Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Zvereva to Corne (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Hi mine dear and gentle Corne!!!
I have received your letter and with pleasure I shall write to you the answer. I have a lot of works in the house of the veterans, everyone should be helped, to converse with them, to look after. I am very much tired and literally I fall from legs. After work I go to receive the letters from you mine dear. Yours of the letter and yours the words bring to me unique feeling which I can not describe. I begin trust our chaotic world that the man can be with kind and honour feelings. For me I have found such man and this man - YOU! I am grateful to the Internet, and I do not pity that money, which I have spent for this purpose. Probably I not unique who write to you? In the Internet of cafe there are many girls, which correspond, they speak that many men correspond only for entertainment, and it is at them some employment with boredom. And they want to fill in assembly of photos of the Russian girls simply promising them much but not carrying out the promise is a truth? I do not want to trust in it, but it is the factor from which not probably to disappear. And in our country and the honour people prevent by yours bad and not by the normal attitude of the good people, which want to find the second half in life. I hope all these things will not damage and will not interfere with our further attitudes, I would not like to lose you. You the unique man which understand me and my feelings completely. You unique whom I can trust. You unique who to me to like, shall wait for your letter with impatience, write to me concerning itself. With tenderness and love Tanya. P.S. You seem on the account of religion to me me too incorrectly has understood. Let's overlook while it on time. Yes has overlooked to you to inform that at us time is similar with Moscow. Certainly it is very a pity but I can not accept the oral message.

Letter 2

Hi my love Corne!!!
I'm happy to receive your letter again. I thank Lord for his granting you to me. And I want to be with you very much. Just dream of visiting you one day. I went to agency, they have told me what documents I should settle. I can make these documents in 2-3 days. After I give the documents back, they will prepare the visa (in 3-10 days it will be ready). This visa will be valid during 90 days stay with you. If we see that we compatible with each other, that we can marry and I'll remain with you for ever. This visa plus expenses costs 326 USD. I also leart about the tickets, in order to reach you it is necessary to go to Moscow. >From Moscow I can fly to you. The ticket costs 764 USD. I want to begin making the visa and buying the ticket to fly to you. What are your plans? I to want to know everything what you to think of it. We should trust each other because we like each other. Romantic things ? Yes, I like roses very much. I imagined our first romantic evening many times. Dinner in the candle lights, table with fruit and soft grape wine. Slow music. We're dancing. You touch me gently, and we merge in a long tender and passionate kiss. You drag my hair with your fingers, we hug each other, feel the warmth of our bodies, you take me into your arms and carry out to bed... I miss you very much. Yesterday I saw sexual dream about us with you, I liked it very much, so I want to tell you about it. I dreamed that I met you, you took me on your arms, and we went home to you. At your home we at once went to the bedroom and you began undress me, our hearts beating synchronically, we passionately kissed and you began to teach me to all pleasure! s of sex. I love you and I begin understand that love this such a stro ng feeling, I am glad that I could experience it thanx to you. With love yours Tanya .

Letter 3

Hi my love Corne!!!
I very much grieve without you. My grandmother sends you hi. We spoke concerning you, she concerns to you very well. I think of mine dear Corne concerning you all time. I recently had Birthday, I very much wanted that you too were present, but it is not possible. My grandmother has made to me a remarkable gift, you will not guess with what. She has given me money to visit you - 400 USD!!! I am so happy. Today I began registration in firm of travels. In 3 days I should do last payments It is 700 USD. You can help me with this money, because my flight and my registration costs 1100 USD. I was in bank, the manager has told me that you can send me money by Western union. It is fast and safe system. I very want our meeting! I shall receive the complete information concerning my trip after I shall do last payment. Please try to send money one of these days Western union in country Russia
city Cheboksary
street Panfilova 15-431
indexes 424000
Tatyana Zvereva
About mine beloved I shall wait the letter from you. I feel myself similarly to the happiest woman in the world!! I love you!!! Tanya

Letter 4

Hi mine dear Corne
Why you do not write me?
To me already have made the visa, and foreign passport.
The visa has done without to me in 324 USD, and foreign passport in 42USD I now have 120 USD, and I need only in 899 USD. It is payment for the ticket. I all have learned as well as in what term it is possible up to you to reach Today in firm of travels me have informed that there is a next flight up to you. I asked to give them to me the complete information and complete cost. And they now have informed me all. . They can to me order to me the ticket on the next flight up to you.
It is the information on the ticket:

9:15 am Depart Moscow (SVO)
Arrive Amsterdam (AMS) 3:00 pm Thu 8-Jul
Duration: 7hr 45mn Aeroflot-Russian International Airlines 285
KLM 1624
Connect in Milan (MXP)

