Letter(s) from Elena Fursova to Walter (Germany)

Letter 1

Hallo, dear Andy!
Thank you for your interesting letter. I very like that you are open and sincere person. The style of your letter conquered from first words.
You know I'm often visitor in Germany. I have open visa to go to Germany . My relatives and friends live in Germany. I like this country, well-disposed people but some strange for me, I like German's culture. I like beautiful citys, abundance of flowers, German kitchen. Single that I don't like is a beer!
Now I live in Karaganda with parents they love me and always support, if I need in their help and advices. Sometimes I argue with my father because of my unfinished education. I didn't finish the university, because I married and went to Germany. Now I'm married formally, but I'm in process of divorce, I have lived in Germany for 3 years, I know German language, laws and traditions very well.
About me, I'm a communicative girl who knows a lot of people, but not has a lot of real friends. I like to give without to wait something in return.
I like very much life and every day is nice or enriching! I like nature, animals, music, dance,art. I'm very active, but I also like staying at home and receiving friends, or simply watching tv when weather is bad. I like honesty, frankness,and I admire generosity, the humility, the courage. I like also romanticism, children, to laugh and a lot of fun !!
I would like to know you as a person. I think that you have interesting work and you can realize yourself as specialist and as personality. It's very important for man.
Andy, what can be surprise for you and what can upset you?
I wait for your letter and I wish you only a good mood.

Letter 2

Hallo, dear Andy!
Thank you for your letter and photo.
You know, I finished musical school, after I entered in the university on the economic faculty and studied for 2 courses. I didn't finish the university, because I married and went to Germany. It seemed to me that I very loved my husband and I didn't see or didn't want to see his defects. Gradually general interests and understanding went away from our life and stayed only irritating and desire - didn't see each other. I lived with husband in city Gronau.
I'm carried away by modeling of clothes and design. I very like it, but it's my hobby, I want to go in new school. The famous Kazakhstan designer opened it in the last year, his name is Marat KK.
He leaves to work the talented pupils in himself workshop. He often organizes the exhibits for his pupils. Marat accepts in the school all wishing, irrespective of age, but now I work as the secretary by the reviewer in the private lawyer office.
At home, I read , almost in the night. I like reading everything, philosophy, poetry, detective stories, travelling or cognitive books ... I hear all the musics and I like very much music, it's for me a complement of life.
I also like to cook . Yes..!! When friends come at home I cook for them ! But the problem is that I haven't so much time to do it.
I'm really easy going . I like everything of life! I like to laugh , to play and to spend good time . I'm calm, I like to listen, and I like to share my ideas . I don't know what is to argue because I like to have clear mind . I'm very tender , very sentimental.......no ! Very very sentimental !!I can't imagine to live with a man without love and tendernes . And you dear Andy ?? It's your turn now to tell me about you !!
What do you dislike in a person ? In the life ? how is your usual day passes? Do you drink a coffee at the morning? Do you like to dream ? What can upset you ? Ok ... I stop there ..... Hope my letter is not too much long ..
With warm regards,

Letter 3

Hallo, dear Andy!
Thank you for your interesting letter and photos. It's very pleasure , that you find time for me. Thank you for your compliments. It is very pleasure for me. You know my English isn't very good. I study it, but sometime I need in help to translate. I speak in German very well, but I can't write in German so well. You know, this feeling is inexplicable. When I'm in Germany, I miss for Kazakhstan and parents, and in Kazakhstan I have not enough Germany as air. Sometimes I forget and begin to talk with my parents in German, they laugh and are surprised. My best friend lives in Germany too, we are friends from childhood. She knows all about my life, her name is Elen You know,it's difficult - to tell about self, we aren't ideal. Except the advantages and talent we have weakness and absolutely small :o) lacks.
I had met my ex- husband in the airport of Frankfurt, and we had decided to get married through 2 weeks. He is German but he lived in Kasakhstan formerly, he lives in Germany for 9 years. I had fallen in love without memory, but real life with this man had brought the corrective amendments. We lived together only for 1 year.
The reason of our divorce was passion of my husband by drugs. All my efforts hadn't finished by success, I was powerless to help him ..
In the weekend I was on the exhibition "The Russian vanguard on the silk" - it's painting on the natural silk. Dresses, ties, shawl and even pillows here were submitted. The works were executed in the Japanese style and modern style. It was impossible to come off from this collection. I admire with talent of the creative people. It's special gift - to represent a beauty and harmony of the world, unity of the man and nature.
Andy, it's interesting for me - will know more about you: about your parents, about your first love and about features of yours character. Can you be sentimental? Do you quickly find general language with the people?
I would like to talk to you on the phone.
you can call me.. phone 007-321-314-4251 handy 007-300-3845-120. I want to know your opinion about my German.
P.S. Ooops, I forgot to answer for your questions, that my body-lenght is-170, weight is-55kg.

