Scam letter(s) from Elena Scherbarkova to Jessey (USA)

Letter 1

Hi mine Dear. I am glad again to speak with you. Lovely Jessey , are available Some news from a travel company concerning travel. Today I had meeting with the agent of travels, he has told, that The preparation of my documents is almost completed also to me it is necessary per 2-3 days To pay all cost in firm of travels. As soon as money will be Are paid, I shall move to Moscow behind the visa. I discussed with it Question concerning payment, I thought, that it was necessary to do so that You did payment from the credit map, but the agent of travels has told, That I should pay by him in firm by cash money, because They accept payment only in cash. He advised me, that we Used care of money bank. After that I reached in Bank and there to me have told, that it is possible to use standard bank Translation, but it will borrow about 3 weeks. Therefore in bank to me Have advised to use, any other system money Translations used worldwide. They have told me, that most The best way to use western union. In our bank there is their office. It will require all some hours of time and I can in time To pay a travel company. Lovely Jessey , please find in The coming days, time to reach in western union and to send me Money for payment of the documents. I am very glad, that with each day Becomes ever less than time before our meeting. My mum too very much Is glad, that we soon shall meet and transfers you the best regards. All My friends speak, that are glad for me and will miss. The coming days I shall open my holiday from work, I already for it sanction from My management at work. Jessey You plan to take vacation from The work, when I shall arrive? Lovely, I wait for your letters and ideas Concerning all it. I love you. kiss you. your Elena.
My information :
My the first name is Elena
My last name is Vanbaz
Russia ,Novocheboksarsk
str. Park 34
postal index 429950
Letter 2

Lovely Jessey I am glad to receive the letter. Lovely I cannot wait for that moment when we the first time can meet you, I want to see more likely you my love. Lovely I hope that you have settled the financial accounts? Jessey when you will send me money the Western Union? Lovely Jessey my love, all ideas in my head now only about you I thirst the prompt our meeting. Your love Elena.
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