Letter(s) from Elena Scherbarkova to Richard (England)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Tiger-Richie! I am also fine! Only it' a bit stressed t work, have everything to do in the same time, but I will cope. I see it was a pleasure for you to send flowers to the beautiful creation, me! Thank you! Well, I am ready that will not sleep night when I come and this night also, what to do? I cant calm down and when I come also wouldnt be able to do it for sure! I flied to many cities, well, Simferopol, Baku, Kiev, Moscow, Havana, St.Petersburg, Riga, Prague, Vilnuis, Tashkent, Warsaw, Budapest and more. Yes, I will also show you ways to make me happy., of course! I had to say so to my father, otherwise he would so much worry, too much. I said so, because I care for him. Sorry, but I didnt understand that: Take with you your big bags onto hand luggage, and small bags for check in, this way you can laughf at air-hostess when she tries to put away for you. Take for me a photo of her, i want to laughf too. You took for me some movie. In Enhglish? Oh, my God, you will need o translate them to me! I see you helped Russel to correct computer problems, OK. Yes, for me to fall asleep usually is very easy, sometimes I start watch Tv an d fall asleep, or start reading book and the same, and to awake, I really don't like. It gives you some ideas! Wow, interesting! Yes, that's the last email from you, tomorrow we meet, wow! Yes, I confirm. Ok, I try not to worry about anything and will try my best to sleep today and I will be careful. Your cigarette's for you I took, by the way yesterday already put in bag. Phone number, well, I have at work, but I not be at work, and not more I have+ brother has, but he is out now and his wife with children at holidays, and friends, I no idea have who will be tonight at home+ if I knew yesterday I would deal with someone. But well, I think it wont Brea any problem. Big kisses and hugs to you too, Till tomorrow! Bye,
Yours Natasha