Letter 4

Hallo, dear Andy!!! Thank you for your call.
Thank you for your sincere letter . I feel that I'm a queen after your letter! :o))))). The style of your letter conquered from first words, it's very pleasure for me - to read your letters. I'm very emotional and I like life , And I don't want to see the world in the gray color, only with problems, troubles, grief and pain.
I know that all this is in our life, but the life is beautiful all the same because we can experience the happy moments, make mad acts, we can love, wish, believe. You know, I think that love is probably work too which gives us gladness and sense of our life. Its so wonderful to live for beloved person and to be his breath. And if its mutual feeling its the edge of our dreams!
Certainly I want to see you, to hear your voice and your laughter, to look in your nice eyes. When we want to be understood , we find every time how to do this !!! We make a meeting with the purpose of to find the ideal person ! I don't mean that we are perfect or ideal for everybody , but only one for the other .
Thank you for your invitation - will visit you in Berlin. I had been in different cities of Germany, but I had never been in Berlin. What do you think if I can arrive to Germany in the beginning March?
Andy, my town is Karaganda. Its a small but important part of our republic Kazakhstan. I mean this is industrial town and here is huge deposits of coal. Another name of our city is Coal capital. But its very usual and peaceful town with its own history and many places of interests. There are live many nations here: russian, kazak, ukrain, german, tatars, poles and other. I can say that I live in multinational country:) Now I work as the secretary by the reviewer in the private lawyer office. You know, today I think again that I don't like my job. My work isn't interesting and monotonous, it isn't demand a big intellect. And it's very bad that after afternoon there is not work but I must sit near the computer till 19.00 p.m. It's insulting that so many time disappears. It seems to me that I won't sustain long time and I'll be dismissed and I want to continue my education.
Andy, how do you like to be dressed ? Do you like pets ?
You know what Andy ? I like very much to spend time for you !:-)))
Little tender kiss. Milena

Letter 5

Hallo, dear Andy!
How are you? Today I read your letters again. It's very pleasant - to get it from such man, as you. I won't hide that I like your confidence, your looks on the life. I like your answers and I think that you're loyal and democratic person , and I think that we can find many themes for the talk. I'm glad that you're talented person. I think that you use by popularity at the women. Do I have many competitive? :o))))
Andy, tell me do you have a friend, which you trust, which understand you and can support you in the hard minutes?
You know, I can buy the tickets on March 3. I would like to visit my friend Kate from Keln up to March 8. How do you think? I very want to see you sooner.
I send you air kiss.

Letter 6

Andy, thank you for your call. I very liked our conversation. But I have ashamed to tell you that I didn't have sufficient sum of money for my trip in Germany. I flow to Germany in December and now I'm not having a financial stability.
I know that the theme about money - is unpleasant and I want to hope that you can help me. I think that I need in 350-400 Euro. You should trust me. I lived in Germany for 3 years and I would like to stay in this country and I want to continue my education But not by a deceit of the man which is pleasant to me.
Andy, please, tell me your answer today because I must ransom the ticket tomorrow or in the last resort in Friday.
Kiss you, Milena.

Letter 7

Hallo, my dear Andy!
Thank you for your letter and photos. I'd like it very much!
This is my date:
Passport ?2899844
Fursova Elena
Lenin str.,23a-5
Karaganda region

Kiss you, Milena
P.S. I'm Elena in the passport data, but my friends and my parents call me Milena - "Milaja Lena", ("Milaja" - it means "lovely" in Russian).