Letter(s) from Irina Maksimova to George (USA)

Letter 1

George, honey, I've just got your message. It's too late for long interesting letter (I should go to sleep the sleep of the just), but I should answer some of your questions. Well, tomorrow I'll be examining Atlas of the World and to call to our travel agency. First of all - concerning your weight - I assure you every man, who'll live with such good cook like me will be skeleton in a couple of months. Do not worry. You'll dream about your former weight very soon. :) ha ha ha
Well, your questions -
What is your full given name?
Irina Borisovna Maksimova
What is your complete address?
I have two addresses, my official address and my real address -
Official - Kyrochnaya street, house 23, flat 11
St-Petersburg, Russia
Real - Gorky street, 11, flat 12, Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia What is your height/weight?
What is your birth date?
Do you have a valid passport?
In Russia we have two kinds of passports - Russia (local) and passport for travel abroad. I have both of them.
Ok. I kiss you and I look forward to your answer.

Letter 2

George, thanks for your answer.
Yes, as we start serious discussion of real steps we should have clean understanding of our wishes and possibilities.
I'll try to explain my position once again in detail.
George, we are living in absolutely different prices worlds. I have quite good month income right now, about 140$ per month.
I should pay about 100$ for any taxes and meal every month. You can count up how many months I should collect money to give my debt back, if I'll borrow money to pay my travel expenses if we'll have a wish to meet somewhere. Therefore I'll not discuss any meetings if I'll need to borrow any money without your help. Not because I'm spoiled or greedy for money girl, just because I have no possibility, as the normal Russian girl. This is beyond my pocket. It is not connected to the desire to get an easy vacation for the another's account. But maybe you are right - first of all I search for man who would be able to pay any our travel expenses, my future life and so on. And to tell the truth I want to have more romantic and interesting first date.
My offer to borrow about 350$ is connected to my opportunity to borrow such money till our meeting and it's connected to my wish to show you that I not ask to send money to unknown person in Internet.
Concerning meeting in Russia - I'm not against. But you should remember - I live in small town, far enough from big cities as St-Petersburg and Moscow, and I have no own place for residence in such cities during possible meeting in Russia. I do not think you have the wish and possibility to come to any tiny town and to stay here during your visit, moreover our small towns have no hotels, because it's Russia, it's not America. Therefore, if we'll meet we should solve question of my travel expenses whatever the case, for date in Russia or in any other place. Second - of course the first date somewhere abroad is more interesting for me than meeting in Russia, because I want to have romantic impressions too, and to not feel myself something like guide. I want to be guest too. My offer is just most logical and rational way to meet, and nothing more. I perfectly realize if we'll plan meeting in Russia, you'll offer to meet in St-Petersburg or Moscow, because you'll have no chance to reach and stay in any little town somewhere in Russia, for example in my town. Such trip from America to Russia have price about a couple of thousands dollars. And if you'll book hotel in such cities (hotel in Russia is extremely expensive, even for foreigners). Moreover, you'll need quite long procedure to solve your question with visa.
(concerning fiancee visa - you are right, but American embassy do not demand date in Russia. Such visa demand proofs of real relations only, it is unimportant where, - pictures, video and letters) George, I want to tell you one clever thing - there are no exact guarantees when two unknown strangers met in Internet and are trying to know each other better. I have examples from correspondences of my girlfriends. There are men, which try to get big guarantees before real steps, and they try to think up more and more conditions and terms before the first meeting in chase of steady guarantees and confidence of success. But there are no such guarantees, and we have wish to meet - be easy and think about good. It's most right way.
In the word - I can write basic moments concerning real possible meeting - 1. I'll meet with serious intentions to check our chances for joint future. 2. I'm ready to meet in any convenient place for you (except countries with hard visa mode for me).
3. All my travel expenses and accommodation during our meeting - from your pocket, I'll not discuss it.
4. I prefer to meet in near future, because as you can see we have quite different points of view even now. And long-term correspondence without confidence to have agreement in future is worry me a little. 5. I can ask about a week of days off for first meeting (because my working schedule).
Concerning my previous relations. During last year I have two correspondences and two real meetings, unsuccessful, it's a pity. First time I've not understood why we had lack of understanding, it was mutual misunderstanding, and we decided to stop future relations, second time man hid his real age, he sent me pictures of young man, but in real life he have turned out to be prehistoric Egyptian pyramid. OK, I kiss you and I wait for your answer.

