Scam letter(s) from Irina Yunskaya to Juhani (Finland)

Letter 1

Hello ,
It's so hard to write first letter to unknown man. There is so much I want to know about you and wish to tell about my self. Any way I need to start with something. My real name is Irina. I was born, raised and now live in Kozmodemyansk, Volgo-Vyatsky region, Russia. I am 24 years old, Vigro by signs of the zodiac. I am pretty tall 173cm (5ft and 7inch) maybe that is why I can't find a good couple for me in my town. I weight 54kg, have green eyes and long brown hair, you can see all this at my photos. I like to be in sport most of all I prefer swimming and gym, so I keep very fit, that's why I can say that my body type is athletic.
I have a lot of hobbies. I like reading books mostly historical ones, cleaning my home. Some time I enjoy watching good movies. I like comedy, action and science fiction. I like different styles of music. There are many songs of different types that I like. Every singer has good songs. I like to listen classical music when I'm relaxing home after day. I like to dance on modern club music and I like couple of songs from heavy bands and few of pop musicians. I'm open minded. I like jazz, folk music. I can here almost everything.
I'm really serious in my desire to find my second couple with the help of Internet. So, if it's just a fun for you or you like to write promising letters to silly, poor, ready for everything Russian girls let's stop this right now, I don't want to be hurt by any kind of games or something like that.
I'm looking for friend for a beginning and then something more, someone who can become my future husband, my second half... Not only a pen pal, but the man we could become a best friends in time and possible future husband. Someone I'll be thinking about all day and nights long. Of course I understand that after sending few letter and watching attached photos we can become e-mail friends only. I don't believe in love from e-mails. Do you believe that ? True love can come after spending a lot of time together, walking holding each others hands, after looking deep into the eyes.
Any way, this letter going to become too long. So I'll wait for your response. I'll tell more about my self in my next letter. I will attach photo from my profile so you can know who is writing to you. You can also send me your photos if you have any recent, but make sure that they are not too big, because I have small mail box.
Sincerely, Irina.
Letter 2

Hello Ilmary.
How was your day? Everything seems to be good in my life. The weather is fine here, very warm. Sun is shining and everybody is in a good mood.
As I promised to you, I took my photo album today and choose some of them to be scanned. Now Internet Cafe operator is scanning them and I'll attach them to this letter. As he said, I won't be able to send a lot of pictures at once, because my mailbox is not able to send and receive letters with very big attachments. Therefore, I decide to send only 3 of them with this letter. One made in the studio is the most recent one, it was taken just couple of weeks ago. Next is me, Mom and Dad 1,5 years ago celebrating my 23th birthday at the bar. And last one is from my modeling career. Last 2 photos where taken by my friends, so they are not perfect, hope you still like them. :-)
As for the modeling career, I give it up about 1 year ago. It was fun to take part at shows, where different clothes, especially very original ones, but it was paid very low and took too much of my time, so now I'm working at cosmetics shop. Now I have more time for study and more free time to be in sport. I like this work, because I like to communicate with people and help them to choose something they want. As for my parents, my Dad is 53 years old, he is working as engineer at the factory, my Mom is 49 years old and works as mathematic teacher at school. I love them very much. They live in a country side near Kozmodemyansk in their own house. I try to visit them as often as possible, because I still miss them. I don't have brothers or sisters only cousins and other far relatives.
I want to say that I don't smoke at all, I consider it is a very bad bad/phabit. But sometimes I, like any normal man, drink a little ****. I think it is normal.
Operator just told me that photos are ready and I'm ready to send them to you. Hope you get it. I'm waiting for your reply.
Sincerely, Irina.
Letter 3