Letter 5

Hi mine love and my prince Corne!!!
I so am happy to read your letter, and I as to thank the god for that that he has helped us to find each other. Excuse me but I simply to not understand that you leaved in France, but now I to understand all. I as am very much upset to hear that at you there happened. As so could happen that at you could steal a card. And why you at once to not address to bank, that they to decide this problem. I want that you to understand me correctly. My agent in firm of travels to inform me. That now they to me all documents to do and I should pay all charges. They already to make to me the foreign passport and as my visa will begin to work in 3 days. I very much to worry. How to me to be now? What to me to do? I will not want what my visa is delayed also firm to impose on me the penalty. Mine love Corne I very much to ask you that be to do and to help me. Try to do that be as soon as possible mine love. I now to come in firm of travels and agent which is engaged in my documents inform me that I should to begin to pay my charges. I have informed him that all well and I think that soon I can all pay. Now firm only to wait for my payment and they already to begin to me all to do. I at once to come in the Internet of cafe and to write to you. I now to write to you both to be asked and to wait for your help, mine love Corne. Mine love I to wait for that moment when we can be together and already who can not separate us. All our riches, this that that we shall be together and can give each other all our love and caress. I know that together we can do all and we can be always at top. I now shall go home as to me there should arrive the grandmother. She should result to me some more gifts for you. We with her it is a little to sit and to drink tea and then I to carry out her. And then I shall visit again Internet of cafe and to wait for your letter. I hotly to kiss you. KISS KISS KISS yours Tanya.

Letter 6

Mine love, I all to understand and I need in 720 euro, but I as will need to buy the ticket up to Moscow and there to take a hotel accommodation for one night. If you can that please have gone to me 800 euro. This sum on all my charges will suffice me.

Letter 7

Hi mine love and my prince Corne!!!
I now to come in the Internet of cafe and to receive from you letters. I so am happy that you to find all way what to help me. You certainly can send money through Money Gram and so I can receive them on Monday in the morning and I shall run and pay all my charges. I hope that you to make all correctly. Also you will do it soon. Mine love I very much hope that you can help me and send me 800 euros. And I shall pay charges in firm of travel and to leave money for the ticket up to Moscow. As I shall pay a hotel accommodation in Moscow on an ode night and I shall buy a little to eat. Mine love Corne, for that that I could receive your money I should give in Money Gram all exact information, your full address, a phone number, control number. I think that you can do all soon and at once to write to me. I love you my lovely prince Corne!!! You only you are necessary for me in this world and with you I want to be always. I wait for your letter with the information soon. KISS KISS KISS yours Tanya.

Letter 8

Hi mine love and my honey Corne!!!
Excuse that I to not write to you yesterday. I simply yesterday to not have time to come in the Internet of cafe as at me was have put also to me much was necessary to transfer my start. Now all is good also my agent which is engaged in all my documents, could help me and has transferred tickets for August, 3. I now at once to come and inform you all. My tickets now such:

4:05 pm Depart Moscow (SVO)
Arrive Amsterdam (AMS) 5:30 pm
Tue 3-Aug
Duration: 3hr 25mn KLM 904
Nonstop flight

I think that you now are happy that we to have a little time and I very much hope that you to have time to help me. Mine love I cannot live without you and your caress. I cannot live without your gentle hands and lips. I want KISS you and to be with you, in the morning, day and night. I always want to be near to you. Mine love I should be sent to Moscow on August, 2 And I hope that you as soon as possible all to have time to do and help me. My lovely Corne, I was happy that we soon can together both my love and caress will warm you. I shall wait your letter and to think of you every minute. KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOURS SWEET Tanya.

Letter 9

Hi mine love and my most dear in this world Corne!!!
I now again to write to you and I strongly to cry. I to not know any more that to me to do and as to me to be. I already to ask the god what all was good but why that all time what that problems. I again to try to come in bank and to receive this sum. But to me there informed that now all correctly, but they do not want to give to me of money as at me a registration Cheboksary, and I now to be in Moscow. I with them have very strongly sworn, I asked and would beg them that they to give me it. But the person in bank all the same stood on the and did not allow to me this sum. They and informed me, that if I in Moscow have friends they can receive it here. And to me money in bank will not give. I am now very much upset also my tears split my heart. I so am sad also to me so poorly without you. My lovely and love I very much ask you, make it last time for me. Understand me that without you and your help I cannot live. I very much ask you to take away this money and to send them for a name and the address of my Moscow girlfriend. She the truth the good girl and as now very to be upset for me. She wants to help us and will receive money and then I can pay all as soon as possible and arrive to you. I to beg you to understand me correctly and to do as I you I ask. I any more do not know as to be and only so you can help me. I still races to send you the address and a name of my girlfriend in Moscow and please do all correctly and as soon as possible.
I once again to allow to you the address:

Name - Ludmila
Surname - Ureva
Patronymic - Viktorovna

The country - Russia
City - Moscow
Street Pavlenko, house 11, apartment 25

I today still to visit administration of the airport and they informed me that if I to have time to pay all, I can take off on August, 8. I to ask them to do to me a copy of flight, for that what I can give it to you.
8:30 pm Depart Moscow (SVO)
Arrive Amsterdam (AMS) 9:50 pm Sun 8-Aug
Duration: 3hr 20mn
Aeroflot-Russian International Airlines 225
Nonstop flight
My lovely please make as I ask you and I shall be with you as soon as possible. I wait for your letter very much. For ever yours Tanya.



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