Scam letter(s) from Alina Daminova to Stephen (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Steven!!!! I did not think, that the Internet can acquaint two people which are widely spaced which are in the different countries with completely various cultures. I want to inform you, that I write you from far city Zelenodolsk, which is located near Kazan. I at all do not know from what to start to write you the letter, I feel myself somehow strange because I do not know what to write to you. It something new to me because I did not get acquainted through Internet earlier. It is my first experience of acquaintance through Internet. And is this your first experience also? Probably if I the first have written this is not your first experience? That we found out each other better, I would like to tell to you little bit more about myself. My birthday is September, 15. I am 26 years old. I am shoten with blue yeas and red hair. You can see me on the photo. I hope you like it. I work as the tutor in a kindergarten "Antoshka" I bring up small children from 3 till 5 years. I very much like this work because when I come for work, I feel heat on soul, I give children the care, they such small, and they should be preserved against fears of an external world. Children this ours happiness, our future. I love children. It is very a pity to me, that I can not tell to you about my childhood, it was gloomy. Parents have divorced, when i was 12 years, it was the big tragedy for me. Now I live with my mum. My mum is pensioner, she is 52 years old. She is fond flowers. We very seldom see mum, because I devote all time to children. Probably therefore at me not all is so good in private life as it would be desirable and because of it we with mum conflicts sometimes. She abuse me that I have no family. My mum speaks, that I beautiful enough, clever and educated girl to have the family, to grow and bring up children. I was never married and I do not know that such home life, therefore I have dared to get acquainted with the person with whom I can construct family, have serious relations. To me have told, that Internet is the big communications of people. Here is a lot of people which are widely spaced and it does not prevent them to get acquainted and create the relation. I hope on your sincerity and honesty, please tell to me all about yourself. I want that you were interesting, purposeful man. Be not afraid to ask me, I with pleasure shall answer your questions. I shall ask in turn you that we could better find out each other. I with interest wait for your letter, I never communicated with the person who is on the other edge of light. Alina
Letter 2

Hello my friend Steven
First of all i want to say, that it is very pleasant to me to correspond with you.
As it is my first experience of acquaintance trough the Internet, I have told about it to mum.
I have told to her, that you live on the other edge of light, and that we have got acquainted with you through the Internet.
Senior generation of Russia (like my mum) know about the Internet not too much and consequently she was surprised to this, but she has told, that the distance has no value.
If the Internet can unit people, why to not take advantage of such opportunity, to construct serious relations.
In general my mum very optimistical and vigorous person. She is not against new technologies, therefore she is not against my acquaintance with you.
She asked me to say "Hi" for you:-) Please tell to me about your family and relatives.
In what you with them mutual relation? Whether frequently you spend time together with them?
When all relatives are amicable, they can gather behind a table and without any complexes to talk about the problems or incidents.
Or to brag something new and Interesting. For example as someone has bought the washing machine or a refrigerator:-)
I want to tell you, what i like in man that forces me to pay to man attention.
It seems to me, that the man should be courageous, he should not offend the woman under no circumstances and he should respect his family, bring up children, he should love his wife.
We in Russia have very sharply question on alcohol.
Here many men drink alcohol, and it very badly influences birth rate of children.
Children are born unhealthy, with various physical rejections and it is very terribly and frightens me.
Therefore I do not want to have the relation with the man from Russia.
I hope, that you do not abuse alcohol and you enough cultural person.
This is what I want to see in the man.
I hope you has understood everything, that I wanted to tell you and that I have answered all your questions.
I wait with impatience your letter
Your friend Alina
Letter 3

