Letter(s) from Elena Kolesnik to Kjell (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear Kjell!

I am very happy that you responded to my letter. I enjoyed reading your letter very much. Thank you for your photos, I like them very much.

I would like to tell you more about me. I live in a small town Krasnodon in Ukraine. I like it here very much - there is a lot of beautiful places here. I study at the Pedagogical University in Lugansk and rent a room in flat.

My interests include music, (rock, classical and many others), films, sports and travel. I went to many places in Ukraine and Russia. There are many places I want to visit. (Italy, France, USA, Canada, UK) I enjoy good health. I like to run in the morning. I also enjoy playing tennis. I go to gym 3 times a week. I like to keep fit.

I cook my own food. I like rise, mashed potato, pork chops, and all kinds of vegetables. I also like to cook an apple pie. What food do you prefer to eat?

My dream is to find an intelligent, humorous, honest and optimistic man for a true relationship full of warmth, trust and love. I have a lot of love to give and I am eager to share my life with someone special.

I am very interested in hearing about you, your life, your family, your job, your city. You can ask me anything you want and I will answer you openheartedly and honestly. I think that only if we are honest with each other from the beginning will we have a chance of a harmonious relationship.

I hope to receive your soonest reply where you tell me more about yourself, your dreams and your wishes for the future.

Many warm-hearted greetings from
Your new friend,

Letter 2

Hello, my dear Kjell!

I am very happy to receive your letter and read so much about you. I am glad that we are corresponding and becoming better acquainted. I enjoyed reading about your many interests and activities.

As for your questions, I like your age very much, I always want to make family with a wise man and as for Internet, unfortunately, I don't have it at home.

What Is Your Belief In Life? I believe that everyone should be happy with their life. For this reason, I became a teacher. I am very happy teaching. Also, teaching leaves the summer free for me to travel. I enjoy traveling very much. I have seen many beautiful places in the Ukraine and Russia. I have never been to your country but I want so much to travel there.

What Do You Think Is The Meaning Of Life? I think a life without love is a meaningless life. A life of loneliness is no life at all. As much as I enjoy traveling and engaging in different activities, I will never be completely happy nor will my life have meaning until I find my soul mate to begin a life with a loving filmily.

When I find my soul mate (my husband whom I will love with all my heart and soul), my love will not be confined by the borders of countries. It will be my greatest desire for my beloved and I to travel together--seeing and doing things together. Without sharing these things with the one you love, life would be empty and lonely.

I hope that our acquaintance continues to grow as we correspond. Each time that I read your letters, I find you more interesting.

I hope to be hearing from you soon.
Thinking Of YOU,

Letter 3

Hello, my dear Kjell!

Thank you very much for your wonderful letter. I am glad that I have met you. You know my heart has been broken many times. I still yearn for the love that will make me smile day in and out. A love that is so wonderful that you can't wait to see your best friend. A person that you can trust, and believe that they will be loyal. I am looking for that man that can put a sparkle in my eye, regardless of what's going on. I want to wake up beside my husband and roll over and give him soft kisses and tell him how much I love him. I want it so much and you seem to understand it. It seems like we are searching for the same with you?

Thank you very much for your photo, I like it very much. And also I want to tell you that I'll come to your country to meet you with great pleasure.

Maybe I can bring you the warmth and tenderness that you deserve and look for. When I read about your qualities from the international dating service, I realized that you are a dream come true. Each time I read your letters I find you more and more interesting and I am always thinking of you.

I very much want to meet you. I want you to see that I am real and that my letters are true and from the heart.

My dear, I wanted to ask you about one thing. You know I have a problem with English. I don't know it well and I use the translation company that helps us to communicate. So I have to pay for their service. You know I am a student and my mother supports me as I don't work yet. It is rather difficult for her to do as she has financial difficulties now. I would really appreciate if you help me with the service. I am so sorry to ask you about it but I don't have a way out.

I think we have a lot in common and truly believe that when we meet we will find that we are right for each other. I think about life with you -the love and happiness we will share. I'm sure that we can make each other happy.

