Scam letter(s) from Elena Patrusheva to Asgaut (Norway)

Letter 1

Hi . My name is Elena. I live in city of Cheboksary, Russia. I the lonely, attractive girl with easy hair and green eyes, without harmful habits with higher education. To me of 28 years, growth of 174 centimeters. Earlier I never was for the husband, and I have no children. I addressed in Aleksia Agency with the purpose to find the person for serious attitudes, probably creations of family and a marriage further. Your structure seem to me interesting, but I would like to get acquainted with you more. If you have a photo, send me in the letter. I shall send you the photo. With impatience I shall wait for your letter in speed. My
Letter 2

Greetings my friend Asgaut !
I want to thank you for the letter, it was very interesting to me to read the letter and to find out about your life.
In the letter I want to tell to you about me directly more in detail. As I already also have written to you I was not behind of the husband and I have no any children. So it has turned out, that I have not met worthy the man which would be with me a single whole. Certainly I communicated with various men, but in any of them, I was not sure, you probably were surprised, that to me of 28 years, and I could not find to myself directly good husband, but it is valid so. In my life I had only time serious attitudes with the man, we should marry, but at last moment he has thrown me then to me was 26 years, now I know, that our attitudes not could be long .I became closed in themselves directly and some time actually did not contact men, it was awful to begin attitudes with another the man, many required to my trust, but I any more did not trust, to anybody, I think you will understand me, it was very difficult. But I do not regret about anything! Now I search for the first and last love.
About my character: at heart I the optimist, sincere, sociable, In general at me gentle disposition. I estimate in kindness of the man, aspiration and honesty. I love classical music, theatre, cinema, sports meets, flowers, ice-cream. Favourite season - spring. You love this season? Favourite color - red. Reading of books, navigation, also at leisure I am engaged in knitting. Unfortunately I never was abroad and did not see the sea, to me it would be very desirable to live in the country with a warm climate. It is my dream from the childhood. At me it is not a lot of friends and familiar, but I have the best girlfriend, her name - Nastya, we are familiar with her from school. Unfortunately I have no house of an own computer and phone, I write you from girlfriend Nastya, also I write you at leisure on work. As I also wrote to you already, that I work in children's establishment as the instructor, there there is a computer, the computer is authorized to be used the worker for the personal purposes, but my colleagues on work actually do not use a computer because are not capable to use. My girlfriend works as the programmer in computer firm, she also has trained me to use it. First I did not understand for what it is possible to use a computer, I thought that on a computer is possible only to play games, and now I understand, that a computer - a necessary thing for the modern person. I the christian also believe in the god, and you trust the god? You go to church? At you other religion, but the god one for all people, I am right? Each holiday of church I go in church to pray. Now very bad standard of living, it is especial in the poor countries, in this number and at us in Russia. Because of it the criminality very awfully grows to live here, to do not know, that can take place with you and it only is necessary to hope on sirs of the god. Please tell to me about the life more. On it I shall finish the letter.
I shall wait from you for the letter, your girlfriend Elena.
Letter 3

