Scam letter(s) from Irina Cosova to Paul (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear!
It's very pleasant for me to get your message. It's very nice when two people can start new wonderful relations. I believe that our relations will be wonderful. First of all I think we should exchange our information about ourselves with some facts about each other and some likes and dislikes. My name is Ira and I am a secretary. I work in one small firm and I like my job as it concerns communication with new interesting people, but the only thing I don't like is my low salary. I live with my mother. Unfortunately I don't have a father. My parents divorced when I was a little girl. I remember that it was rather difficult situation for parents and for me with my sister. I have an elder sister. She lives with her daughter. So I am an aunt already. I admire playing with my sweetie niece and she likes when I visit her and her mother. I'd like to have a serious relationship with a man who will love, trust and understand me. I'd like to create my strong and happy family and to have many children with my special one who will be my husband. I want to have a happy family and I am sure that it takes much time to find the one for myself. And I am ready to wait for a long time, because I really don't want to have the situation my parents had. But, first, I think, we have to know each other better. Could you send me pictures of you, please? And tell me more about yourself. You know, everything about you will be interesting for me. What do you prefer to do when you have some free time? Do you have many friends? Are you close with them? I am waiting impatiently for your respond.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 2

Hello, my dear
What a nice surprise to get your respond. Thank you for your letter you are very handsome man. It's very good to get some information about you and your life. As you already know everything about you is very interesting for me. So keep telling me about yourself. How is your life now in general? Are you busy these days? Do you have enough time to relax? And what do you prefer to do for relaxation? I like outdoors very much and have many friend to go there. I like parties as well. Disco clubs - that just for me. Dance music is to my taste. I like sport and try to keep fit. I think it is very important to be healthy and like to live active life. I like fashion and try to look fashionable. I like everything beautiful and try to see it everywhere. They say I'm an easy-going person and I think so as well. I like communication. I read much and like to know all the latest news. I like TV. I'm good at cooking and like housekeeping. I told you that I liked all beautiful and like to keep my flat cozy and clean. I think it's one more important thing. Oh, maybe, that's enough for now? Ask me, please, any questions. I'll answer you. Unfortunately, I don't know English. It's my big problem. I use Firm which provides me with translation of my letters and Internet. Several years ago I studied it at school, but I find it difficult to speak and to write in English. But would like to learn it. Maybe you will be my teacher? I wish our communication will be easy when we meet. I really hope that we'll meet and would like it to be so. I hope my letter have found you in a good mood and health. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
With my sweet kiss,
Letter 3

Hello my dear!
Thank you very much for your letter. I am very much glad that you are still interested in me. It is very pleasant. I hope your day is good and you are fine. Am I right? I am thinking of you and about our correspondence and I feel a bit strange. We have never met each other in person and only exchange letters, but I feel very comfortable with you and it is a real pleasure for me to read your letters and to write answers for you. What are you doing? Is everything all right there? What is your weather like? Maybe all these questions are not important, but I want to know you as well as possible and everything that concerns you is very important for me. I want us to meet in person one day. Don't you mind?:)))) I think it will be much more useful than to exchange letters. Do you agree? Please, tell me more about yourself, your job, your friends. I will appreciate all the information. You know, I have already used to receive your letters and it is a pleasant ritual for me to read them. So I am waiting for each your letter and will be happy to receive even a few words from you. Your letters bring smile on my face and they also bring a good mood for me. I am waiting for your reply with impatience and I also hope this my letter will reach you in good mood and health. Bye for now. I am thinking about you.
I miss you,
Your Ira.
Letter 4

Dear Paul,
We are the firm that provides our clients with such services: translation, using of computer, Internet, phone translation. Irina C. is the client of our firm. She paid for the translation and we provided her with Internet. Now Ira's account is over. As soon as she makes a payment and her account will be re-open, we'll translate her reply for you. If you are really interested in Ira and want to help her with payment for the translation of your correspondence, we can send you information concerning our service and payment.
Sincerely Yours,
Director of RLS
Alexander Dubo.
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