Hello Ilmari,
I'm at the Internet Cafe again. I was very glad to receive letter from you. I feel good today.
Ilmari, Thank you for being my friend. I don't know whether it's easy for you to make new friends. For me it's not, may be I'm too shy. I don't know why but I feel very comfortable and easy writing my letters to you. I can say everything I wish to, do you feel better when you are writing to a person or you prefer live dialogue? I start feeling that I know you for a long time and you become real friend for me.
My birthday is on September, 10. I was born in 1979. Sorry. That's right I am mistaken about your name. From now I will write Ilmari. By the way I don't believe those words. I like living in harmony and peace too. And arguing is really like a thunder. But I think those thunders are inevitable in family life.
What make me sad? I hate lie, treason. I dislike when someone lies me. But I understand there is a white lie, a lie in the name of life-saving. And if a man betrayed you once you can forgive. But there is a possibility that he will do it again. What make me happy? I guess all the rest. I love living and it the biggest happiness. I am happy when do what I like, am with a lovely man(I don't have now) and just live.
I don't really know what should I tell you. My life seems to be ordinary, day after day routine. Only our correspondence is like a little bright star in my life. I'm 24 years old, I don't have a boyfriend, I work in a low paid job. I have friends who after graduating from the University work at newsstand or work as sellers as me. I earn 2000 rubles per month, I don't know exact currency, but it's about 55 euros plus my scholarship 500 rubles, 13 euros. Can you imagine my life? I'm young pretty girl who want to buy beautiful clothes, high-quality cosmetics, meet and have fun with friends, visit popular places like bars and dance clubs. Instead I need to plan how much I can spend on food and other necessary stuff. Any way, sorry for telling you. I shouldn't complain to you, you have your own everyday problems.
You know Ilmari, when I was younger and live with my parents I didn't face that problems, I live as any young girl in the world. But when I was 20 I decide that it's time for me to live alone, because I can't use my parents care forever, time coming for me to take care of them. So we rent an apartments with Lena. Now I understand how difficult life can be. My parents always told me that I can come back whenever I wish to. But it would be wrong to give up now. I think that I can overcome this bad time of my life. Come back to parents house would be the easiest way, I'm not looking for easy ways. Sorry again for telling you that, but I need to share my thoughts with somebody. We are friends right?
Ok, it start sounds too serious and negative, life goes on. I heard a joke at the University today: "Family arrive to the forest to gather mushrooms. They closed their car with their dog inside for car protection. After couple of hours they came back with full pails of mushrooms and see that all 4 wheels were stolen. And under windscreen wiper they see a short letter: "Don't blame your dog, it was barking". :-))))))
Now I'll go home. I'll be thinking of you.
Sincerely, Irina.
Letter 4

Hello Ilmari,
How was your day? Mine was fine, seems to be busy as always. It is warm today here as always and what about your weather?
Today I was thinking about my visit to I-Cafe from the morning. I can't wait when I'll have opportunity to go there and get letter from you. I'm so excited about our correspondence, Ilmari, you become my real friends. Here in my town I can't find a good friend for me because men are interested in my body and pretty face only. I didn't saw anyone who would be serious in his intentions, I'm not that kind of girl. I'm very single oriented, I can't be fond or especially love 2 or 3 men at one time. When I love someone I do it with all my open heart. I can't pretend. May be it's not good in our false world where everyone is trying to get something from others, maybe I'm too naive and still like a young girl waiting for my prince in a shining armor to come.
My life in last couple of months become too boring, but when I found you Ilmari, I understand that there is something I would like to reach, to achieve something. You gave me hope and dream, thank you for that. I'm very grateful to you.
I am glad you understand my situation(I am busy now) and if sometimes I don't write often you'll get it right.
Now I'll be going now. Tell me more about your self, I like reading your letters. I wish all the best and take care of you. Write me soon.
Yours, Irina.
Letter 5