Greetings my friend Asgaut!
How your mood? Thank, your photo to me has very much liked. I thank you for the remarkable letter, Which you have written to me. Please do not change and ask everything, that you Would like to find out about me. In this letter I want to tell you about family And about city where I live.
My family - my mum, Valentine's her name and the brother Sasha, unfortunately I do not have father, he has died 9 years back of illness of heart, to him There were 44 years, all over again mum was very heavy, Also she suffered, we With the brother supported her on how many it it was possible.
Now she lives there where it was given birth, it in 35 kilometers From Cheboksary. We visit her with the brother We help her means, for the purposes and holiday, And summer we come to her, when at us Holiday. This very beautiful place, also we like To have a rest there. To my mum now 54 years, She lives in the wooden house, also is small Means of service, a garden, a kitchen garden where grow Various various vegetables: a potato, carrots, Onions, beet, cucumbers, sweet fennel green, Parsley, celery, also - accessible trees and bushes, yaeiiy, a cherry, a currant and others. Spring is very beautiful here when apple , blossoms and Cherry. Also there are pets: The cow, approximately ten hens, 3 rabbits and 2 pigs. The cow Gives milk and other dairy products, Fur of rabbits, meat - pigs, the hen - eggs.
My mum directly ia?ao bread, it not such Bread that he sells in shops, very tasty and soft, I Very much I like, when mum is going kvas, If you do not know, kvas it - a drink which prepare Under the ancient recipe, has sour taste, Quickly deletes thirst, this drink reminds ****. Kvas It is used for preparation okroshka, I think you Heard about Russian okroshka, structure enter - The potato, chop fried an onions, - fried Meat, precisely cut a horse-radish, everything, that it is filled Sour cream or mayonnaise, also add mustard On taste. You tried something from dishes of the Russian kitchen?
To my brother of the Sachet of 26 years, he works as the driver The lorry, he very much frequently on trips, he delivers various cargoes, actually I Almost I do not see him, he is constant in departures. Sasha very good person, we big friends and We consult with each other. From the childhood It protected me from boys who offended me. He has beloved, they meet 5 years and Want to marry and create family, but in Present time it is impossible, because Sasha Works. He very much also loves work, we with him identical In character. It - the big rarity Now to meet so long and to have such correct and The devoted love to each other. Probably everyone The girl dreams to find such love.
You that be heard about mine sity: Cheboksary from all Directions are surrounded with zones which take place within the limits of limits From one hour transport suitability. Improvement of effect is achieved moderate favourable Climate of an average ***** of Russia, wood Pure air, presence of water resources, and also Medical factors - mineral waters, medical Dirties, construction of the new medical centres. Cheboksary today - unique city where - it is identical Interesting history and modernit, where There are completely initial and unique museums and Monuments of culture - Russian and Chuvash - within many centuries were close connected and Communicated the friend the friend. Cheboksary - capital Chuvash of Republic, The administrative, economic and cultural centre. The population approximately - 472 thousand people. The city occupies favorable economic ?geographical Situation. Our city is in 690 kilometers From Moscow. Cheboksary were recognized as one of The purest cities in Russia. You heard something About this city? I think to you, it was interesting to read my letter, With impatience I shall wait from you The letter in speed, with the best regards, your friend
From Russia Elena.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Asgaut!
I am very glad to receive news from you! Thank, your photo to me has very much liked. My nationality really CHUVASH. My full name Patrusheva Elena Sergeevna.
It was interesting to me to read your letter, you are very interesting to me and I think that our friendship will be strong. How your working day today has passed? At me today working day was very difficult, basically as well as always. My working day begins with 7 mornings, that to me to have time on work to me it is necessary to rise in 6 mornings. I make physical exercises to be constant in the good physical form. Then I go in bath a room to take a shower and other. After that I go on kitchen and I prepare breakfast to the brother, it is all I should have time to make for 30-40 minutes. My brother works also very much to him the nutritious meal is required, therefore I try to prepare, that Sasha was not hungry during a working day, but it constantly happens in on distant trips and basically for breakfast I prepare very seldom, because in the morning I drink only tea with bread. I should be at work at 7 hours. In children's establishment the breakfast for children begins at 8 hours 30 minutes, I am usual I eat together with children, for breakfast to children usually submit what or cereal, bread with oil, tea or coffee. Certainly I pay breakfast and supper in children's establishment. After breakfast Pass 2 employment till 15-20 of minutes a minimum. The first employment : Russian, work above speech of children or mathematics, second employment : musical or drawing. The walk begins with half 11 up to 12, then the dinner at 12 hours 30 minutes begins. After dinner children go to sleep, from 13 hours 30 minutes till 15 hours, this time refers to as " silent hour " after dream children continue to play in the specially removed place. Sometimes in evening I spend with children various games, thus entertaining them. The supper begins at 17 hours, after supper children wait for the parents, to this time I very much get tired. Till 18 hours the parents should take away children, and I remain till 19 hours and more for preparation for employment by the next working day. To work with children in one time it is interesting and very difficultly.
Now my group consists of 20 children and all with different characters, habits, the individual approach is necessary for each child. There are children, which understand the tutor from one word, and other child should some times to repeat and explain that correctly, and that is not present. In our establishment 6 groups till 20 children in everyone. Now I work with children in the age of from 4 till 5 years, this age of children very entertaining, children constantly set questions, why, what for? But it is very interesting to me to acquaint them with the world, environmental them, and to tell about all that by it interestingly. I home is usual I come about 8 o'clock in the evening, if I know that the brother should arrive I begin to prepare supper, sometimes there are such evenings when we together have supper, also to us there comes his girl and all of us together sit at a table, it is very interesting with to them, I see as they love each other and am very glad for them. Now I go to the girlfriend Nastya, which lives near my house and I write you the letter, she the present girlfriend! Sometimes we go for a walk together on park, in these target we go to go for a walk on a coast of the river of Volga and to observe as the ice descends, it is very beautiful and interestingly, then we are going to visit a museum, and what you are going to do in these days off? Usually I go to sleep in 10 - 11 o'clock in the morning, sometimes at night I read the books, in the basic novels or to knit various things. In general it is all my working day. I think to you it was interesting to find out about my working day.
With impatience I shall wait from you of the speed letter, from all soul your friend Elena.
Letter 5

