Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Ivanova to I. T. (Greece)

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Letter 1

Hello my stranger,
I'm tender and kind lady, Who love flowers and sea.
I hope you such person whom I search.
If I'm interested you, write me .
I'm waiting for your answer.

Letter 2

My dear unknown hero,
I have been looking for you for so long period of time that can't believe that the most beautiful feelings have found me. That minute when I looked in your eyes I understood that the cure for all the ills and wrongs , the cares, the sorrows and the crimes of humanity-all lies in the only word-love.It is the divine vitality that everywhere produces and restores life. When I was little my mother took great pains to interest me in learning to know the birds and wild flowers and in planting a garden. I thought that roots and bulbs and seeds were as wonderful as flowers. I remember the first time I planted seeds. My mother asked me if I knew the Parable of the Sower. I told I didn't,so she took me into the house and read it to me. Once the relation between poetry and the soil established in the mind, all growing things are endowed with more than material beauty. I understood that if all the most kind and beautiful feelings are taken away, they would leave a blank in creation. Whether they flourish in the garden of our souls, whether they are scattered in our life-pathway, sprinkled on our faces or wildly strewn over the places where we are, they never fail to please, they never fail to please, they fill the air with their sweetness and delight the eye and the heart with their beauty. I want to look at you as if at my dream, I want to learn with you so many things that make us closer. If we learnt how to give ourselves, to forgive others and to live with thanksgiving , we need not seek happiness- it will seek us. I believe that the beauty will save our world from the clouds of black things, you and me need beauty too, we need it as well as bread, as places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike. There is a wonderful law of nature that the three things we crave most in life- happiness, freedom, and the peace of mind - are always attained by giving them to someone else. So I want to give you my tenderness, my color dreams,my energy, my life-pathway,and want you to share with me all you have in your soul,in your dreams,in your life. My heart is gentle and love and the gentle heart are just the single thing. I'll give you the fifth Ocean- the ocean of love. Everything in life that we really undergoes the changes. But not our feelings. That is the mystery, when at the top of them we can see love. Thanks to your heart by which I live now , thanks to its tenderness, its joys and fears.
Sincerely and warmly,

Letter 3

Dear Yannis!
Thank you a lot for your beautiful card! I'm anxious! You are very thoughtful person! Thank you once more!:) I want to tell you at once that I'm searching here not a man to play but a person to build a strong family, to create the tight connections. Someone who will be near me and whom I will help while all the life. You know the situation is like this that I had the only one man in my life whom we broke with, because he didn't want to be with me-he wanted to be only with his friends all the time. the parties and the night clubs-that's all he was interested in. It is ok for me I think just to ramble the city with the person whom you love so much, just to look into his eyes and to hold his hand in my own one! I do not think that we can't manage the problem if we are going to have some of them,if we are going to be together,I think it will be the mainest thing in our life. You know yesterday I saw a little boy in the street, he was so cute, and I thought that one day I will also have the same one or maybe even better! Do you like children, dear Yannis? I also very fond of cooking- what is your favorite thing to eat? I like to bake different things for that person whom I love! Also I like to travel around the world,I used to do it only in dreams because I do not have a lot of time and do not usually have money for this. But I think it is ok. You know,the most necessary thing in my life is the laugh of the children- I have a lot of nephews and when I have bad mood I often go to my sister. What do you usually do when you have bad mood? I'd like to know all the trifles which you are interested in. Honey, I'm waiting for your letter very much! Your Anya

Letter 4

Hello Yannis!
Thanks for your letter and sorry for my delay. Sorry for my late answering your letter , just I had some problems with the money. You know, I'm writing my diploma work ( sorry I didn't say you -I'm studying and working both) now and consulting with the professors cost too much. I like travelling but do not do it too much again because of the money. I'm very interested in person's kindness,in that one who wish to be near and help in every life situation. I want to see close to me a man who is not afraid of the problems and does everything to take care about both of us who is not afraid of responsibility of any kind!Of course the feelings are the most important thing for me but I think you are agree with me that nothing can be pleasant if you feel cold because do not have enough warm cloth in winter frosts and have nothing to eat. When you just sit and think that I work, but for what?For thanks, for people not to think that you are lazybones, because not for money sure at least not in our country. Yes, I want a RESPONSIBLE man but not an empty inside. What can I propose?All my mind and my heart and my help in everything and in gaining money too. I know it is difficult to find such one but that is because I'm here. I still believe. You know in our country woman's work is not paid the same money as man can gain. Even if you are the smartest one and want to get good job but have a man competitor in most of the cases you have no chance, mostly if you have no relatives or friends who can influence the situation. You know the level of the people's life in our country is too low, just some figures- my salary is $70 because I have no experience of the work and just am finishing my studying. My parents can't help me,cause their pensions in general are$130.And so having $70 per month I should pay for education and also of course buy the food. I do not say a word about the cloth. And I do not want my children to live in such conditions when you come to supermarket and have no opportunity to buy the simplest toy or sweet, cause just have no money. My childhood was general "NO", I do not want the same to my child, I do not want to cry of the cold. Just do not want any more. I liked you wrote the things like that ones- you have the true and the real natural feelings. As for bad behavior, I do not like when a man drinks to access and when he uses black words. When he deceives and when he have another woman to stay with. As for me, I have bad mood in the situations when have nothing to eat or when can not pay for my education and must borrow money from my friends. Of course if I love person, every day with him will be like the new fairy tale, the every new minute will be new again and again. The thing which brings me to life is the laugh of the children, my cousin's ones. What is about my day today- I want to clean the house a little bit,as you know tomorrow all the women in our country will celebrate the Women's Day! It is my the most favorite holiday in the year and I so much to feel you near! All men usually give presents to their women and cherish them and are grateful to the women for their existence. And I again will be alone in such a day! I hope you will be at least thinking about me. Please, stay near me, waiting so much, Anna

Letter 5

Dear Sir Yannis!
You are troubled by the translating company, as Mrs. Anna , who uses our service, is not able to pay for the translating of the letters any more.
She is very interested in the continuation of the corresponding with You, and if Your decision is the same one,here is our tarification:
- the translation of one letter from Your Lady costs You 4 Euro
- the SPECIAL PROPOSITION of the season - 180 Euro per month with the opportunity to use the phone translator and to receive the photos of Your Lady free of charge. If you want to clear out some details concerning our services you can write to us at our e-mail address
Top manager of the Translating Company



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