Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia to Jonh (USA)
Letter 1

Great to meet you, my dearest new friend John!
What can be better then new meeting, new acquaintance, new experience. I am very excited now, it is because I put a great hope to this way of communication, I mean Internet. I have never thought that I would ever place my profile in dating site. But why not?! Maybe my fate is waiting for me. He just doesn't know that I am looking for him too. You see, I think that if you really wish something and do your best to get it - it will work anyway.
Well, as you probably see - I am an optimistic, bright, full of energy girl, or, better young woman, who never gives up, the one, who knows what she wants and the one, who has a positive point about all things. I truly believe that life consists not from events only, but from our relation to these events. Every simple thing could be black and white at the same time. It deepens from the way you accept this thing. I may be a little bit philosophic, but hope it doesn't make me worse. A little bit more about myself: my real name is Nata, but if you prefer to call me golden fish - I would not mind. Do you know the legend about the golden fish, which makes the wishes come true, if you catch her and promise to let her go. So... I am ready to make your dreams come true if you are the right man for me. And of course, if I see that you are wishing to make my dreams come true:-)
So, I continue. I am 20 and my birthday is on the 2 of January. Soon:-)))) I am ready for many many presents:-)))))
I study in the University on the department of the Culture and Art. I didn't choose the specialization yet, but will have to do it in a year. It would be a difficult choice, but I hope to make the right one.
In general, I am not career-oriented. If I have a serious dilemma - to create a family or to get a well-paid job, I would choose the first. Strange? Maybe, but I didn't say that I am normal. No, I am OK, don't run away from your computer:-) Let me explain. My friends consider me a little bit old-fashioned. But I don't care. I don't drink and use drags - so, what's strange?! I don't want to lie to my father and go to disco for all night long - why should I lie to the dearest person? I study well and read much instead of searching the Internet games. I prefer "The Beauty" instead "Matrix" - so what?! That is the kind of girl I am. A little bit strange. But if you like these "strange" things - welcome!
Letter 2

Hello, dear John!!
Yes, you are right thinking that you are not an ordinary man & such a man like you deserves an unusual woman. To the point to you thoughts about ordinary beginnings of the messages. You know, usually people start their letters not with phrases like "I'd like to know you better" or "I think you are pretty..." No, as a rule they start with "Hello!" As both of us did:-)) But if to be serious, I understand what you mean. I can't say that I am unusual woman. Some people(people of my age) may think that I am strange, because I am not up to the standard of everyday life. But I am who I am. Maybe when I put my profile I haven't realized it yet, but now i understand that it is a nice chance to find my one & only man whom I will love. But I don't need just a man. I want to have my friend, my lover, my husband & what is more important - my soul-mate in one person. Maybe it is impossible, but I hope. You know, John, now I realize how it is important some very close person with you. I want to look into the eyes of my beloved person & see that words are useless, because we understand each other even without words. I want to smile & see the same happy smile on his face...Maybe I want too much & it is impossible to fin my real soul-mate here, but why not to try?
I am also seeking for the man.
So, I am waiting for your letter, dear....
Letter 3

Hello, my dear John!!!!!
You know, your letter moved me so deeply! I think you've spent much time to write it, & I am pleased to understand that you wrote it for me. Thank you sweetie. I don't like not to pay borrows, so I am here writing also rather informative letter.
Frankly speaking, John, I like your way of mathematics applied to all feminine. A good sense of humor was never out of the situation. I have never heard that the quantity of people whom you'll like & who will like you can be counted:-)
Now after reading your letter, I have a lot of ideas about you. The main idea is that you are the man with whom it won't be boring to be together. I can't say that I am well-experienced in relations with man, but I believe that they shouldn't be boring. I want to find such a man with whom I'll feel the real meaning of life & love, with whom I'll perceive their completeness...
There is one thing in your letter I want to pay attention to.
JW> Put another way would you travel to meet me at your expense on the basis of JW> a few photos and letters?
As far as I understand it is something like a rhetoric question, it wasn't addressed to me in personal, but you wanted me to think about the acts I would do if I were you. If I were a man, first of all, I would try to find my fortune in my surrounding. But if it wasn't successful, I'd try to use I-net. So you see, I'd act the same as you did. Then when I understood that maybe I found my real lady, I'd do all my best to prove it. I would prove it with sweet words, with some post cards, with some small presents. Of course, I'd not present her a fir-coat for 10000$, but I'd just show her my interest in her. I'd find one more way to communicate with her, not only by I-net, I'd send her not expensive mobile phone(the girl may buy the chip by herself). Just in order to have a connection with her all days long. I'd try... Of course, I'd not come to the strange far(maybe dangerous) country Ukraine just after some time of corresponding & few photos, but I suppose that the real girl, my real soul-mate will never demand this from me.
And if it wasn't a rhetoric question, but it was addressed to me, then I'll try to answer. You know, my answer will be also rather negative. The first reason is that the price of the flight is not up to me. But if just to imagine... I need to work about 2 years without spending any $ for something another, just save all the money for the trip. I'll do it by myself, because first of all my father can't afford it, his salary isn't up to that level & I would never ask him to do this. (He need to afford my studying, my life, he needs to help his parents, so...)
And if even I manage to save such sum of money, my father won't let me go, because his way of thinking is another. He even can't imagine that woman should do everything by herself, that in order to meet the man she loves, she need to work so hard & to save all the money. He believes that man should take care of his love, of his woman. He will just lock me in my room & that is all.
By the way, what is Synastry Analysis? Can you tell me more? I am interested in it, to be honest? Isn't it painful?:-) I hope so. Oh, I've seen your photos in the web album - WOW!!!! Most of all I like the 12th photo(in dark suitcase). You looks so handsome........
I hope now you will also have a time to breath, because I want to say you good-bye. Frankly speaking, I don't want, but I need. In my next letter, I'll tell you about myself in details.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely yours, waiting for the Synastry analysis & results of personal test,
PS: it's me with my grandpa
Letter 4

