Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Aheeva to Carl (Denmark)

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Letter 1

I can't believe i can see you so soon. I have been to the bank and asked about how it's possible to send the money. They said there are two variants. The best is Western Union system, you'll have to write me the code using which and showing them my passport I will able to get the money without opening a bank account. The second variant I will have to open the bank account, but it will take about 5-6 business days. So it's up on you dear. Honey, I want to warn you not to book any hotels through Internet! I was told about that at the tourist agency. The best viriant is to pay for the hotel right in Moscow, if you book it through internet they may charge you 3 or 4 times more then it really cost. There are really many hotels in Moscow and we'll find a good one together. If you still want to book in from Denmark - go to the tourist agency in your town! They will help you to chose a good hotel and you will pay directly to them.



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