Letter(s) from Matse Mandisi to James (USA)

Letter 1

thanks for the response.i was born i vienna-austria.my dad use to be a medical doctor he died 7yrs ago of heat failure.he studied in vienna-austria.my mom is a retired nurse matron,she did her nursing in united kingdom.i myself i studied business administration in the university.my only brother just finished from the medical college.i use to work for a consulting firm here in dakar but early this year the company folded up and they had to lay all the workers off andi was affected.luckily for me i applied to the united states embassy over heree in senegal through a friend who works with theunited nations and i was issued a vis since march.my greatest worries now is that my visa is expiring 30th of june uptill now i have not been able to raise $1550usd to buy my ticket to states. i am caring, loving, sincere; romantic, kind, openminded; outgoing, adventurous, sensitive. i like listening to music, reading, camping, biking, watching movies, taking longwalk, cooking, playing tennis, golf, playing board games, investing. his a bit about myself and myu background. pleae feel free to ask me anyothr hing you want to know about me, please tell me about yourself too. senegal is in west africa.
please honey try and lets see that this relationship is a succes.

Letter 2

honey i have a tourist visafor united states.i hope to remain back in states even if my visa expires.to be frank with you i dont have that time to start running around to scan my papers because you dont trust me.this is the first time i am seeing somebody telling me to scan this,that because you dont trust me.i was in newyork in 2001,my family friend that sent me money never told me to scan anything.please i am seriously running around to organise my life and raise money and move,i wont have such time to go and start scaning my papers because you want to help me.pleae if you cant help me without scaning my papers please forget me.