Hello Ilmari,
How are you out there? Is everything OK? I fell so tired and exhausted, I fell hungry and sleepy, what a wonderful combination. :-) I'm hungry because I'm on my way home decide to visit I-Cafe and write couple of words and didn't have dinner yet. Sleepy because I was learning marketing for a long time yesterday night. So all I dream about right now is go home, take a bath, eat and go and sleep for 1-2 hour before start preparing for the exams.
I have just met my school friend. We were friends at 5-9 class, then her parents move to another side of the city and she went to another school. She is married, has 2 wonderful sons and seems to be so happy, I envy to her. Doesn't matter that they earn not much with her husband, they have kids they love, they love each other as they meet just yesterday and they really believe that they are happy. Looking at her I can understand saying that money is not necessary to be happy, I truly believe that too, money is important but not everything.
As for my plans and dreams for the future, there are to main directions. One is to become very successful young businesswoman, have my own company, and achieve something in this life. On the other hand I would like to become loving and caring wife for my future husband, rise kids, take care on the house, so my husband would dream to come back to me as soon as he can after his job. What way to choose? I suppose that it will depend on my future husband.
Ilmari, I become so interested in you, I don't want to loose contact with you. Can you please send me your real ground mail address so I can write it down and keep in touch? So if something happen with my e-mail box I can reach you by the ordinary mail.
As for the organized criminality it is often dangerous at evenings and especially at nights in the streets of my town. I have heard that there is organized criminality in many places of Russia and I guess not excepting my town.
I have talked with my boss and he allow me to take 1 month unpaid vacation. As I understand they have found a girl who will take my place for one month. It's a pity that I'll not get a salary next month, but I need to think about my future. I'll study hard learn and prepare for my exams, get good grades and they will be in my diploma, rather than get 55 euros for month at work and fail one or several exams.
I have brought 2 photos with me today I wish to send you. Now I'll ask operator to scan them and I'll attach them to this letter. As you can see I really like big toys, looks like I'm still child somewhere deep in my character. :-) I have good news for you. I am going to send you a surprise with my next letter to you if everything goes well, I'll try my best. :-))))
Ok, I'll need to go home, because there is a lot I have to do.
Sincerely yours, Irina.
Letter 6

Hello my dear Ilmari,
I'm so happy to write you today. How are you Ilmari? Hope everything is fine? Sorry I wasn't able to write earlier, with all this expenditures I need to pay, I didn't have free money to spend on I-Cafe, no it seems to be easier because I borrow some little money from my parents, they are always helping me if I need some sum very urgently. Now my urgency is you.
Thanks for giving me your address.
I was very busy today because I had exam on marketing today. You can congratulate me, because I get excellent mark. So I'll need to have a rest today to be able to start preparing my next exam on economics.
To my mind everyone can gave you many pieces of advice but you must take a decision yourself. You have to be a man with brains, your own master. But always you should listen to advices. I've heard of Aikido. Yes, you need not force there but you are master of your technique.
I had couple of boyfriends before. First one was when I was 14, I was so in love, I was ready to die for our love, I was so young. But then we raised and this boy went to another city, we don't keep in contact since then. Second and last one was with me from my being 19 till year ago. We have good relations, but then someday I have discovered that he was cheating with me with another girl, so we broke up.
You may notice that I'm using free e-mail service, it's not very reliable, but it's free and give us opportunity to talk to each other. The only problem of it is that it's too busy time after time, I mean that sometimes it's very hard for me to get letters from you, as operator at the I-Cafe said mail server could be busy because of hackers attacks or too much users online at the same time. Internet is so unstable.
I'm also sorry if I miss something in your letters to me, I mean the questions I haven't answered. While reading you letters I have so much in my mind, I want to tell you a lot of things Ilmari, but my typing skill is far from perfect so my thoughts are running much faster than I can type them down for you. So I'm sorry if there is anything I forget to tell you about. :-)
Remember I promise a surprise for you. I suppose you have already take a look at it. This photo was taken specially for you, hope you like it. I don't like the way I look, I'm so sleepy because of my exams. :-)))) And I'm not the great painter, so sorry for the quality, hope you still like my surprise for you.
Ok, I need to finish this letter, because every minute here cost me 3 rubles. I don't know your financial situation, but if it's ok with you, so some little support from you would be very helpful to me. I'm really shy and confused to ask that, but otherwise I wouldn't be able to spend so much time at I-Cafe and write to you because I have so many debts to my parents and friends already.
It's become late and our district is not the safest place in the world, so I better go home now before it becomes too dark.
You are always in my mind Ilmari. Yours, Irina.
Letter 7

