Scam letter(s) from Konkan Saatapron to Rolle (Sweden)

Letter 1

I always consider it very difficult to tell a little bit about myself without losing myself in lots of very uninteresting details. So I will try to keep it short and to the point; I was born in a city in North Eastern Myanmar in Shan State, Shan State should have been Shanland again but we all know what a number 4 position, in the list of most repressive governments of the UN list means. After the Myanmar (we call it still Burmese) government started to forcibly relocating us there was simply no way to feed ourselves anymore and therefore my parents fled to Thailand. First we were housed in Mae Hong Son province, which is bordering Shan State, and later in Chiangrai province. In 1980 my father was killed in a raid on the village together with 68 other people. I was separated from my mother when I was 7, when she got a new boyfriend. In that time children of refugees did not had any right on schooling. We were educated however with grants from the European union notably the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. I got because of that a far more European education than normally would have been the case. When I was 11 I was put in a program and offered a place in a European school, this is still happening and hundreds of people get an education this way. I had no problem adapting myself and I had fun in school and good results. At the age of 19 I went to the UK to study, also paid for by the Nordic countries, the Netherlands and Germany. I graduated not too long ago after which I had to return to Thailand. I would have loved to stay in the West notably Europe but the visa regulations are that tight that if I didn’t return I would have become an illegal alien and as such I would have had huge problem ever obtaining a visa. Although I feel that I could do any job in Thailand I am not allowed to do so as minority people are considered foreigners and foreigners may not work in most businesses. Now I work in the Northern Mountains, I am unhappy with it, but I have not much of a choice. I am working in the office of a company that exports the traditional agricultural goods to Japan, Europe and Taiwan mainly. I am used for everything that my boss can think of as long as I am busy. I am looking for a nice man, I have no problem obtaining a visa for ANY Western country, and I am NOT interested in a foreign citizenship. I am just interested in becoming happy with a man who is nice, caring, helpful and loving.
Letter 2

Darling leave the red roses where they belong,in the garden.... I like things within normal proportions.. but thanks anyhow. Be grateful that people can sit on their behind. Believe it or not we like to do something like that now and than too, but we do not have the chance. It is indeed utterly important to be able to trust people and I do not think it has much to do with being romantic. I like clarity and we all like a little attention dear Rolle.but it is not clear to me what you are really looking for and when.
Letter 3

There are not so much princes lately and to be honest I do not like royalties... No I have a decent education I can work myself. I am just looking for man to become rally happy with, But I do realize that the tongue has no **** and that people need to be together in order to make things work,
Letter 4

darling when two people really want and they take care of each other very well, there is a huge chance that they come become happy together. But please remember I never ever slept with a man before so let that not be a big disappointment for you.
Letter 5

So why don't we make it happen Rolle, your eyes must see before your heart can decide. People must be together for at least a few months to see of things do work.
Letter 6

Well most girls \here are more beautiful than I am and some are less beautiful but they all slept with men more or less forcibly from very very young age onwards. I was never against sleeping with a man Rolle but it simply never happened. I was too busy with my study and over here I simply feel not attracted to the men.
Letter 7

I have no problem getting a job, if I write a mail to the London Schools of Business and Economics where I studied they provide a job for me with big international companies, also in Sweden there are banks and insurers, trust funds and research businesses in need of Monetary economists who do speak fluently Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
I were hoping that you would ask are the man.
Letter 8

NO, I have a visa for ALL Schengen countries. I can send you the official letter, I was more referring to an invitation to gve it a try with you, to be your girlfriend. I thought that you would have understood that. But it is a non starter anyhow. Although I hold a ticket to london which I could re route to Sweden, or any other place, and although I have a visa, I will Not be able to buy myself free from my snakehead. he gave me this job and without a job no food, here and thus I need to work 28 more months 93 hours a week instead of 60 and with a salary cut of 45%.If I like to leave I must pay him an amount of 44600 baht and that is a non starter anyhow. Khing
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