Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Joe (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Joe !!
I am very glad, that you have written to me. To tell the truth I at all did not trust that you will write to me because I the first time get acquainted
with the person from other country on the Internet.
Now I would like to tell about myself a little. Probably you so looked mine profile on a site, but I all the same shall tell about myself.
My name Irina, and my surname Shalagina. To me of 23 years. My girlfriends and familiar speak, that I look more youngly the years. With this letter I
send you my photo.
I very much would like to see more than your photos.
You can send them in the near future?
I was born and I live in beautiful and pure city Cheboksary which to be in 800 kilometers from Moscow. In 150 kilometers on a southeast the large city
of Kazan so it will be easy for you to find my city on a map is located.
Till 17 years I studied in an average comprehensive school after that has acted In Cheboksary State Technical university on a speciality the
Economist. Having studied there 5 years I have finished this university with distinction. You of that to me would know it costed.:-)
Within 2 years could not find to itself work as all places on my speciality have been borrowed and unclaimed, but I all the same have found her and
since then I work as the bookkeeper in passport and visa service of city Cheboksary.
Very much I like to travel, but this very expensive pleasure. I was possible manage only America, and that on work. I went in USA for an exchange of an
operational experience with colleagues of this country.
I liked this trip.
My parents live near to me, approximately in 15 minutes of walking, and I rent an apartment.
My mum call Irina Genadjevna and her 62, and the daddy - Oleg Petrovich and to it 64 years.
Both of them pensioners. I very strongly love them.
I frequently come to them home and I help them with domestic affairs.
At leisure I like to go in for sports, I very much like navigation, run, tennis and volleyball.
Besides it I like to go to cinema, theatres and to have a rest on the nature in the company of girlfriends.
And than you like to be engaged???
On it I shall finish the letter as my time has passed to Internet - cafe.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer.



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