feelings of love, him as to me It seems, it is provided fine happy the future and long, strong Love. I very much would like to know about you everything, in the smallest Details, your daily routine, in how many you rise, with, how many Up to, how many you work, as you will spend time for the work, that To you to like, that you like. What dreams at you on the future. That You wanted in the near future as I would like to know, than you You like, is engaged at leisure. Where you like to have a rest? I think, You as interests, as passes my day. Well, now I want To write it is a little about itself as at me passes usual day. I wake up In 6 o'clock in the morning and at once I accept souls, it lifts forces and Mood for all day. After that I go to have breakfast, for a breakfast I ai Sandwiches also I drink coffee with milk. I do not know, why, but for a breakfast I I like to eat so. And what you like to eat for the breakfast? At 7 o'clock I I leave from a house and I go on a stop. I go for work on public Transport as I have no the transport. Sometimes at a stop There are many people, and I should go for work on foot.
In general I like to pass since morning on foot before the work. Before my work From a house to go 30-40 minutes are literally. My working day lasts from 8 o'clock Mornings and up to 5 o'clock in the evening. On the termination of the work, I come Very much tired home and at once I go to take a shower. After that I feel Arrival and restoration of forces, on other part of day. I already 5 years, as I live separately from the parents. To me in the inheritance has got from Grandmothers an apartment, and I have moved there. I in family a unique daughter and Therefore the grandmother has left an apartment to me. Unfortunately, I have no Home telephone number, as installation of a home telephone number very dearly Costs, but if you have phone, you can To write it to me and if sometime at me to appear an opportunity To call you. I want to tell, that my English very good.
As I go on studying of the English language. It would be very amusing To hear your voice. I am simply sure, that it at you very good and Pleasant. I would be not against to speak by with you to phone. I am glad, That I have you. There is an opportunity with someone will share something. To me delliver it is a lot of pleasure to write to you the letter. I want to write, how I I spend the days off and holiday from work.. In the Summer we with friends like, To go to a wood or on lake, to me very much to like to spend time on To the nature. Where there are animals, a wood and lake. The nature this most Fine, that is on our ground. But, for some reason people like to litter The nature. That to me it is not clear. I very much like to sit at a fire and To listen, as someone plays on a guitar. It seems to me, that in it is, Something romantic. As in the summer, I very much like to spend time, Going for a drive on rollers. You like to go for a drive on rollers? And as you like To spend time, in the summer? As on the days off I with the girlfriend go on Aerobics to support itself in the sports form, and to be looked Always beautiful. In fact beauty for the girl this most important. As It is necessary to like the person with whom you communicate. When I was Small, my parents have written down me in ballet where I was engaged about 9 years. And now I am able to dance ballet to that I am very glad. For itself I I search for serious attitudes, someone who can understand me and whom I can To understand I. I think, that attitudes between men and women are The most important, the man should consider always, good women, To like and respect, who can support the woman in its bad and good Times also cares of it, to allow to it everything what she requires.. It Should give her all love, do so that she felt like Similarly to the happiest woman in the world and on this ground. It is similar Women they should do the same for the man, to which Test any feelings, to carry out with it as much as possible Time, that it would be happy, to be with it when it requires it. I think, that love - a key, very important factor in attitudes and only The way which you can make who - that loves you if to be Fair, sincere, devoted to a volume to the person whom you love. I I think, as soon as you are in serious attitudes, it should To be for the whole life, not within several months or year. I I hope, boring my letter you will not seem to you and the further will be To write to me. I hope, that I write clearly enough and much about myself. I I shall try to answer all your questions. If I shall not answer yours The question means I could not to understand it, do not take offence at me and write It once again. I think, that you understand, that an overall objective in my life Is to find that only thing, my second part of me, with which I I can go through all difficulties of a life. Together to meet pleasure, occurrence Children to grow them, to surround with care, to present them the happy childhood, I So I dream of it, in the further life!!! I think, that you You understand me, you understand my desires, it seems to me, that your vital The purposes and principles are similar to mine, I in soul hope, that sometime ours Hearts will meet. On it the my dear friend I want to finish the The letter and with the big impatience I shall expect your answer. I hope, What is the letter to you very much it was pleasant, and it not seemed boring. Yours
The friend from Russia Lena!!

