Scam letter(s) from Marina Denisova to Alan (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Alan! How are you? I'm very glad to receive your letter.
thanks that you found time to write me. Sorry for my bad english. I have never spoke with foreign man, but I hope that you will understand me. Tell me about yourself. What is your job? where are you from? what do you like to do for fun? Everything that you want. You can also ask me anything what you want to know about me. I live in Russia. I have never been in other country. But I hope to find right man to leave Russia and will come to him. I live in big city Kazan, the population is over 1 million people. It is very nice city. There are many beautiful place in my city. It is about 800 km. from Moscow. Have you ever been in Moscow? I have never been there. I have never leave Kazan, therefore I can't say that I like travel. And what about you? Do you travel a lot?
Now about my job. I'm secretary. There is nothing interesting in my job, therefore I will not stop on it. About my interests, I like many things in life. I try to take all what can give me life. When I have free time I like to spend it with my friends. I like to go disco. I like swimming. Every weekend I go to swimming pool. Also I like play tennis, but I can't play very often. I keep myself in good form. Also I would like to know what are you looking in girls.
Describe an ideal of the woman. How you present it? Do you have girlfriend? I haven't boyfriend.
You probably want to know that I'm looking for in men. Well, first and main thing is trusting, I think that without trusting can't be love. therefore my boyfriend should trust me and I should trust him. What about individual qualities, he should be cheerful, easy going, he should give me something new each day ( prove his love maybe). He should be strong, strong inside, that I can feel protection and support from his side. He shouldn't be rough... And many other qualities. But it is only an ideal, in real I can fall in love not thinking about ideals :).
Well I'm finishing my letter. hope to hear from you soon.By the way, I applied my photo, hope you will like it. Bye bye.
You russian friend
Letter 2

Hi honey! How are you today? I'm very happy!!!! First of all I want to say that I love you!!! I'm happy that I can say it to you. Today is very good day, not only because you write me, Today I completely decided that I want to be with you forever, I'm ready to make this serious step in my life. I have asked my friends what is needed to come in other country and they say that it will not simply :(. There is many conditions to come to other country. I have to have visa and passport for travel abroad, it is not all, but even it stopped me. How my friends told me it will cost very expensive. I haven't much money therefore I don't know how I can come to you :(. I know that it is bad to ask money from you but if you can help me with it, you will make me the happiest ******* the earth. I want to be with you, I want to feel your gentle touches and hear your voice. But life is difficult thing. We love but we can't be together, the monetary question plays not last role in life. I would even say the main role.
I want to speak with you very seriously. I know that there are many girls who only want to take money from foreign man. You probably think that I'm one of those girls. She says me "I love you", but she only want get money and then I will never hear from her - as you probably think now :). Because of all those girls who act so, is difficult to prove to man that you really love him. There is mistrust in communicating through internet. But we want to construct strong relationships, if we want to be together forever, if we really love each other we should trust each other. Think, if I would want to deceive you, whether should I write you this? Simply I want to destroy misunderstandings and mistrust between us, I want pure love. If you nevertheless don't trust me that I think we can't be together :(. I wouldn't want that it will happen, my soul is opened for you, and I ask you don't break my heat. I'm really needed in your help and if can't give it, don't play with me, say directly "I can't help you because I don't trust you". You know, that if I would have opportunity I would come to you without this dialog, but I haven't money. Don't think that all girls from Russia are not honest. I'm honest with you. I can't prove my feelings to you and come to you, but you can give me chance to do it. You will know how strong I love you when I will come. Well now there is not reticences with my side. I hope you will tell me honestly what you think.
Give me your answer as soon as you can. I will wait your letter.
I kiss you, Olga.
Letter 3

Hi dear! How are you today? I'm very happy that you wrote me after my letter. To tell the truth, I didn't know how you will react to it. I told you the truth to be honest with you. I know that have passed not a lot time and maybe would be better for us to know more about each other, but I think that we will learn all about each other when I will come. Hope that you understand it too. I completely sure that you are the man for me, you are my love, therefore I will not disappointed anyway. But maybe you think that I'm not girl for you, please give the chance to proof you that I really love you. I really want to come to you and to be with you. I have already found out all that will be necessary to arrive to you. There is one tourist firm which gives such services. But the price put me in the shock. I didn't know that it costs so expensive. I haven't such moneys and as I wrote in my previous letter I hope for your help. I need 850 euro to come to you. It include visa, the passport for travel abroad, medical documents, the insurance and flight tickets. So honey, now you know all. I also hope that you don't think that I want to deceive you. I wrote you in my last letter that I'm not girl who search money, I'm girl who search love. Please understand me and give me chance. Say me yes or no. Can you help me?
Dear I don't want to lose time, I want to be with you as soon as possible, therefore if you want that i come and if you agree to help me, you can send me money by western union. In tourist firm I have learned that it is the fastest and reliable way to send money. For it you have to know my full name and my home address:
Olga Blinova
30 Glushko, 27
Russian Federation.
To receive money I have to know your data( full name and full address).
I give you my home address, it is one more proof that I don't want to deceive you( if you still think that i want it). You can come to me if something will happen, but you can be sure that nothing will happen. I love you very much!!! If you will not send me this necessary money I will can understand, but without it I will can't come to you. So now all are in your hands. You can construct happiness for you and for me or you can break my heart. Make your choice. I hope to hear from you soon. Kiss you. With all my love and hope, your Olga.
P.S.: It seems to me that at all of us to turn out. My visa will be done approximately 10-14 days. And at that time when you will be released I can arrive to you my favourite.
Letter 4

