Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Peter (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Hello my peter!!!

I hope you do not become angry if I already speak you "my":) I think you my friend and is very glad, that we are familiar. I am really happy to meet such special person as you in so fragile place as the Internet. I hope that we feeling are more strong it.
I think myself the person which really knows that he wants from a life. I very persistent person and I try to squeeze out everything from my life, that is possible!:) I really know what relations I wait from the partner now. It should relations which be as much as possible approached to idyll. This such condition relations when it is necessary to hide or to trust each other. Probably it only dream and it is impossible, but it should be the purpose for relations. The formality of wedding only approaches relations to this. I think, that I would like to leave in marriage. What do you think of it? What
should be relations between the man and the woman?

On it I finish this letter. I hope to speak with you soon!
Yours Olga.



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