Write soon. I miss your letters.
With Loving Thoughts of You,

Letter 4

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the interest to our client. We want to inform you that Elena is interested in you very much and wants to continue correspondence with you but she can't write you at the moment because she is not able to pay for our service because of the financial difficulties. Will you be able to help her with payment? Inform us please about it.

Hope for our future cooperation.
Sincerely Yours
agency "Dialog"

Letter 5

Hello, my dearest Kjell!

I am so happy to hear from you. Unfortunately I have been allowed to write you only a short letter without payment today. I want to tell you that you have become so important for me already and I really don't want to lose contact with you.

I would be grateful to you if you could help me with translation and Internet service because I don't know English and don't have computer at home. I use it at the agency. Will you be able to help me with it, my dear? I hope that we will be able to continue our correspondence with you and to meet each other soon. I really want it very much.

I'll be waiting for your letter impatiently.
With love
Your Elena

Letter 6

Dear Sir,

Thank you for using our service. We send you an information which includes our services and prices:
Translation service:
- to translate one letter - 5$
- to translate 10 letters - 50$
- to translate 20 letters - 90$
- to translate 10 min of phone conversation - 8$
- to scan. photo - 2$
- to print photo - 2$

We can offer you an unlimited translation service. You can get and write your letters every day for $180 per month and for $300 per 2 months, $950 per year.

If you wish we can to arrange English language courses for your lady:
* basic course:3 times a week,2 hours per day, lasting 2 month - 420$
* basic course:3 times a week,2 hours per day, lasting 1 month - 225$

Terms of payment
-transfer your money via the Western Union system in USA dollars.
The address is: Western Union Ukraine, Lugansk Bank Aval.
You have:
-to send your money, indicating our manager's name (Kharkovskaya Natalia)as a receiver *to inform us of the date of transfer, the money transfer control number ( send an e-mail with information)

Hope for our future cooperation.
Sincerely Yours
agency "Elegance"

Letter 7

Hello, my dearest Kjell!

I am so happy to hear from you. I am really grateful to you for your care, my dear. Unfortunately I am allowed to write you only a short message at the agency without payment and I will send you more of my pictures next time when I am able to pay for the service. I miss you and hope that soon I will be able to write you more and speak on the telephone with you. I also want to hear your voice very much.

With love
Your Elena

Letter 8

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the interest to our client and for using our service. We want to inform you that you can make a payment by Western Union and find more information about it on their site www.WesternUnion.com or to our manager's account Here it is:
*Beneficiary:Progolaev Olexandr
*Account: USD 4405880766229114
*Bank of beneficiary:Lugansk Branch,Lugansk commercial bank"PRIVATBANK" Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Swift code: PBANUA2X *Intermediary bank: Bank of New York One Wall St.
New York,N.Y.,10286,USA
Swift code:IRVTUS3N
*Correspondent account: 890-0085-754 CHIPS 332357

Hope for our future cooperation.
Sincerely Yours
agency "Elegance"

Letter 9

Hello, my dearest Kjell!

I am so happy to hear from you and to know that everything is ok with you. I am really grateful to you for your care about me and for help with payment. I am so happy that we are able to continue our communication with you.

I am really sorry about your car but I hope that it will be fixed soon. It is great that your friend correspond with girl from this place as well. It would be wonderful if you could come here but probably it would be difficult to do for you next month as we have a difficult political situation here after elections. We will have reelections in 26th December and then we will see if the situation in our country will improve or it will become even worse.

You know the weather here is really changeable and last week it was really cold about 10 below 0 and now it is warmer about 1-2 above 0. We had a snow last week and now it melted.

I am really happy to hear that I became special for you. I constantly think about you. During the day I always am wondering what you might be doing at that exact same moment. Are you working, meeting your friends, having dinner, reading a book, listening to music, or maybe thinking about me as well. I like to imagine that you are also thinking about me. It makes me smile and happy inside knowing that someone as special as you is out there and a part of my life.

I am really grateful to you for your care about me and I would be happy if you could send me this dictionary. Here is my address:
Elena Kolesnik, 16 line, 35,21, Lugansk, Ukraine.

I'll be waiting for your letter impatiently.
With love
Your Elena