Scam letter(s) from Natalia Sergienko to Nello (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello, Marcello!!!
How are you?
Today i had very diffucult day.
Why?... Becauce you didnt give me your surname!!!
Well, lets starting.
First i was in the bank i want to receved your money for visa, i have filled in the document, then they ask me your surname, i told ^NELLO CRES ^!!!, they said ^good bye, see you next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I sent you sms, but you didnt answer (i think you was slipping).
Then i went to another bank, they said to me ^really sorry....
It was really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After that i went to third (3) bank, i saw really good and kind woman, i told her that i really need money to but food...., and i forgot your surname, because we met many years ago, and now you sometimes help me!!! SUCH A BEAUTIFUL NICE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She said that i m really good Actress, and i schould work in a theatre!!! However, she agreed to help me, and she said your surname!!!
Finally, i was in the agency, i gave my documents,my visa will be ready in 3 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!! Of course,if we ll have luck !!!
But ,i m sure we have and will have !!!
Visa cost 320 $ with medical injurance,i paid it.Again thank you for your money!!!!!!!!!!!
Now,we can only wait and believe !!!!
Thank you for day!!!Why didnt give your surname to me? Was it seOret? Okey now.
Have a nive day !!!
Kisses and bye.
Your Nataly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 2

Privet,Marcello !!!
How are you.Thanks for your messages !!!!
Today i had cleaned my apartment,after that i did the new pictures of myself !!!
I sent it to you
I send to you kiss.............
Your Natalia
Letter 3

Hello Marcello!
I m so happy to received your letter.Thanks.
I guess you are so tired now,you work so hard in different countries. Now i live in the future,i need our metting.
Yesterday night i went to nigth club with my friends,i was there untill 4 o clock at night,but i have to work today,so i slept last night about 3 hours and i m completely tired.ñîâåðøåííî
I go to night club maybe 4 times in a year,before i like it,but now not so much.
Marcello,do you like to go to night club? What kind of places do you like to go? Do you like to dance?
I m waiting your call,i d love to hear your voice.
Take care.
Dont forget about your Natali....
See you soon Ps My dear when I was back from the club one group of criminal stolen my bag where I had the money that you sent to me for my visa. Im so so sorry .... I will not have money for open it I have only 120 please can you send me 200 USD$ more ???
With love
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