Hello, my dear John!!!!
Maybe it is early to say, but I wouldn't mind to look straight in your eyes, see deep love & hear wonderful words about this strong feeling. I want to be loved, to be supported, to be taken care, to be spoilt... I promise that I will give everything in turn! I will trust & understand, I will support & take care, I will spoil & try to make life easier, I will love...
I wouldn't mind you to start eating me:-)))
Oh, I admire your ideas as for spending time together!!!!Maybe we should start with something?
A photo Safari in Africa or walking in the hills and mountains or on the beach, with your dogs or taking a speedboat across the bay?:-)) When? I am ready!:-))Of course, I am joking. But to be honest, I wouldn't mind to do this things in some time. You know, I want our staying together not to be boring, not to be usual. We are not ordinary people, so we are worth of exciting relations.
In order to add to the list of our future activities: diving in the Mediterranean sea, sky diving - parachuting, swimming in the lake near the waterfall, running along the beach with your dogs, surfing... I am dreaming of mountain climbing. I am on the top of Everest! Or at least on the top of 4 km mountain. I am standing having your arm in mine. The winter is blowing...We perceive the fresh of the air... We are looking down... We see the scaring beauty of the landscape under our feet... We are kissing......
Frankly speaking, I have never been abroad. I was in Russia, but this country isn't foreign for our people. Though...I have been my mind, just using my imagination. I can say that I am a curious person, I like everything new, i am always full of expectation of something. So, since my early childhood it was impossible for my father, grannies, to make me apart with TV during some program for travellers. And being full of this knowledge about all these foreign countries, I began to imagine. And right now when i don't have much time to imagine, i see this world abroad in my dreams.
Frankly speaking, I wouldn't mind to fall in love in some unusual place for me, in the UK, for place, new emotions, new feeling...Isn't it great?
Your Nata.
PS: in my next letter I'll tell you about my city & country.
Letter 5

Hello, my honey John!!!!
And where do you want to start eating me? I am not joking, I am serious:-))
By the way, I live in Luhansk, it's in Ukraine. In my profile I wrote that I am from Hungary, but I had a reason. They didn't put my photos when I wrote that I am from Ukraine. Maybe they don't like my country?:-)))
By the way, i can't open your file. It gives the information that the file contains viruses. May you try to send it one more time? Because I have a very strong desire to read it.
Kissing you,
your Nata
Letter 6

Hello, my dear Laird!!!!
Is it the name you want to be called by me?:-)
Princess + Laird = sweet couple
I like it!
Oh, dear, you've sent me so many photos! You look so handsome! Oh, I wish to see you by my own eyes!
Very nice skirt! By the way, I also like such color (I mean Scottish). Today I will send you one photo of me. It is rather dear for me. I will explain why. It was taken this summer. I went to Kiev with my relatives. By such a big company we were walking along the streets of the capital. And suddenly we saw a huge crowd of people at the middle of the square. By logotypes around, by people from TV we realized that it was a famous in our country program "Karaoke on the Square" (it is word for word translation) I think you don't know this program. Its idea is to find talents among common people. People are gathered together on the square & have a competitions (sing songs) & than by majority of voices the winner is defined. I decided to take part in it. And I won!!! Oh, I had so much positive emotions! I have never realized that it is so wonderful to be accepted by people, to understand that people like your singing, that you can sing at least! And my daddy took a photo of me after I have sung the song. This picture is dear for me, because it is connected with very positive emotions, with joy, with pleasure & excitement. I didn't only received positive emotions because I just sang, but because I overcame myself. I am rather shy on public, I don't like to be very opened in the crowd, being afraid of something. And that was a real heroic act for me:-)
So, I am looking forward to receive a letter from you as soon as possible, my honey.
Thousands of kisses to my John...
Your Nata
Letter 7

