Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Borisova to Torben (Denmark)
Letter 1

Hello Torben!
I received your letter of July 16, thank you very much for your attention to roe. I decided to write you back and will be very glad to hear from you again.
Unfortunately I have not roy own computer, access in Internet and telephone so far (like the great majority of Russians), I am sorry. That's why for our correspondence I have to rent internet-services in one of local Internet-cafes in Stavropol town though it's rather expensive for roe. But nevertheless now I have roy rented e-mail address, it's and you may use it.
I think and you are very interesting, serious and pleasant person. I think you are a worthy man so I would like to continue our relations further.
I am sorry I don't know English well, that's why I have to use (partly but rather often) services of translators in my Internet café in Stavropol where I am a client so far. I want to learn English well (it's one of my dreams}, but it's very difficult now for me without some financial help. Nevertheless I also hope that our correspondence will help me in it.
Seeing this is my letter to you I would like to tell you about my family and myself a little. As you already know, my name is Tatyana. I'm Russian, and I was born on August 15, 1977. I have never been married and have no children.
I have graduated from Medical University and now I work as a children's doctor at our local clinic.
Now I am living in Makeevka settlement not far from Stavropol (about 50 km) with my parents. Makeevka is situated in area of Stavropolskiy Kray in the South-West part of Russia. It's a little closed settlement of military men and my father is a military man too. The population of our settlement is only about 4,000 persons. There is a very hot climate in summer and moderated weather in winter in our region. My weight is 53 kg and I am 174 sm tall. The other sizes are 88/63/90, size of foot is 39 (European Standard) .
Repeat, my father is a military man and my mother is a housewife. Nearest large town from my home is Stavropol -center of our region. Stavropol is situated not far from Black Sea (about 400 km to the North), distances from Stavropol to Moscow is about 2500 km and to St. Petersburg is about 3000 km.
I am shapely, sexy, sensitive, optimistic, sociable, merry, kind, attentive, faithful Lady with a sense of humor. I am fond of music, reading, jokes, traveling, walking, nature, animals, romantic dinners. I enjoy reading books, listening to a good music (modern and classic), watching TV, interesting movies (comedies, adventures, fantastic, drama, thrillers, romances) traveling, relaxing in the nature. I like a good company, my friends, but I like spend my time at home too and sometimes I prefer be alone. I like having fun and jokes.
I al so enjoy a winter forest and meeting with new interesting people. I very much like romantic warm evenings, flowers and pleasant surprise like all w omen of course.
I wish to meet a gentleman who is a reliable, faithful, interesting, clever, agreeable person with a sense of humor. I would like to meet a gentleman who will be faithful friend, passionate lover and tender, careful husband for me.
Letter 2

I wish you all the best and I am waiting for your reply. Tatyana- from the South-West of Russia.
P.S. Don't worry about my some delay in my answers to you. You must understand each time in order to use internet-services I have to go to Stavropol City (about 50 km from Makeevka) because I cannot make it in Makeevka settlement where I live in. And of course I cannot go there too often. So, repeat, don't worry about my silence sometimes, OK? Tatyana.
Letter 3

Hello Torben!
I received your e-letter of July 28 with your nice photo, thank you for your attention and I am very glad you decided to continue our contacts.
I liked both your letter and photo. I want to tell that you have pleasant and attractive appearance. Your description of yourself, family, place you live in was very interesting. Now I know you little better than earlier and I'm confirmed in my wish to continue our relationships further.
Well 1'11 also continue about myself a bit else. As I have already written to you recently I have graduated from Stavropol Medical University and now I work as a children's doctor (pediatrician) .I am fond of children so I like my job very much. I very like Holidays especially my birthday (on August 15), International Day of women (our Russian women's Holiday -on March 8), Easter, Christmas and the New Year. These days we celebrate with my family and my favorite friends. We are laughing, talking, dancing, listening to a good music, having fun, singing, walking out and giving presents to each other. It's so beautiful!
I very like a fashion and I'm interested in model business. In the clothes I prefer the classical quiet (strict) style. When I was younger I had a great dream to be either photo model or simply model and to work in Model business. But it's very difficult now in Russia that's why I had to reject this idea. Moreover some later I understood that I like my current job very much so now I want to work only as a pediatrician. In my life I would like to create a strong family and realize my possibilities and talents in some sphere of activity. Nevertheless I prefer the strong, go od and friendly family than my career. My own career is not so important for me in comparison with my personal life and family. In persons I appreciate honesty, understanding, devotion, attention, reliability above all. I'm looking for my future life partner and husband who is a clever, intelligent, kind, honest, tender, generous, attentive, without bad habits, not greedy, faithful person with s sense of humor, support of my life and my future family. I am looking for such man and would like to create with him a strong relationship by the agency of our correspondence at first, then to meet him in the nearest future and to marry him finally. May be is it you? And don't worry I am not looking for an American millionaire or movie star. The man I am looking for I described above.
By my nature I am a modest, honest, kind, loving, tender, romantic, careful and shy (a little) person. I very like animals and nature, warm seas and sand beaches.
I very much like to travel but unfortunately I have never been abroad (although I can make all necessary documents for that). I would like to see the other countries very much, including your country of course.
Probably it's everything for today. Write me more about yourself, your friends, job, what do you think about the future of our relations, your plans about our possible meeting and so on. It will be very interesting for me.
1'11 close and will be waiting for you reply. I wish you the very best of everything.
Letter 4

