Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Mike (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear friend, (May I know your name?)
I'm very pleased to hear from you. Thank you for your interest. It's very nice of you to give me your e-mail address. I believe your intentions to find your life partner is serious. As I'm looking for serious relationship.
I appreciate your wish to know me better. I was born 22 years ago one sunny day of June. My introducing to the world made feel happy my mother, my father and my elder sister. In my childhood I was very enthusiastic. During my school years I was fond of swimming, dancing, sinning in the school chorus, attending the musical studio and volleyball training. To my pity, I don't have enough time for developing my singing and dancing talents, but I still go to the swimming pool and to the gym. I like to keep a fit.
After leaving the school I entered the Pedagogical University. I enjoy my study at the Geographic-Biology department. I adore travelling and discovering the world around me. When learning the geographical map of the world I am having plenty of fascinating trips all over the world in my imagination. It would be so great to turn my dreams into reality. I'd be happy to have an opportunity for travelling and visiting wonderful places of nature and interesting cities of different countries in my real life. The most important thing for me is to be beside my beloved man whatever I do. I believe I can find him soon. It would be great if this Man is easy-going with sense of humor.
I'll also appreciate if he has his own point of view and ability to understand and accept another opinion as well. I hope you have liked my letter and photo. I'll be waiting for your letter and photos.
Enjoy your life,

Letter 2

Hello Mike,
thank you for your letter and amazing photo. I'm delighted to receive it.
My dear Mike, I believe when two people find that special connection together, life can become a most incredible adventures.Thank you for telling me your birth date. Now I know when a man of my dreams was born. :-) I'll be glad to meet you in person. My vocations starts at the end of June. It would be great if you can come that time!
Thank you for telling me about the important things in your life. Love, kindness and honesty are real values for me as well. Honesty and faith are all I ask from a man. (Well, not all, but an important ones. :-))
Seriously, I want a man who is completely honest. I'd like he is comfortable sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings. Who enjoys small talk, long conversation whether it's a deep subject or just casual things for us to be very open and communicative with each other.
It's interesting for me to know about your daily chores. I appreciate your interest in my life as well. There is one exciting thing in it. It's my communication with a noble and very interesting person. You can see him if look at the mirror. :-)
I wished I could think of him all day long, but my study takes plenty of my time now. I spend at the University or in the library most of my time. I have to get up early because I should be at the lessons by 8 a.m. And I live far from the University. I like to start my day with a cup of strong tea and a contrast shower. It makes me feel awoken. I have never had a breakfast in bed. Sometimes I don't have breakfast at all. I have no time for it in the mornings. I prefer to sleep longer than to waste a time for eating. :-)
I believe my typical day will be different as soon as I have graduated from the University. It's going to happen in a year. I can't help waiting for my graduation although I might feel sorry to part with my group mates and teachers. Then I'll be ready to start my new life and I believe you'll be present in it as well. :-)
My dear life is too short to miss the important things. Please don't miss this chance for us to find happiness together. I look forward to your letter and new photos. Thinking of you. Have a nice day.

Letter 3

Dear Mr Mike, allow us to inform You that Irina has used our translation services and Internet access. At the time her account with us is empty that is why she cannot answer Your letter. If You like to help Irina to pay for the further correspondence with You, please, let us know, we'll send You the detailed information.

Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance",
the company of translators



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