Scam letter(s) from Elena Sukachova to Brian (USA)

Letter 1

My Dearest Brian! My Sweetheart!
How are you doing? Thank you for your heartwarming letters. I feel so happy!
Dear, I am usually at work from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. I have checked it on our time difference, yes, we are 7 hours ahead. My zip code is 91019.
Dear, I have asked them at the travel agency about the trip to Miami. It costs 714$ including passport, visa and tickets. They need 10 working days after payment to prepare the trip. They told me at the travel agency you can send me money for the trip by western union to my name: Elena Sukachova
Ul. Kirova 5/1
91019 Lugansk
Ukraine I have been imagining the wonderful time we will have together when we meet. I dream on candle lit dinners and our communication....what we talk about and how we will do that. I’ll be very excited to be able to meet you and spend quality time with you.
I want us both to be wrapped up into each others hearts and souls. There could be no other way for us. We were meant for each other.
There is a lot we must do together when we meet. I know you and I will experience many new, different emotions together. I want to be that partner to support you and give you respect and devotion.
You are always in my heart and head......
Yours Lena
Letter 2

Brian! My Love!
I can hardly writing to you, because my eyes are watery now. They didn’t give me a visa. They told me we have to meet first in Ukraine. I haven’t met you in my country, so they denied my application. I am sending money back to you by post. Dear, please, come to me. I love you so very much!
I miss you much.
All my thought of you, Dear. I thought we would be happy soon. And now... I am so upset, I am so disappointed. Dear, You are strong I need your mental support.
I am going back to Lugansk now. I will be in Lugansk tomorrow morning.
I miss you Brian
I love you
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