Letter 3

Goe, honey, thanks for your answer.
Goe, can I write this letter briefly?
And you'll ask me your questions and more information, if my information will be interesting for you, ok?
So, first of all, it would be better if you'll call me - 7-8136120990. My office number, I'll be there the day after tomorrow. Concerning beach trips - right now there are four variants for 8-days standard trips to different places in our travel agency - 1. Alanya (Turkey) - 490$
2. Egypt (Hurghada) - 600$
3. Goa (India) - 1250$
4. Larnaca (Cyprus) - 580$
I kiss you and I look forward to your answer!

Letter 4

Hello, my dear Geo!
I've just got your message, honey!
Geo, I think we should solve such serious question like our real date step by step. OK? First of all, I have a lot of information and offers of our tourist agency, but before discussing all these offers, I would like to find our some main moments, otherwise all other discussion would be senseless. So, we have two ways to meet -
1. First way - I should borrow money and pay my trip till our meeting, and after that you'll help me with my travel expenses. If we'll go this way - I can borrow about 250-300$. But such way will give me possibility to book trip to Tallinn or Helsinki only.
It's all the same for me - if you agree to meet in Tallinn or Helsinki - I would be glad.
2. All other variants with our countries and places, which demand more travel expenses. The list of these countries are long enough -
Thailand, Egypt, Tunisia, Cyprus, India and so on, and prices of such trips are from 400 and up to 2000$. But in this way I'll need your payment of my trip beforehand.
Therefore I would like to know main answer - which way we'll go and your wish concerning country and optimum price of my trip for you. Can you write me about it? OK?
Tomorrow evening I should escort my niece to the dentist. Wow, you know, I foresee the real battle. She know about this unavoidable visit already, and she started to cry since this evening, 24 hours prior visit. :) She hate dentists (I too), and I have no idea how I'll drag her to clinic tomorrow. Wish me good luck. She like sweets and candies, and as the result - bad tooth, awful dentist tools, whining dental drilling engine, ocean of blood...wow, I think I'll sink into a faint right now. :) OK, I hope everything will be OK, and she will bite dentist not so heavily. Not to death. ha ha ha
Geo, brother will make my pictures this weekend and I'll send you, ok? OK, Geo, honey, I kiss you and I'll go to sleep. kiss kiss kiss

Letter 5

Hello, dear! Geo, thank you for your answer!
Listen, my boss told me today he can give me days off right after June,10. Because June,10 is the holiday - the Day of our town. Can you imagine? My tiny shitty town have own Day. ha ha ha
Therefore we'll have a lot of job right before this field day, and I should be in firm again, after June,30, because my boos will take annual vacation since June,29.
Therefore we have period from June,11 till June,30. Or I can take days off in the end of May, if you'll have a time to prepare to your trip. Geo, honey, I perfectly understand that first blind date should be not expensive. But, on the other hand we should meet in interesting and romantic place, less or more. So right now I have two offers for you - 1. If we'll meet in Tallinn or Helsinki, it'll demand about 250-260$ for Tallinn and about 300-320$ for Helsinki. I can borrow this money, and I'll do not need your preliminary help before our meeting. I can book trip with my arrival to these city on May,29, or after June,10.
2. If we'll find our places - most cheap trips in our tourist agency is charter special tourist flights - we have such flights to Egypt (Hurghada) and Turkey (Alanya and Antalya) - about 400-450$ Tunisia (Suss) and Cyprus (Limassol and Larnaca) - about 550-600$ Other trips to other countries and cities of Europe are more expensive than 600-700$.
Well, now you have my dates and prices in our agency, and I look forward to your decision. But I should say one important moment - in any case, agency will demand about two weeks to arrange my trip, therefore, I should have your decision about place and exact dates two weeks prior our meeting, ok?
Kiss you!