Greetings the my dear friend Asgaut .
I at all do not know as to write to you this letter and to inform that with me happened. Now I am at my girlfriend Nastya. For that time which we have correspondence you have come in my life and steel my present friend. On this I hope for your understanding and the help.
Last night after work I have returned to my apartment and have found out that the entrance door is opened. From the beginning I have not absolutely understood that has taken place, but when I have included light nearly has not fainted. From an input it is visible the most part of my apartment and when I have included light has seen that in my apartment someone was. When I have come in a room has seen that from an apartment my things were gone many. At this moment I have understood that have plundered me. I at once have caused militia but when there has arrived militia they have asked me to write the application for theft and to tell that was gone from my apartment. Thieves have stolen mine audio and video engineering, and as a part of my personal things. I till now can not trust in it. I never thought that similar can happen with me. Now my brother is on business trip and I can not notify him about it. I am afraid to remain in a flat now. It will be terrible. Nastya has permitted to me to live for it my brother until will not return yet. I do not know as you will react to my request, but I want to ask you in the debt of money. It is necessary about 180 $ now. I shall return necessarily to you this money when my brother will return from business trip. I hope for you. If you have a capability to give in the debt me this money, I shall be very grateful to you for it. It is a pity that I should ask you this money. Trust, it is very a shame, but now I really need in the help. Probably you have a problem " why I ask this money you " at first now I can not to anybody to address that 180$ it is too large money in Russian to give them in the debt. Secondly, you I consider(count) you as the very good friend and I hope for you.
It is thankful in advance to you for any answer, but I hope for your help.
Letter 6

Your girlfriend from Russia Elena
Greetings mine Asgaut!!!
Thank that have not turned away from me. I understand you, that you do not trust me. In life so it is a lot of deceivers, I with you completely agree. I shall not be afflicted on it. We can continue ours with you attitudes not looking on anything. Now I live at my girlfriend Nastya. In my apartment the door is broken and it is terrible to me to be there one. I would like to put an iron door so to me would be quieter. But I can not get a door because thieves have stolen my money. If you can help me that please send money on the Western Union. I saw on the TV, that it is the fastest and reliable way. I very much hope for your understanding and I wait from you for the letter.
Your Elena.
p.s I necessarily shall inform to you in the following letters. I now can not write, because I am shocked by a problem.
Letter 7

Hello my friend Asgaut!
I was very admired, when has received your letter. Who that in other country, for thousand kilometers thinks of me! Please inform me that or about a climate of your country, it would be very interesting to me to learn about it. In the summer in us - very warm, temperature changes from 30 up to 2 degrees, and winter very cold, on the average from -15 up to 20, and in northern regions of Russia even up to -30,40 degrees With.
I did not tell to you about the apartment, we live with the brother on the third floor, in our apartment 3 rooms, my room, room of the brother Sasha, room for the visitors, kitchen and bath a room. My room though also small, but very cosy, room for the visitors larger, than our rooms with the brother. In a room for the visitors there is a TV set, soft furniture, sofa, 2 armchairs, book case and case for glass and porcelain utensils. In my room also there is a book case, with set of the interesting books, encyclopedias and magazines. I constantly look behind cleanliness and order in our apartment, each Sunday I make general cleaning, mine a floor, I wipe furniture from a dust, I tidy up things of the brother, which he leaves where has got, but I understand him, with his girl Tanya we try to accustom it to the order. But nevertheless he sometimes wash even utensils and to prepare meal and helps to induce the order, once he has solved to make to me a surprise and has prepared very tasty salad, it was very pleasant! And you are able to prepare or even of time in life prepared what or?
Large you write to you a thank for that that to me. By the letters you remove to me mood, it would be desirable certainly to have a lot of opportunities to write to you, but while will be available all as now. I shall wait from you of the fast letter.
Sincerely yours your friend from Russia Elena.
Letter 8