Hello, my honey hungry & curious Laird!!!!
Oh, you made me to think about this rather serious topic. So, what part to begin?... Cheeks? Ears? Foot? Left or right? Arm? The same: left or right? I am afraid to think about fingers, cause I have 10 of of them (this is only arms... or only legs...)!:-)))
Oh, I have an idea! It will be up to you to choose! You should make a choice. I am a victim & I have no rights...:-)))
No I will try to answer your test, but i have one condition - you will answer mine. I need a positive answer!!!!:-)
1. 11:11
2. Natalia Alexandrovna
3. golden fish
4. Alex & Mary
5. Maserati 3200GT:-)
6. have none, want to have!
7. have just in my ears, don't want to have more
8. have none, don't want to have
9. as much as possible:-)
10. blue & green, white & red, black & pink...
11. something sweet, no matter what exactly:-)
12. do you invite me?:-) I'll accept with gladness, cause I've never been
13. Kiev
14. not yet, I am waiting for these tears:-)
15. not yet; do you invite me?:-) I'll refuse!
16. croutons
17. juice, cause i don't like alcohol
18. "Pretty Woman" with Julia Roberts
19. Birthday
20. Friday(cause then will be weekend)
21. "I love you" (i hope to say it someday & to hear it in reply)
22. "Blend-A-Met"
23. have never been
24. camomiles, violets & roses
25. juice
26. figure-skating
27. Snow White
28. I don't have only one
29. no, I don't like hot-dogs, cola & so on
30. yesterday (dentist)
31. satisfactory (how else can victim feel?:-)
32. multicolored
33. none(I have never take it)
34. my friend Victory from Kiev(former classmate)
35. no
36. Actually I am not sure that anybody will make me such a present someday, but if he it happens, I would spend it for my granny's treatment(she is not so good at the moment & I love her too much), then for my study(it is rather difficult for my daddy to pay for it by himself), & for a trip to Scotland to be eaten by my hungry Laird! 37. eat ice-cream or chocolate, I don't know why, but it improves my mood
38. John
39. boys ask: Beauty, does your mother need son-in-law?:-)
40. I have never had such an experience, but why not?
41. Do I look like? I have never consider myself to be:-)
42. I don't watch TV enough to choose the favorite program (maybe "The Last Hero" or "Win A Million")
43. yesterday with my father in our apartment:-)
45. I don't have any, so don't know
46. 165 sm (something like this)
47. to be frank I don't know, tomorrow I'll find out it
48. 91-60-92
49. as any normal girl I dream about love:-)
50. oh you are monster! How can I choose? Oh, I know, it is "Chi Mai" by Morricone
51. yes, I am orthodox
52. the same
53. when something is wrong with the health of my close people, it causes me upset, but not irritate
54. do you want to come? if yes, I will tell you
55. I don't have any
About a year ago my father bought me a mobile phone(it was his present for my birthday). It wasn't of the latest fashion, but it was rather convenient mobile phone. It made my life easier, because we don't have a common phone in our apartment. But in summer when we were hard-up, we had to sell it. Although it wasn't so easy for me to say good-bye to it, I understood that it was vital importance for us. So I don't complain. My father was extremely disappointed, because he also preferred not to sell his present, but we could do nothing. Daddy promised me to buy it for my next birthday. This day is coming & I understand that my father won't be able to fulfill his promise. I don't complain, because I realize that it is impossible for him to find 150-200$ before the end of the year, because not so long time ago(about a month ago) he bought me a new warm fir-coat. I understand my father, but...
56. only love, nothing else can make me to immigrate 57. aha, a little bit
58. it doesn't matter for me (even in the Antarctica)
59. his eyes
60. I can't say that we live comfortably, because we need to save money for my studying & granny's treatment, so I don't know... 61. Oh, I don't know! I have never seen such an apartment, but if you want me to find out, let me know, I will try.
62. The same:-)
63. The same:-)
64. The same:-)
65. is it a proposition of something?:-) I told you that it does no matter for me where I will live, the only condition is that I want to be with my beloved person
66. 12:10:-))))))))))
You are an incredible person!!!!!!!
Your Nata
PS: I will let you know if in the case of my absence or any other reason, but I want to tell you in advance: "Don't worry!"
Letter 8