Letter 6

Good morning, my honey! Today morning the sun peeped out from behind the clouds, rain is over, weather is fine and some little birds (I think it tomtits) try to sing on my balcony. They try to discern through the window what I'm doing right now.
My weekend is usual and melancholic a little bit.
Today I try to tidy up my flat. I have the old and freakish vacuum cleaner. This scrap pile remind me some awful spy device from movie about James Bond. And my vacuum cleaner bray as the shuttle during launching. Therefore my neighbors perfectly know when I tidy up my flat. I hope they can't watch TV and chat when I clean my sweet home. :) Do you know what!? Yesterday I flooded my neighbors from flat which is under my flat! Yeah! I watched the music-show Eurovision, and the washing machine was washing my raggery in my bathroom. I have no idea why, but some important rubber hose was disconnected and water overflowed the machine onto the bathroom floor, and I organized the very nice Great Noah Flood for neighbors.
I do not know why, but they were very displeased. They told me yesterday that I'm silly cow. I told them the same. One word led to another...wow! I promised them, I have my soul-mate abroad, who is real "Killer of neighbors", therefore you have an order to send them to their fathers. :) ha ha OK, Geo, you asked me some questions - honey, if we talk about date in Tallinn or Helsinki - 8-days trip is maximum duration, because tourists not stay there more than one week.
We have 14-days trips to any seasides and resort places, where tourist go to take a rest.
I do not know, what kind of trip you prefer. If we'll go to meet in any nice historical city - we'll walk along city, to see any historical and interesting places, to discover new place. If we'll go to any seaside resort - we'll swim, take a rest under the sun and so on. Geo, can you tell me - what kind of trip is more interesting for you? What country or city? As our agency demand about two weeks to arrange all travel papers - I should start to book my trip next two weeks.
And it would be better to start next week, because right before summer school vacation a great lot of people will try to book any tourist trips, and agency told me - it would be better to start next week.
I kiss you! I look forward to your answer!

Letter 7

Hello George!! Thanks for new prehistoric picture! George, concerning our meeting.
I'll explain for you main information concerning trips to Finland from St-Petersburg.
First of all - all tourist trips from St-Petersburg have the departure on Thursday with arrival to Helsinki on Friday morning. After that, duration of staying will depend on concrete tourist trip and duration of trip, but all trips have arrival to Helsinki on Friday morning, every week.
Therefore, if you'll come to Wednesday, you should wait till Friday morning for my arrival. Or you should find flight with arrival on Friday too. Agency should arrange full tourist package of trip for me. They should book - ticket, medical insurance and room in hotel, after that they will show these documents in Finnish embassy, and after that Finnish embassy will give my visa. Embassy will reject my visa if agency haven't even one of these papers. Because of visa rules of Schengen countries for Russian citizens.
Therefore - we have two variants - or I'll need 300-320$ to book my trip, and you'll book your ticket and room in the same hotel, or I can book my trip but with double room and you'll need your ticket only. I'll need your full official name to do it. And I think I'll need about 200$ more, to do it. Because I'll do by train, and I do not think the train ticket have price more than 100-120$.
George, all tourist agency in Russia not accept credit cards. I perfectly know it, because I was finding out this information already. I took bank account for payment from abroad.
Full account of travel agency in my town is -
SWIFT code of bank - SABRRU2P
Name of bank - Saving Bank of the Russian(Severo-Zapadny Office) St-Petersburg
Number of account - 42307978255385000011
Name of account - Travel agency Olga Bordovskaya
OK, George, I kiss you, my Pyramid-man! I look forward to your answer!

Letter 8

Hello George!
George, sorry for my forced silence today. But I had really busy and crazy day in my firm and my sufferings are continue. I hope your day was much better than mine.
My day was not bad, but when I came home I had phone call of my best girlfriend.
Do you know what? My best girlfriend informed me (with a very joyful voice) that lease of her flat was over, the host of flat decided not to extend a lease, and she is going to stay in my poor, sweet, cozy (up till now) "for a while". It mean she is moving together with her "Punch-and-Judy show" (I forgot to say that she are going to stay in my flat with her family) in the direction of my sweet apartment. And all this zoo - her husband, and a couple of little spoilt monsters (I do not know why, but she names them "my wonderful children"), so, and all this zoo will stay in my flat during a week (if I'll not kill them ahead of time).
George, darling, I'm in panic. Tomorrow evening this gang will be here. Good-bye my peace and quiet, good-bye my tidy flat, good-bye my life. Listen, I know I'm very bad girl, but why the Lord punished me so cruelly? Right now I try to conceal all the most brittle and dear things in different corners of my flat. And I should cook something tasty to regale my guests, as the generous host.
I'll cook something special...something very special....something tasty and fatal. Yep. Ok, not fatal, but practically fatal. Let they live in my loo during this month, right? ha ha ha George, you asked me - if I'll book double room in hotel "Sokos Helsinki" for both or us for - I should pay 500-520 euros for 8-days trip for me with double room. Listen, June,18 sounds good! I agree.
OK, George, honey, I wait for your answer!
Kiss you, dear!