Hello my LOVE!!!!!
My love I very much is again happy to see and receive from you letters. My love I love only you and you my big love. I love only you and you always in my burning heart. My love I all this time to wait and wait your letters. My love I to feel like the happiest ******* light. My big and passionate love and you always my prince which will protect always me and I very much and is very happy. My love I love only you and you my big and light love. My love I want when we shall meet I want to nestle on your man's ****** and I shall feel like very much and very well. Because I only with you to feel like in safety. My love and my pleasure I want it. My love I want to stand on some time to nestle on you and to feel heat from you. My love I want still that then we shall kiss passionately. And me without people which will be various to be beside. Because I only want to see your fine eyes and to look only in them. And it will be for me the big gift. My love I want it most of all. I want to feel like in safety. My love I very much also is very happy, because I now to close eyes for one minute and have presented all this. And it seems to me romantically. My love I want only you and I very much and am very happy. My love I know that I shall be with you and it calms my soul. It very much and very perfectly. My love I want it and nobody will forbid to speak me so. Because I LOVE YOU MINE PRINCE And MY LOVE. Yes, these minutes which pass between us it seems to us very much and very long but when I shall be with you our life will be filled with love and will be filled with all colors of a rainbow. My love I want it and all time when I to be at myself at home, I to dream and dream. My love when I shall be with you all my dreams will be embodied in a reality and then I shall be the happiest. Yes, I am now happy because my day began with good because I to rise early in the morning and my heart speaks me that I shall be with you and I am very happy. My love I understand your letters and it seems to me that it is destiny speak with us. And between us the big love has flashed and I can not do(make) anything. Because I LOVE YOU MY LOVE. I am happy because I always want to smile to you my love. I want to do(make) it because I LOVE YOU And there will BE the SAFE FOR YOU MY LOVE . I shall think that we with you are very ******, because between us love and we and only we shall enjoy love. I always to feel to you sexuality because your eyes and your body hardly also are very seductive to constrain I the emotions. But when I with you I shall splash out all love to you and nobody will stop me. I shall kiss you everywhere where it probably. Nobody reads my letters because I nobody to give my love letters. Only you read my letters. I let's read nobody my letters. I NOT to WHOM LET'S READ MY LETTERS. I HAVE ONCE AGAIN REPEATED to YOU. I LOVE YOU And ALL THIS TIME LET'S READ ANYBODY YOUR LETTERS. I LOVE YOU And I WANT YOU MY LOVE. MY LOVE I WANT YOU AS WELL AS YOU of ME. My love I can not without you and always think about you. My love I want you and I can not without it. My love I wants to nestle on you and to kiss you and only you. I want it my love and I can not without it as a fish without water. I too want you. And when we shall wake up together I shall carry to you in bed a cup of coffee. And I shall do(make) it my love. And when you to drink some coffee. I shall demand again of you to engage in love. My love I all to wait for this moment and all to wait and wait. My love I love only you and I want it my love. My love I to finish to write to you, but I shall think only of you my love. I shall think each minute and each second. MY LOVE I REALLY LOVE YOU And ONLY YOU MY LOVE. I AGAIN TO SEND YOU it IS a lot OF And MUCH And MUCH And SET of HOT KISSES. With the BIG And STRONG LOVE YOURS FOR EVER Olga.
Letter 5

Hello my dear Alan!!!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. This photo of me it is very strong Has surprised. But it does not matter. I now want to talk about our meeting to you.
You spoke that to me will help. You speak that now you will be borrowed.
I want to tell that if you send to me money within the next few days I can begin to do the documents for trip to you my loved.
Today I went to travel agency and to me have told that the visa will do approximately 10-14 days. And after these days we can meet. I love you. You want to see Me? You want a meeting?
And now I should finish the letter.
I shall wait from you for answers.
With love your Olga.
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