I plan to have sorne vacations (for about 15-20 days) in the beginning of September (I think on 10-12 of September) so I'd be able to visit you this period and to be your quest within 2 weeks or so. And I have to repeat you that Iprefer to meet you in the beginning of September because apparent1y 1'11 be busy 1ater and I wou1d not 1ike to postpone our meeting too much. I am sure it wou1d be fantastic days together! W hat do you think about it?
As for you other questions my home postal address is: Tatyana Borisova, ul. Pionerskaya 8 kv. 6, Makeevka, Stavropolskiy Kray, 356210 Russia.
Unfortunately we don't have personal telephone where I live in. I am sorry. Repeat, Makeevka is a very small, provincial and closed town of military men and there is no cable international telephone communication here (only within the limits of Russia) .That's why to use internet-services I have to go to other town. I think some later we'll be able to talk by telephone; 1'11 try to find such possibility and inform you about that, OK? But you may contact with me and my parents using postal address.
Well, roy Dear, 1'11 close, wish you all the best and wait for your next letter. Yours Tatyana.
Letter 5

Hello dear Torben! I received your last letter of August 8, thank you very much.
Well 1'11 continue about myself a little if you don't mind.
I like to stay up late but I not always can give myself such chance. I al so very much like to visit opera, theatres and good concerts but only when I am in Stavropol. My father is 48 y.o., and my mother is 46 y.o., they are very good persons and I have with them very go od relationship. I like to cook very much and I hope I do it quite well. As for my favorite foods, I like vegetable and fruits, but I also like meat and milk, I simply like to have a good meal! In my free (spare) time I usually watch on TV-programs, good movies, read interesting book, cook, listen to some music or go for a walk with my girlfriends. Dear Torben, w hat can I say you about our possible future meeting? We started to discuss this question so let's continue! I think in order to get to know each other better we need at first in our meeting in the nearest future. As say in Russia "It's better one time to see than one hundred times to hear". W hat do you think about it? As for me - it's all without a problem. As I have already written to you I have never been abroad and I would very much like to visit and to see by my own eyes the other rernote foreign countries, including your motherland, it's one of my dreams. It's all quite really for me if you need that. You must not bother about my visa and passport; I think I can get it in Moscow myself. The point is that one of my father's good friends works in Russian Foreign Office in Moscow and he promised to help me in this problem.
But I also have another possible way for that. I have a very good girlfriend from Makeevka, her name is Larisa Soboleva. She is al so not married and is also looking for a future soul-mate and husband. She uses one of our local Stavropol's Marriage Agencies. She likes the numerous services this Agency gives for its clients very much and she told me a lot about it. But the main task of this Agency (of course) is to help for w omen from our region to find special men from abroad (husband, soul-mate, boyfriend etc) .One of my other girlfriends last year married with a French man and now she is living abroad with her husband. They also met via Internet. She (like Larisa) al so used the services of this Marriage Agency in Stavropol and this Agency helped her to make a visa, passport and to buy necessary plane-tickets from Stavropol abroad.
So I may get all documents and make all other necessary arrangements for our meeting abroad using one of these ways. Just let me know w hat do you prefer? Should I decide this question myself and with a help of our acquaintance from Foreign Office in Moscow or you prefer I use the help of this Agency? It's really doesn't matter for me so I only wish to know your opinion and advice. Repeat, I can really get all necessary documents and make all arrangements for our meeting abroad but I have only one problem - financial. I need for this meeting your some financial help. Unfortunately my family is not prosperous enough, like the great majority of Russians, and I cannot afford all these expenses regarding with my travel preparations and air-tickets. If you agree to help me with these expenses I'll meet you with gladness and pleasure. Repeat, I really like you so I am ready and agree to meet you in the nearest
Letter 6

