Letter(s) from Olga Nizovtseva to Ernie (Australia)

Letter 1

My Loving! I only to arrive home from my parents. They send the regards to you. Now I shall go to have my breakfast, and I shall go then in to the girlfriend in a travel company. She has told, that all will issue as soon as possible. I shall be capable to stay with you the whole month. I have taken from my parents of money and all I shall pay on Wednesday. They gave me all money which at them now were available. I also have borrowed not many money from the girlfriend. Excuse, but I to you too have a request. To me any more from whom to borrow money to pay all. It is required to me one hundred Euros. I understand, that it is the big money. I earned such money only for a month earlier, but to me any more from whom to borrow. I shall give you necessarily them as soon as possible or I can fulfil this money at you houses. OK? When I worked in bank frequently used monetary system of transfer of money western union.