Letter(s) from Natalia Ishenko to JC (Belgium)

Letter 1

Smart! Its me Natalya. Excuse me, that I to not answer you at once. In the first at me was a lot of work. In the second on a server where my electronic box malfunctions were were. All right, it is very pleasant for me, that you have written to me. I am glad, that have found you in Internet. You that which man I to want for serious attitudes! It is a little about itself: to me of 27 years. I have not been married and to not have children. I live in city Kazan. I was born in city Cheboksary. several months ago I to move to city Cheboksary for constant a residence and works. I now work as the instructor on navigation in committee on physical training and tourism. My work very much is pleasant to me, as to me brings pleasure dialogue with people. I now to live one in an one-room apartment. I unfortunately do not have parents. I was the afterthought in family and my parents have died several years ago. They have died almost during one time with a difference in one year. Him was hardly more than 65 years. To mum 65, and the daddy of 67 years. Let's not be about sad. I to want, that you too spoke more about yourself and about the family. I shall write to you in the following letter more about myself. Today I think what to speak enough, to not tire you with the story. It will be not interesting, if I in the first letter shall speak all about myself, as do not remain what secret to draw your attention. You really very much have liked me. I specially to do this photo to place her in Internet, to find to myself the man. I am very glad, that I to find you!!!!!!! I for the first time to search for the attitude in INternet, but I am very happy. Only please write to me today the answer! OK! I very much wait for your letter! I wish good day! Kiss!!! Natalya.
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