Romance scam letter(s) from Ludmila Kalistratova to Ragnar (Sweden)
Letter 1

My dear Ragnar ,
October 25 - 30 - okei , you necessary to go in offise western union 400 usd, already tomorrow and send me facility , then I can take my ticket on October 25 - 30 , visa okay I have Sengen. For this you necessary my home adress ..
name : Ludmila Aleksandrovna
surname : Kalistratova
city : Saratov
country : Russia
street : Rjabinovskaja 4 - 23
index : 410009
I one..................this be my passport a name , but friends name me Tatiana , since in Russia very popular group Taty.
Your Tatik
Letter 2

If you will read this letter in time and tomorrow I will be able to get facility , that you necessary will meet me in aeroport , I will indicate you exact date and arrival time , my flight number .
Letter 3

My dear love Ragnar ,
Yes I has got your beautiful e mail , and I will go in bank tomorrow and report;inform all new and good details.
ok !
Your Tatu
Letter 4

My dear ............
Finally, my friends has left and I conduct their always sad to part.
You get my letters?
Beside me all well , beside us in city has fallen out the snow already , but weather good , not much coldly already.
As deal beside you
Your love .........
Letter 5

My dear Ragnar ,
Sorry , for the delay in answers since I usually occupied in work and go after functioning (working) for buying if my letters do not come to you I shall search for other internet clubs. Presently beside me exceedingly occupied days , much Problems and cares with my family. I am pleased that you understand me certainly , I can not promise you is honorred my arrival soon , or even this can postpone for a while , but I want to support relationship with you if you like this and as soon as I will have okay I will be able to arrive to you , since before our acquaintance I had the lad which took care of ai me , but now it newly wants to do this , it has heard that we correspond with you. I in confusion who choose me , me necessary time that take the correct decision , in any event we shall be support of relationship with you.
Letter 6

My dear lovely frend Ragnar ,
I write you letter , I like to write you letters...... today as usually I go in internet clubs that check the mail , on evidence already became coldly and will soon be snow. My expensive I want to you , your love will warm me. Beside me okay and I always wait your beautiful letter kiss
Letter 7

My dear I will write you soon.........Your Ludmila
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