Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Conley (South Africa)

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Letter 1

Hi, my name Elena. To me of 26 years, I live in city of Kirov and I work as the trainer on navigation.
I am engaged in sports with small children. In the winter we ski, summer we play on an athletic field.
At me it is a lot of hobbies. I like to listen to good music to be in the company of friends, to walk together with them on city.
On days off we go to a campaign! It so is healthy. Getting out on couple of days from city, we go in a wood, are closer to lake. There it is very beautiful. All company we have fun, bathe, we walk on a wood! My hobby is sports. I do not present life without it!
I adore football. It is very interesting game!
I like navigation. In the summer I bathe on lake! And I go with girlfriends to pool in the winter.
From familiar I have learned about acquaintances through the Internet. She have told me, that through the Internet I can find to myself of the partner in life.
I have lost a lot of time when searched to itself of the partner in life at itself in city. But could not find.
The person with whom I can live up to the end of the life which will appreciate me is necessary for me to respect, care, and
The main thing to love. I search for persons with open soul, cheerful and sympathetic. I want to grow fond of him all soul and that he liked
Me, as well as I of him.
Answers to my questions are very interesting to me.
1. Why you have chosen acquaintances through the Internet?
2 That you want from our acquaintance?
3. you Love children whether or not?
4. Tell more about itself.
5. Than you take a great interest? What work at you?
What I can tell about myself?
But, as you probably know life in Russia very difficult, it is very hard to find good work.
I write you from Internet-cafe as I have no the personal computer.
I hope, on longer relations with you.
With the best regards from Russia. Elena

Letter 2

Hello my Angel !!!
I do not know as it to explain.
I made the structure once.

I want to speak a THANK for your existence.
For all you did for me to light dreams, and the pleasant emotions proceed.
Sight, what beautiful words has composed A.S. Pushkin and I have found for you:

I loved you once
Still maybe this old passion
Has not extinguished in my soul yet
But I don't want to cause you tribulation
So let it no longer be your fret.

Hopeless and silent did my love appear
With jealousy and diffidence I pined,
My love was so tender, so sincere,
God bless a man to love you in this kind.

I keep in mind a magic instant
Your image sailed before my eye
Like phantom both close and distant
Like Beauty that will never die.

Years passed and storms in their rebelloin,
Then dissipated former dreams,
And made your tender voice so ailen -
the features of your graceful limbs.

In darkness of my daily prison
My eathly term kept wearing on
And I got no godly reason
No love, no tears, yet anon.

My soul is rejuvenescent
Again I see you with my eye
Like phantom you are eranescent
Like Beauty you will never die.

My hearts now pounds in jubilation
And everything's revied for me -
Divinity and Inspiration
And Love in me will always be.

Because of you I have understood, it is necessary for me from life.
You are necessary for me, your attention, your love, my future only is close to you.
In it I am sure rather 1000000 %.
I long thought and is courageous to do a decisive step in my life.
I do not want to lose happiness, when it so - is close.
I shall try to cause you as soon as possible, When I shall cause me to you, at once I shall inform concerning it.
Tomorrow I shall reach to agency, and I shall establish all concerning the visa.
I shall inform you concerning results later. I hope, that I can study details one.
I have told concerning us to my girlfriends, they are very pleased, that I have found happiness I grieve to be with you. . There are many miles between us, Love, though you - always here in my heart, And each night, below silver star light, I am asked within day, we shall be never part.
I love you and I shall love all my life!e! I at last want to arrive in you to execute our dreams.



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