Scam letter(s) from Olga Nizovtseva to Phillip (USA)

Letter 1

Good day charm! I all the night long to wait when there will come morning to write to you the letter. I to want to tell about much to you. I shall try now to write about it: my growth of 170 centimeters. My weight of 56 kg.
My hobbies: Sports, music, theatre (an opera and a musical). From sports I prefer navigation. From music I prefer Bethoven and Mocart. In food I am very legible. I try to not use almost some meat and other animal fats. Most of all I love a fish and vegetative products (vegetables and fruit).
The favourite season is spring and autumn. It is very interesting for observing, when all blossoms and when all withers. I know two languages. Russian and English, the truth I need to be learned English better. I not so to understand cases. From clothes I prefer short skirts and an easy jacket., and also open shoes. On it I think, that I shall finish the story.
I wait for continuation of your story about myself and about the predilections and preferences in a life. OK? Today at us the big holiday. I to write to you about it yesterday. Today Easter. I painted in the morning eggs and did an easter cake. Now I shall go home that together with my girlfriends to celebrate easter. I shall write to you tomorrow necessarily. Do not overlook to write to me too!!! I think of you!!! Kisses! You Baby.
Letter 2

Dearest, hello. I very much missed on you. I did not have an access to a computer of the last two days, but now all was adjusted. I hope, what you missed on me too a little? Today in the street good weather and I has decided to wash up windows in an apartment. Now I shall go on the market behind products, and then I shall go home. I send you the photo which I to do yesterday. I was photographed by my girlfriend. I hope, that it is not too frank. OK, I need to go now. I shall write tomorrow longer letter.
I think of you every minute. Yours faithfully. Yours Baby.
Letter 3

Hi Loved, I yesterday to think much and I have understood, that I can trust you. I very much to want to have serious relations with you. I first of all appreciate in men (honesty, kindness, understanding). I think, that you to approach under all these criteria. I very much to want to create the family in the future. I now hope, that you my future. Tomorrow I shall inform you all my information and the real name as I to not want to be before you mysterious. I to want, that you knew all about me. I too to want to know about you all. Write to me everything, that you still did not inform me.
I also think, that my photos were too frank. Excuse if so, but I wanted to prove to be all through my photos. I very much wait for a bottom when we shall be together and we shall have an opportunity not only to write each other letters, but also to embrace and kiss each other. I hope, that you with me agree. I shall write to you tomorrow. Many kisses!!! Love. Yours Baby!
Letter 4

Lovely! At me a surprise. I send you a photo which to accept last night. Today in the morning I have had time to scan it and even to do an inscription for you. She not much amusing. Yesterday picnic was very successful, only today it hurt a stomach a little and I can not eat, as many sausages yesterday have been eaten. Now I shall go in a sports hall that my body was in the excellent form. Nearly has not overlooked to inform you. I to speak yesterday with my girlfriend and she has told, that will help me to legalize all papers and to buy tickets. I today shall give it the application on registration of my documents (the passport and visa). She has told, that all will issue as soon as possible during 15 days if that will turn out earlier, but not later. Tomorrow I shall go in a travel company and to pay all charges. Write to me the name of the airport where you can meet me and where I shall buy tickets. I also shall go today to parents in village. She it is not far from our city of only 25 kilometers. I should them inform, that I shall visit you, and also to ask them the financial help, what to pay my trip to you. I already spoke you, that now I to not have work. I now do not have money, is present only on a feed, but I am sure, that my parents will help me. Tomorrow I shall pay all! Do not overlook to write the name of the airport please. Ok? I should go in a sports hall, and then go to parents that tomorrow in the morning to return to city and to engage in registration of my travel to you! I shall write tomorrow. Do not miss! Love! Olga.
Letter 5

My Loving! I only to arrive home from my parents. They send the regards to you. Now I shall go to have my breakfast, and I shall go then in to the girlfriend in a travel company. She has told, that all will issue as soon as possible. I shall be capable to stay with you the whole month. I have taken from my parents of money and all I shall pay on Wednesday. They gave me all money which at them now were available. I also have borrowed not many money from the girlfriend. Excuse, but I to you too have a request. To me any more from whom to borrow money to pay all. It is required to me one hundred Euros. I understand, that it is the big money. I earned such money only for a month earlier, but to me any more from whom to borrow. I shall give you necessarily them as soon as possible or I can fulfil this money at you houses. OK? When I worked in bank frequently used monetary system of transfer of money western union. Send me of money to anyone western union to Russia for my full name. (Olga Nizovtseva). You to have my address! Most close located to me western union on to be gone to the address: Alfa bank: Kirova 108, Chelyabinsk. 454000, Russia.
Also you can send money through system of transfer of money (money gramma). Please send one hundred euros today. Do not overlook to send also the information which to you will give in branch western union. I very much wait for ours with you of a meeting. Love! Your Olga.
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