Hello my dear Juhani.
How are you? Of course I was surprised at looking at such a letter. But your translator is not so good. It is hard for me to understand it. You'd better write in English. Moreover I want to practise my English.
You may congratulate me once again. Because I have passed Economics exam today with excellent mark. :-)))) It wasn't difficult at all, because professor allow me to choose only 1 question and skip calculating task. I answered 1st question on "Production assets and their structure" without 20 min preparation and get "5" it means "A". This happen because I get only best grades this semester and was best in our group. Lucky I am. :-)))))))
I understand why you gave yourself out to be Juhani. I am not angry with you. I understand your doubts about sending money to someone you have never met. I heard about people who are not honest and try to use others. But our little town is too small for all that kind of things. I know a lot of girls who is very sincere in their wish to find good husband abroad and don't know what to do to make their dreams come true and have no idea how to start. May be in big towns like Moscow there are some dishonest people, but I have never heard about such persons in my little town.
My mail address is: Irina Yunskaya, Russia, republic Mari El, Kozmodemyansk, 425350, Gagarin street 12A-16.
Juhani, I got to go, because I need to study a lot, but I'll not forget to write you soon. Missing you.
Yours, Irina.
Letter 8

Hello Juhani,
I'm in a hurry as always :-), but always got a minute to write to me dearest Juhani. I am sorry for you. I guess you feel not too well now. Where did you eat that spoilt food?
I wish you to be closer to me so we can spend some time together. Have some walk to the shops. Do you like shopping, as I know shopping is not the men "kind of sport"? My father never accompany me and mother when we decide to take a walk to the shops, because he can't wait so long when we are choosing different clothes and try it on.
I don't know but guess that there must be good places where to live in Russia. But the crime exists everywhere all over the world.
I didn't exactly understand if you will help me. I have now real problems with money. And I would never ask you for money as I am too shy for this but you are my only hope now. I am really in a bad financial situation and I won't be able to write to you as often as before. Most probably I will do it more rearly. I hope you will understand me.
Ok, I got to go, I'll write you soon. Always thinking of you and missing you Juhani.
Yours, Irina.
Letter 9

Hello my dear Juhani.
How are you living out there? After finish of my exams, I would have nothing to do at all, only come back to my job, :-( or maybe I'll try to find better job than this. I'll have Bachelors degree and will be able to find work on my specialty like economist or manager. Enough of low paid job as sailor at cosmetics store. I know that a lot of people find their work while being a student and working at this place half time till the graduation from the University. It's high time for me to find such kind of job.
Recently I had a talk with my mother about you. She was very interested in you and I show her your photos and tell her about you. She likes you and hope to meet someday if everything goes well between you and me. I was always close to my mother and used to tell her everything I have on my mind. My father knows that I write to some foreigner, but Mom and I decide that it's not the time to tell him everything until it will become really serious. My Mom really like your photos and everything we were talking about in our correspondence. She thinks that you are very wise and intelligent and could be a great husband and father. She ask me to send "Hello" to you. So, hello from my Mom. :-))))
You said that you can help me. I suppose 100 euro will last me about a month. I don't know whether it will be good thing to take money from you, but if it's not a problem for you and you sincere in your desire I'll accept it as a gift from the best friend I had, have and maybe will ever meet.
It's a pity, but I don't have bank account, it was never necessary for me before. I suppose that it will be able for me to create it, I'll find out if I'll be able to get money send from you at one of our banks in Kozmodemyansk. I think that you are more experienced in financial terms than me, I have never faced such questions before. Are there any other ways to send money from your country to Russia? By th eway I saw advertisements on TV about “Western Union” and “MoneyGram”, but never thought that it will be useful for us someday. They say that it's "The fastest ways to send money worldwide". Have you ever heard of it? I think you may try to find if you have any of them near your location.
I feel so fresh and relaxed while reading your letter. Study and preparing for exams home from morning until night could be very boring, so the only chance for me to walk on the streets and have a rest is you. :-)))) I'll attach two photos with this letter. First one is our model agency I took part at with the man who create collection we are wearing, second one is from "Furs of Siberia" show, hope you like them.
Ok, I fell good enough to continue my learning at home, I'll be waiting for your letter impatiently.
Sincerely yours, Irina.
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