Dear Torben, I understand your doubts about some agencies, that's why I al so tried to made some inquiries in Stavropol. At one of Stavropol travel firms I got not bad advice. They said me that you can send me your plane tickets from Moscow to Copenhagen or to the nearest airport to Thisted directly to my name (Tatyana Borisova) to Sheremetyevo-2 airport in Moscow. They also said me that it can be even e-tickets. I didn't understand w hat does it mean but Agency told me its e very reliable and comfortable way for both of us.
But in any caseI roust buy roy ticket from Stavropol to Moscow and back here and royself. And I have to repeat you that unfortunately roy family and roe are not prosperous enough, like great roajority of Russians, and I cannot afford all these expenses regarding with roy travel preparations and air-tickets within the limits of Russia. To be honest my salary is only about 120 USD and my mother is not working now, she is jobless. For this reason it's very hard for us to travel even within the limits of Russia (I already don't say about our possible traveIs abroad) .For example one-way plane-ticket from Stavropol to Moscow or St. Petersburg costs about 100 USD, it's a great sum for roe and I cannot afford these expenses royself. I al so would not like to burden my parents with roy additional expenses. Our relationships and meeting are only our matter and if you are real ly interested in me you rous t understand roy problems. I cannot borrow this money myself before our meeting because I don't have enough rich acquaintances, relatives or friends. If you agree to help me in it I will meet you with great pleasure and gladness.
Repeat in any case I must buy my ticket from Stavropol to Moscow and back (this ticket will be with opened date) here and myself. Recently I also made inquiries in Stavropol and I found out that for my International passport, trip to Moscow for a visa and travel insurance and then to Copenhagen I need about 450 USD (mad sum for me! ! !)- for two-way plane-tickets from Stavropol to Moscow and back (about 190 USD), some travel expenses (about 50 USD), visa and travel insurance for Denmark (about 60 USD), foreign, international passport (about 90 USD) and for my living in Moscow for 10-12 days in order to get a visa (I am sorry but there are no any Consulates and Embassies in Stavropolskiy region, they are only in Moscow and St. Petersburg) . That's why I suggest you the following way. You send me necessary sum of money within the nearest days and book my plane-ticket from Moscow to Copenhagen or to the nearest airport to Thisted. After that I get an International passport in Stavropol, fly to Moscow on August 26-27 and apply for a visa. It'll take, repeat, about 10-12 days, may be less. All this time 1'11 be in Moscow and live at one of my good girlfriend's home there, I even will not come back to Makeevka. My girlfriend has PC with access into Internet and also telephone so our communication will be very fast and reliable when I will be there. As soon as I get a visa I report you about this immediately. You purchase your ticket, send it to Sheremetyevo-2 airport to my name and report me my flights by e-mail or telephone. Then I get my plane ticket you sent, report you about that and fly to Copenhagen or to the nearest airport to Thisted where you meet me in local airport. This case, I repeat, I need about 450 USD -for a visa and travel insurance, some travel expenses, for my plane tickets from Stavropol to Moscow and back and for my living in Moscow for 10-12 days. If you agree with me 1'11 report you how you can send me your money (I al so made some inquiries in Stavropol about it) .W hat do think about my proposal? Another note, I would not like to make my arrangements in a hurry; moreover I think we have not too much time before our meeting in the beginning of September so I would like you to send me this money as soon as it possible so that I could receive it by August 18-19, not later. Today I have found out in our local airport that there are already rather hard situation with plane-tickets to Moscow in Stavropol because of finishing period of leaves and vacations. So we should accelerate the process of our preparations.
Letter 7

Hello dear Torben very much.
I received your last letter of August 10, thank you Now I would like to talk to you about our relationship, about us. I want, as usually, to be honest and sincere with you. When I posted roy ad on this site of Internet I got many letters from foreigners. And yes, of course earlier I had some (bad) experience with communication by e-mail with some foreign men but now for different reasons I stopped all these contacts, moreover I have never roet these men. Then I made acquaintance with you and now you are the only roy foreign friend, believe roe. When I saw your photo and read your letters for the first time I liked it immediately and I don't explain you why, I simply felt that we have very similar views in the life, love, family and others.
Repeat I like your letters and photo very much, so now I keep in touch only with you and I don't regret about that so far. My heart feels that you are special man for roe and I hope roy heart is right! My parents know about our correspondence and they support roe. I would like that our relationship to be based on mutual trust and physical attraction and hope it would be so both now and in the future. My main drearo I want to accomplish in roy life in the nearest future is to meet a special man for roe. I think it's a realistic drearo and it seems to roe I already know such man. His name is I consider being iroportant in life the following things like honesty, real love, strong and happy family, confidence, stability. I am thinking of you, our relationships very much and I have such strange feeling I have already known you for many years. Really! So I am waiting for our first meeting with iropatience. I think you can be a part of roy life but I cannot tell it to you surely right now because the first of all we should meet each other. We can exchange a lot of letters and don't understand and don't know each other at all.
Only our meeting, when we'll able to look at eyes of each other can give us everything. Right? But I repeat, even now roy heart says roe that you are a special man for roe and I hope it is right! I am very sorry you were cheated in the past but I cannot answer for these shameless girls and agencies you were in contact with. I am very sorry to hear from you about some scarnrners from Internet and I am very ashamed of these disgraceful facts. But I cannot answer for these shameless w omen you mentioned. And you should know that dishonest people (w omen and men) are not only in Russia and Ukraine, but there are a lot of such people in other countries as well including your country. Am I right? I understand you and those negative examples you wrote, I al so understand your doubts, but you should believe me. I am not beggar and not scarnrner. How can I prove it? I don't know. But I think I must not make it. By the way I al so had some bad experiences in my personal life but I have not yet lost belief to people. May be I am very naive girl without any experience in the life but I got used to belief to people and I also got used that people trusted me.
Anyway I give you the e-address of this agency it's
I don't know do they have a page on internet or not, but try to contact with them. I think they'll answer for your question ab out tickets, visa and so on fully.
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