Hi Steven.
It is very pleasant for me to see your letter!
Today at me mad day was.
When I have woken up behind a window there was a rain.
In additives to all I have late woken up and have overslept work that is inadmissible in my trade.
Fortunately I quickly have had time to gather and have arrived in time.
But has offered for the sake of it the breakfast.
Well this is ok, it is useful more, than harmful:-)
By the way my working day begins at 8:00
At this time usually all children already in gathering.
The last as always approach late.
First we do exercize together with children, it is very amusing:-)
Have you ever saw, how small children do exercize?
It is amusing, isn't it?
After exercize all children go to wash hands and to have breakfast.
We try to appoint attendants on breakfast to dinner and supper.
It brings up feeling of the responsibility and diligence in children.
After breakfast at children walk begins.
We walk on territory of a kindergarten.
After walk dinner and silent hour.
When silent hour comes to an end, we spend various competitions and actions with children.
Then a mid-morning snack (the mid-morning snack happens at 4:00 pm)
After a mid-morning snack again active time. Children play, rustle, run.
This such happiness to observe of it.
Also I teach children to drawing and a moulding from plasticine.
more senior children i teach to read. In some kindergartens of children at such small age even teach foreign languages.
Sometimes i so get tired for a long day, that forces does not remain in general.
But it is pleasant weariness. It is very pleasant for me to go after work in internet cafe and to read your letter.
It gives me new forces after working day. It is always interesting to me to read them.
It is very pleasant for me, that I am familiar with the person who is on the other edge of light.
When I wake up in the morning, it is interesting to me, what you have answered me on my letter.
Therefore I with impatience wait for evening to come in the Internet cafe and to read your letter.
It is very a pity to me, that I have no personal computer, and I can not write you each day.
I with impatience wait for your letter
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Stephen
How are you? I really with impatience wait for your letters.
They bring a lot of pleasure in my soul.
What weather at you now?
We all day had solar slightly overcast weather.
I love the sun, I like, when its beams heat and caress me.
I like to sunbathe, I like to be chocolate:-)
Do you like it? What you like in the woman??
Also what you do not like? Today, when I came back from work I saw, how some people bathed and ran on a beach.
They played volleyball and had fun, though water still cold.
You are able to play volleyball? Probably we with you sometime shall play volleyball:-)
I badly play, therefore you will teach me.
Now we with you well know each other and I can trust you.
Therefore I want to give you my address:
Here it is:

Country: Russia
City: Zelenodolsk
street: Gogola
house: 8
apartment: 10

I want to know yours also.
My mum constantly asks, why I am late on work.
I have explained her, that after work I go to write you the letter, therefore I come late.
I very much would like to introduce you to my mum.
She was interested about you. Mum asked me, have i a man which I love.
I have told, that I have friend, dialogue with which is very interesting to me.
I had in view of you because it is very pleasant for me to communicate with you.
I never thought, that I shall be attached to the person for such short time.
Inform me please, what do you think of it?
Whether you like me as woman? Excuse for such direct question, but I wanted to find out, whether our feelings are mutual.
What it is pleasant to you in me, and what is not pleasant?
In each person there are lacks and I was possible do not notice them.
Sometimes it is necessary to criticize itself to learn itself.
I with impatience wait for your letter.
Your Alina
Letter 5

Hello my dear friend Stephen.
It is very pleasant for me to see mutual feelings in your letter.
I am very glad, that now, naming you the friend, I invest all sense of this word in this word.
The trust plays the big role in relations.
I think, that without trust people can not construct any serious relations among themselves.
For me it is very important to know, that you trust me. I believe each word in your letter.
Now I understand, that if we would be not not divided with distance if I was near to you, together with you we would be good friends, probably even more than just friend. Such relations have great importance for me because the God pushes together two people, checking them on durability. The god gives chance to these people to construct family, I want to take advantage of the chance and to construct the family.
That I could wake up early in the morning and cook breakfast for children and husband, to collect and send children in school, and the most younger in a kindergarten.
I am ready to live such life because I want to give the care and love to my family.
I want, that you concerned as seriously to my letters as I treat yours.
Because it is very important for me. I very seriously treat our correspondence.
Mum knows about our relations with you. She asked, that I was attentive, but I have told her, that i can trust you, that you are reliable person and my close friend with whom I would like to spend this weekend. I very much want to meet you to find out you closer. There are many amusing things by which we can do together:-) I very much love walks. I hope, when we shall meet meet you, our walk will last indefinitely. I want to tell you much personally, but unfortunately the computer can transfer only words, it can not transfer emotion! But I find some way to send you the pleasure to our relations. I think, that I can inform you the pleasure through the video. I worried, when wrote down it. It was difficult for me to make this video. But the manager of internet cafe helped me for a small payment. I send you this roller from the heart. Now you can see me in movement :-)
Now I with impatience shall wait for your answer. They bring a lot of heat in my heart and soul.
I with big desire wait for heart, when the page of broser will be loaded to read your letter.
Your letters for me it is more than letters, please understand it and concern seriously to all event between us.
I wait for your letter
Your Alina
Letter 6