Letter 3

Greetings my dear *** eiy ***!!! I hope, that you will not be against, if I I shall name you so?! Simply already for a long time in the life I to whom not Spoke such tender and pleasant words. Every day and yours The letter, I am more and more convinced that I have to you feelings Love. Every day I wait for your letter. In fact it already about something speaks, Whether not so?... Today at me free day from work was. And I have decided To lead this day, with benefit for the health and a body. In the early morning I and my girlfriend whom call Natasha, we with it have left in the center of employment fitnes. It is very good fitnes club where many girls are engaged. There very good instructors on employment fitnes, there are salarya, There is a pool where it is possible not poorly on to float. There there is all for convenience And comfort. And with the girlfriend it very much to like us. And today all this I Used for the health. And the effect after that all was Simply remarkable, on my body! I try to visit fitnes very much Frequently, but it, unfortunately, not always at me turns out. As I A lot of time I give work, or I come home very much Tired. Yes, I want to inform you, that today, I was on a visit at Mum, also informed it, that at me the person has appeared. And now I I inform you reaction of my mum to this remarkable news. They were Are very strongly glad, that I have acquaintance to you, my dear! They As very much want to know about you. I have unpacked yesterday. In the Internet The center your letters. As my parents do not know the English language, and I had to them to transfer all. After I have read him all, they Once again were glad for ours with you acquaintance. We with you Should trust each other as if there is no trust is not present The future. I want to tell, that earlier I as trusted the person, and it Simply of it has taken advantage, has played on my feelings, and has simply left. I write to you it, that you would draw conclusions, and knew about it... I loved it all heart, it simply pretended, that as Loves me. Actually it it is just necessary me laughed, and played mine Feelings. It was such, that appointed to me meetings, promising, it, simply Did not carry out the promises, I waited for itand it did not appear. It happened so, That it did not come to me one, and even two days. When it came it Simply spoke, that he had very important affairs, and it could not give On me time. And after that I have learned all, that it all this time Has lead with girls of easy behaviour. To me his friends have told it! It At all did not like to work, and all time borrowed money from me, promised To me to return them, but all this was simply the lie. I had to forgive It to it as I had very big feelings to it. To me even It was necessary to hide it from favourite mum, I think, that you of me You understand. After that, I have seen it with other women. As Came home, unfortunately I do not remember it. I shouted all the night long on Him. After such as all this has taken place. I had depression, on very Long time. I began to work, and gradually began to forget it The person. After that I have decided, that I when I shall not deceive In love people, I when I shall not sneer and play feelings People, and I began to think, that all this not for me. I would not want To transfer such the moments once again. As I have decided to not have any more Attitudes with men from Russia. I any more did not want to break the life Such cases... I simply wanted to love and live as all normal People. I think, that you as wanted to have strong love, and to live Happily! I wanted to have the person, that it would be more senior than me, and it Could love me and my children, in the future. I would like to know, yours Opinion after that letters! You know, it seems to me, that at us with you Now the friendship is more than simply. You so do not think?!! Every day we We start more and more and to trust more each other, and we become more Frank with each other, you will agree with my opinion? I think, That ours with you of soul, every day everyone become closer and closer. In The life, I still the person for a joint life. I want To continue ours with you attitudes, I very much want, what you to me Trusted. As I start to trust you. I wish you good Moods, and it is good to lead day... I with impatience shall wait Your interesting letter!! Your girlfriend Lena!!

Letter 4

Hello my dear! How your mood for today? I think, that At you all is wonderful. I very strongly wish, that at you all would be Wonderfully. I shall pray to the god, that you would be happy and healthy. At Me is the big pleasure in a life these are your letters for me. Well, I I want to tell to you, that last time my heart began to beat more often, When I start to think of you. Last time in my ideas only you And whom it is more. Your letters help to create sensation, yours Presence near to you, and I am very glad to this. I want to feel You near to itself to feel your gentle sight, your smile, and There is all time in your embraces. I think, that it would be very much Wonderfully, for us with you! I very strongly need in heat, To care and love for myself, I think, that I ask at all much for Itself. I simply want to be loved and always desired. I search for pure love And romanticism in attitudes. I like, when all is beautiful, fine, gentle And it is simply romantic!! In the life, I very much want to have loved The person near to itself, feeling of care and constant support in Difficult minute, to what to aspire and wants each person in The life, and I as want it... I want to tell, that to me already 26 Years, and I still have no of what I dream also that I want in the Lives. I very strongly was close fortunately in the past, but my trust, It is very big mistake, but the trust has broken my heart very strongly. I should trust the person with whom I shall be all life. To trust To his each word, gesture, sight, smile. In our world now so It is a lot of meanness and a deceit that is necessary to be very close to the attitude To people which surround you and with which you communicate. I do not want To tell, that it is necessary to not trust each person of our world, simply It is necessary to know the person so what to be completely confident it. I know You not so for a long time, but I can already tell, that you very fair and Open, and it is very attractive to me, gives me to think, that I I can be loved and to like itself... My mum, always learned me, that I Should be open always. I have told, that ours with you of the attitude Develop very well. And she was very happy for us with you, My dear!! She dreams, that I, at last, would began not One, and at me the favourite person, and favourite family in which I shall be It is very happy. We are far apart. But, I am glad, that It does not prevent ours with you to dialogue. Though I already thought, that dialogue Through the Internet, it is not absolutely enough of what to understand the friend Than the friend is stronger. But, nevertheless, as it seems to me, we with you it is very good We understand each other. What do you think of it road? You know, me Very much it would would be desirable to see you not only on a photo, and in real Time. But, I do not know, how it is possible, because we with you very much Far apart. You very much like me, and I to you have feelings And sympathies, and I think, that ours with you attitudes can be more Deep and strong. I do not know, how it to explain words, I have Only it is a lot of emotions and feelings to you, my dear. Yours Letters, lift my mood very highly. To me to become very much Joyfully on soul and heart. I would like to ask your address road, Probably, I shall write to you the letter. I shall wait for your sweet letter. And I hope, that you will write to me soon. I shall think, that sometime we You we can meet, I very much would like it. I would like To arrive to you, to meet you, to look at how you live, To talk to you, my dear! I want it, because I start to understand, that between us appears, something big, than Simply the friendship, seems to me, that this feeling of trust to each other. I I think, that it is my love. I hope, that you as test Any feelings to me. I very much would want to talk about To you! I would like to share with you pleasure personally, I wanted To see your eyes, a smile, I very much would be glad to this, if it Happened. I would like to know, what does yours a life happy? I shall be To try, what everything, that I do and I write to you, delivered to you Pleasure on heart. Please, give me chance to make it! Give me chance, Again to feel the favourite and loving woman. Well, I shall be To wait for your beautiful letter, and I promise you, that I shall think about To you every minute. With love your girlfriend from Russia Lena!!



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