Hello my friend Asgaut!
Thank, your photo to me has very much liked. How - you? You are not confused, with which I write you each day of the letter. I think, you to like to read my letters. If I had an opportunity, I have written to you each day of the letter. To me very much to like to write to you the letters, as it is pleasant to me to receive your messages for me, I to the one whom in life did not write, letter, if not you. You do not represent as me pleasantly to study from you something new. I like all, which you write to me. As soon as I shall have an opportunity, I shall send necessarily all my photos, which in me. I ask, that you, please, wrote to me often your letters. Send to me photos.
In this letter I would like to you to inform concerning our Russian dishes of the foodstuffs. I would like, that you have asked, what you like most of all from foodstuff? Please, inform me, that in you it is accepted to prepare from foodstuff in your country. In general assortments of the Russian foodstuff, very large and various. In Russia there is are larg variety of milk products: sooft of dry, granulated cream cheese called "smetana", and several types of sour milk products of the yogurt type. Smetana can be used with almost anything: a dollop of it in the soup, a spoonful eaten with mit dish, or strawberries and apples sliced up small and eaten mixsed with smetana. It is also used on pancakes. There is a big choice of appetizers, soups, hot and dessert dishes. i can recommend your guests soft, pressed and red caviar. It's vitamin content is especially high. As for cold dishes our guests can taste han lean cold boiled pork with spices (buzhenina) jellied tongue, maet jelly and horseradish sauce and various salads. Russian blini with caviar and mushrooms in thick sour cream sauce are popular hot appetizers. There are plenty of soups: fresh cabbage met shchee, kidney and cucumber soup (rassolnik), meat and fish sawlyanka, mushroom soups in season - okroshka and could beetroot soup are very popular with our guests. For the hot guests can order pike -perch in white wine, or meat dishes to their taste: beaf - Stroganoff and mashed potatoes, roast veal, special *** - roast, stuffed cabbage - rulls (golubtsy), Siberian pelmeni, "kasha", stewed rabbit and hare and so on. Now a few words about buckwheat "kasha", which may be eaten with like potatoes as well as a cereal with butter or milk. Its very popular in our country because its very useful product. Buckwheat kasha purifies our organism and makes us stronger. I think, that one of known Russian dishes - pel'meni. You know, what such pel'meni? Pel'meni - small parts of forcemeat, which should be wrapped up by test. The forcemeat for pel'meni prepares from 2 kinds of meat, it is usual from a beef and pork. The process of preparation pel'meni is very long. Pel'meni can be used fride, and be boiled. Pel'meni submit with mayonnaise or ketchup, it is possible as with sour cream. I am very like pel'meni. If you will be in Russia, I inform I you necessarily to try this foodstuff. As in the Russian foodstuff of the large assortment of salads, one of known salads it vinegret. As large assortment jam and products of a confectioner's shop, for example: pies, vareniki, kisel.
I shall finish the small letter, and I hope, that you liked my history concerning our foodstuff. I shall wait from you of the fast answer.
Your Russian girlfriend Elena.
Letter 9

Hello, my perfect friend Asgaut!
I thank you for your letter. It is tested in each offer of high temperature of your soul. We rather quickly find mutual understanding, and it - most important factor for me. I have dog (Lu-Lu) and consequently I love dogs.
Certainly any researches of the man of understanding in dialogue. Though it and is complex, you see, that we live in the various countries, for thousand kilometers from each other, with various culture, to a standard of living e.t.c. And we speak in various languages, but I am sure this problem, which is possible for permitting. How you think?
Today in evening we with the girlfriend Nastya were included in theatre. There there was a premiere at play A.P.Chehova "A Cherry garden". Chehov- the large Russian author of the nineteenth century. We have remained, are pleased with game of the actors, it was pleasant very much to us. In general, day has passed not poorly. I very much as like to go in cinema. We with my brother each month practically go in cinemas. There was some more no time, that I have not remained is pleased. Most of all I like comedies and animated cartoons. The next week we necessarily shall go with my brother her to a cinema. You like to look cinema? What genres of films like you? Than you like to be engaged in free from job time? One of my liked hobbies in free from job time knitting. Most of all I like to knit warm jackets and caps. When you to me sent the photo, I have paid attention to your sizes of a body, now I to you shall knit a sweater. As soon as I shall connect yours a sweater, I necessarily shall send to you a photo by yours a sweater, then if probably I shall send you by a parce. I hope, that she necessarily is pleasant to you.
I shall finish the letter, and I shall wait from you of the answer. Your Russian girlfriend Elena.
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