Hi my love Stephen
I am very happy, that have found the love, I want, that you knew, that my love are you Stephen
When I read yours letters warmly ********* into my soul but when I understand, that you very far from me me become sadly. I become sad that I can not look in your eyes, to me it becomes sad that I can not touch you and kiss you.
You not near to me, you are far, but I know, that even if you are far from me, you are mine and I want, that you knew, that you only mine. I feel your heat and care through distance, I want that you feeled mine.
I remember day when I have written my letter. I doubted, that through the Internet it is possible to find the love. But I am glad, that it not so. I test love to the person with which have got acquainted through the Internet.
I love you Stephen!!! You are my soulmate, you are my half. You are my love!
I feel it, i can feel it! I feel love to you.
It is very a pity to me, that the computer can not transfer our feelings - these feelings most strongly.
I want to be near you now. This is what I want most of all.
It is my dream. This my desire to be with you.
This letter is very important for me. I want that you understand each word in this letter.
I am very serious about my feelings. This feeling are very strong in me.
I do not want loose you. Please write me as it is possible more often. I need in your love.
I do not know how to transfer you my feelings through the Internet.
I believe in the God and I believe that sometime he will help us to meet.
To construct happy strong family.
It is very pleasant for me, that my favourite person is strong, courageous, sincere with me.
I do not want that fire of our love has died out. I want that it inflamed more and more.
And we should protect fire of our love together. On our way there will be many difficulties, but together we can overcome all.
To us any obstacles and distances are not terrible.
I very much would like to have a continuous communication with you, i want to know, what occurs with my loved person.
I very much worry for you. Please be cautious, you are necessary for me.
Know, that you have me.
I love you
Your Alina
Letter 7

Hello my lovely Stephen!
Behind a window there is a rain and me becomes so sadly, it would be much better to be in house, to embrace each other and to look as drops of rain pour in a window.
It would be desirable to dream together, it would be desirable that at this moment you warmed me, touched by the gentle hands me.
But unfortunately we are not together.
Now all my ideas only about you and I will think of you, i hope i can see you in my night dream.
I see in the sky, among dark clouds the lonely moon, I see in it outline of your face.
Now I think, that is very good that I have got acquainted with you, let even we did not see each other actually, between us large distance.
I do not know what occurs with me, my soul is going to you, I have that strange, inexplicable feelings.
Close the eyes and do not think about anything bad, let you will be left by all problems.
Now we are together.
You feel me, my touch of hands, my gentle kiss.
I found verses, which are so beautiful, they display my mood: *** I think of that,
As the rivers will ********* into the seas.
And in drops of dew which is flowing down in a palm I see,
As slowly beams, merge in transparent dawn,
Also I think that we live 2 thousand years,
You to me will touch in dream,
As breath of stars in silence.
I feel gentle your light,
Even through 2 thousand years.
I think of that,
As the sky will ********* into me.
And where that far I see being reflected you,
Tell me that that aloud, you never can tell,
I again shall depart, and you one will stay to wait.
You to me will touch in dream,
As breath of stars in silence.
I feel gentle your light,
Even through 2 thousand years.
Put me on a wind
Also close on an instant of an eye,
Having overlooked the doubts
I shall tell to you about love.
I think that the stars are not able to hide,
That they feel, about that all night to me will whisper.
You think of me,
And I shall read in the sky the answer.
When it will fly, let even through thousand years....

I will wait with impatience your letter soon, Alina
Letter 8

Hello my angel Stephen.
It - very much pity to me, that you do not write to me, each your letter brings to me good luck and force.
I want it, you knew, that I love you, and you are necessary for me.
My angel I want to be with you I went to travel agency and asked that to me is necessary to arrive to you.
To me have told that I need to do the visa and the ticket.
If I shall do(make) the visa which my visa will work within the limits of 3-month's.
I should pay the visa, and the ticket to me it - necessary 1240 dollars on the ticket and 500 dollars on
The visa
I ask you, that you have helped me, that I could pay my documents.
For me it - necessary 1740 dollars which I have paid to my documents.
I want to arrive to you and to represent you love each my oil only about you if not you to me was not present
Who it - is not necessary.
You spoke me, that you want it, I have arrived to you, and now I am ready to arrive to you.
As soon as I shall pay this sum of money, that my documents will be ready within the limits of 12 days.
I ask you, that you hastened to me, have told, that many tourists will be very fast, and it will be very much
Difficult and road to do documents.
I can not wait for our meeting at the airport which I am strong is covered you and to kiss and inform you, that I like
You and only you.
I want, inform you, that you can to send money through the western union.
In travel agency to me have told that to this the most reliable and fast system of remittances.
I love you my angel Stephen, also I can not wait for our meetings.
Yours and only yours Alina
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