Hello, my honey Laird!!!
Oh, it is so pleasant to begin the new year of the world & of my life itself with your sweet message.
You know I wanted to write you a letter at 31 of December, but all the I-net cafe were closed. They think that during the day of New Year people don't want to use I-net:-) Yesterday was the same situation, so I decided to do this today. The morning of this great day began with communication with you - great!!! John, dear, I am extremely happy that I have you, that we are fine, that both of us want to continue, to develop our relations. It seems to me that now it has already become a vital importance for me to have relations with you. Darling, during the New Year Eve I was thinking of you, I fall asleep dreaming about us, I wake up having the same thoughts... I have never thought that sometimes it may happen to me, but it happened...
You know, even today I am sitting here in the I-net cafe, though I need to prepare something for my birthday party. Today I was born! Actually, I don't really feel that I am happy, because I am not with my close person... I knew that it is impossible, but still I was dreaming that we may meet on this day... That I may look into your eyes & see there the same feeling I have...
There is one more reason to be sad a little bit. I don't remember whether I told you, but my father promised me to buy a phone for my birthday, but his promise failed. I understand that daddy can't afford it right now, but still...
Ok, I don't want to continue in bad mood. I am your angel(not only christmas)! I am extremely happy that you liked my present, yes, it was really just for you, not for anybody else. I just wanted you to understand what you mean for me, how it is important for me to have these wonderful relations with you....
I share your opinion as for kids. You seem to read my mind. I also think that first of all people need to be soul-mates & then parents. I want the father of my kid to be my closest person, not just biological father...
Maybe I am too idealistic, but as at least two people on the earth think so, this idea may be not so unreal & unfulfilled...
And don't offend, but for me children are more important that husband. Of course, I want to have a real family where my kids have their father, but if not... They will be the main part of my life in any case. I think that parents have a little bit another feeling to their children that they have to each other, but they consider kids to be the most important for them...
It is rather difficult for me to talk about this, because I don't have children yet:-) But I agree with you that we need to discuss all the topics we are interested in. To the point, I am not offended by your question about sex, but I don't know what to answer. I am virgin... I am not against sex,by no means, but I have never been in love with somebody. I believe that I should know a person & then have some intimate relations with him. What is your opinion? But if I feel that I am in love for example with you...I will try to make you the happiest man in the world...
Your Nata
PS:my address is not a secret of course, but do you really want to meet with me?
Letter 9

Hello, my dear John!!!
Yes, I am guilty...
I ask you one more time for your forgiveness! Pease! I just didn't have any access to I-net, it is true! It was impossible for me to receive my e-mail messages from you....
But now I am here, with you.
John, dear, you are very understanding man, I have already realized this. Please, try to understand that I am not alone, that I live with my father. And I can't give our address without his permission. Don't consider me to be a small girl, please.
Yes, I want to meet with you & I can't hide it. I can't hide that I am extremely interested in you, that I want to continue our relations, that I want to develop them, to make them stronger... And it is very good that you don't demand sex from me at the moment. I think that if our relations will continue as they are going now, I will be ready... No, John, dear, I didn't mean that I will love children more than my husband! I just meant that love for kids & love for husband are different feelings...
I am serious with you, I am opened & honest. I say you all I think about us. I think that we have our future, so... And as for the phone.. You know it is possible to buy a phone with a subscription for 150$. It is not too much, but i can't afford it right now & don't want to ask my father.
I wish to hear from you very soon....
Please, dear, don't follow my example!!!:-))
Your Nata
Letter 10

Well, well, well, your Majesty!!!
It is a reply from your Princess Nata.
Your letter made me to think for some time. I don't know with what to begin. With my English? Or...
Ok, let it be English. Since my early childhood I understood the importance of this language. It may sound funny, but it is true. A small (3 y.o.) Natalushka always spoke that she would know English extremely well! Than Nata grew up, went to school & realize that in a common secondary school there is nothing to catch:-), because the level of English there wasn't good enough for that idealistic young girl. My father decided that I need to change my school for a better one. That school was specialized in foreign languages. So, I know German a little bit, because I don't use it in my every day life as English. Hast du Deutch gern? Ich habe nicht so gern, aber...:-) Don't worry, everybody here knows that English is an international language. Some years ago, knowledge of English was obligatory demand in every firm, but right now it is not enough. Now a person also has to know 2 or even 3 foreign languages. So, we are aware of it, don't worry. I think there will be no need for us to use an interpreter during our meeting, because I speak English as well as I write in it. But if you need it...:-)
And as for credentials... Is it your demand? Ok, if you need it so much, if you don't trust me right now, I will try to do my best. Phone... Yes, it is possible to buy it for 100$, but still it is not up to me, I don't have even 10$ in my pocket:-)
By the way, my father knows about your existence:-) But still he thinks that you are a strange person for me at the moment.
2 years of using I-net? Wow! You are an experienced user! Do you mean that all that time you was using I-net for communicating with girls? Yes, I like you caution, but not too much, please. Yes, I am here, because I can't find my second half here. But I don't my other half to be too cynic & serious. I want him to be hungry!:-)
PS: my best photo
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