Letter 9

Dear, thanks for your answer!
Listen, today I have a very exciting discussion with my girlfriends about any different moments of daily life abroad, in various countries. I would like to ask you one interesting questions -
1. Can you write me about prices in your place? I mean - average prices of any usual things, which we buy in our daily life every day. For example - dinner in restaurant for one person, cup of coffee, bottle of wine, video-cassette, DVD disk, ticket to underground, box of cigarette, ticket to cinema, nuclear bomb (ha ha ha, just kidding) and so on. Can you call to memory your usual day, and day of weekend also, step by step, and write me your expenditure of these days? In detail. You know, it's very interesting for me.
And I'll write you my usual day and my weekend day also, ok? 2. Can you write me about most adventurous exotic experience in your life?
OK, now your questions. Geo, sorry, it was my mistake concerning dollars and euros. The point is that, when the agency counts up the price of trip, it makes calculation in currency of the country of trip. All trips to the European countries have the prices in euro. I have written cost in dollars in the previous letters wrongly. The agency names to me an estimated cost with a small variation in 20 euros because the price of trip consist of the price several things - hotel, the ticket, etc. The prices of these thing can vary, therefore total price can vary too in small limits within a month. For example - today the price 510 euros, but in a month the same trip will have the price in 520 euros, and in some days more - only 480 euros. Therefore I write you about an approximate price in 500-520 euros.
If I'll buy such trip right now, today, I should pay 510 euros (I remind you - we are talking about price of trip with double room, and with some prehistoric man who are snoring in this room). But, if you'll transfer money from your bank even today - such remittance will go during 10-12 days up to bank account of tourist agency. And agency will start to book my trip as soon as they will get your remittance - and they will count my trip depending on prices of day when they'll get your payment. Therefore, if it's not so important for you - let it be 520 euros, ok? Deal? Next question - George, it would be better if you send payment as soon as possible. Your payment will go about 12 days (working days), and after that agency will demand about two weeks to arrange all my papers and visa. Concerning the receipt. Geo, all what I can do - after payment of my trip agency will give me full bill of my trip. I'll scan out it and I'll send you this receipt with my e-mail. George, I want to say one serious thing - do not worry, I'm not going to write letters during a months, with one idea to get easy money. I'll come without doubts. Because I need more - I need you, I need your house, I need your bank account and need you life and country and so on :) ha ha ha
Ok, George, if seriously - you should inform me as soon as you'll send transfer, I should inform travel agency about your transfer and your full name for booking room.
Very important moment - I forgot to tell you - I sent you full bank account of agency, and when you'll send payment you should do it in euro, because it's euro-account. And name of account should be written exactly - Travel agency Olga Bordovskaya. Agency told me sometimes they have problems to get payments because senders write name not correctly, or they try to cut full name of account. George, honey, your prehistoric woman with looooooooooong club kiss you and wait for your lovely answer! And write me what present should I bring to you from Russia, ok?
Kiss kiss kiss

Letter 10

Hello, Geo!
Dear, I managed to pick up some evil microbe, and my poor body is lying in the bed right now.
Full complete set of amusement - cough, fever and depressed mood. I'll belying like a log in bed all Sunday long and to wait for your letter. OK? Tomorrow I'll be fine.
OK, I watch horror-movie "Others" right now.
About ghosts. Brr....Nicole Kidman gads about in the big dark house with ghosts. It is so scary, you know. I saw more scary story only once - when my boss have bad mood (all the time) and he gads about in our office like the Hamlet father ghost. :) ha ha
Geo, you asked me about duration of trip to St-Petersburg - I should go by train about 2,5 hours.
About 5 hours there and back. Tomorrow I'll go again.
Yes, I have modem, and I write from home and office computers. But Internet service is very expensive for me here (I wrote about it in past messages).
Geo, I want to meet you, because you funny. I'm funny too, and I think our date will end in church or in Finnish prison. ha ha ha How is your weekend?