Romance scam letter(s) from Alla Tykhonova to Richard (England)
Letter 1

Dear Rich!
Thank you very much for your letter, I am really very glad to hear from you, and I want to know you better, I am very interested in you. I just wanted to tell you, that I believe that you are serious person and that you are not going to play games with me, because I am seriously looking for marriage and I want to find my only soul mate.... I know that we have the common wishes and dreams, and I hope to know you closer, maybe we will prolong our relations in this way...
I do not even know what to tell you about myself.. as you can see, I am rather thoughtfull, and I like reading very much, one of the reasons for this is that I am still a student and sometimes, if the lection is not very interesting, I letmyself to read something new for me from the classics, or some thng nwe by foreing writers..... but now I have less time for thios, because i have to wrok and study the same time, and this is rather difficult for me, but still it is good!!!! I study traditional Ukrainian designs and I have some ideas bout my future job with this, na d now I work at a school as a teacher of arts, I work with children aged 10-15, and I like this! Simon, I do not really know what are you interesed in to know more about me, I am just the usual, butthe same time I am very special.... I have a lot of friends, but I do not have enough time to spend with, and sometimes they all just com to see me in my little renetd room in an apertment next to the University I study.... My landlady is very nice woman, that is why she is not very mad about such meeting, thogh if this could happen every week, i think I would have to look for another room):):):):):):):)
There is another thing I want to tell you at once, is my english..... I do nopt speak it, and if you are wondering about how I write these letters, you should not! Here in Luhansk is not very difficult to find a translator, but the problem is to find the one you trust, because it is very dangerous now, the situation with the marriage agencies is terrible, and they try to find a lady to use in their purposes, that is why I havedecided to use the service I can trust to, this is the internet cafe I m using now for writing to you..... I do not know to explaine this to you right now, because if you thinkthat this is a great problem fo you that I do not speak your language, you will not write to me anymore, and I do not want to to keep your attention just for silly things..... and I still hope that you are reading this letter and I wan to tell you that Ithink this is enough for today, and I will be waiting for your reply, and hope it will be positive, and informative as well)))))
Letter 2

Dear Richard!
I am so happy to get every your letter, I'm looking for the each one. I don't know what you are making with me!!! It is so strong feeling inside on my heart and soul. I often imagine that we are together walking along the desert beach or just sitting very close to one another and looking in each other's eyes. You tell me how you missed me being so far away and the tears od the greatest happiness are running on my cheacks. Your arms are so gentle amd warm, you take my hand and hug me very kindly. I feel like on the heaven and it seems impossible to want something else in this life. Your strong shoulder is next to mine, and everything arround smiles back to us. The birds are singing just for two the happiest people on the planet and the sun is shining for our little kids playing in the yard. Sweety, is it real or it is my wonderful dream only?
You know.... Sometimes life goes strange and surprising ways. We are ar away from each other, several 1000's of kilometers, but with email, we send greetings in a few minutes. Like our thoughts, they are free, don't know borders of countries or distance.
The pleasure to correspond with you is also on my side ! Of course, behind all is also something more serious, that let's me think about you often.Where are you???? Who are you????
You seem to have a wide soul. I do think so....Keep your dreams alive, Remember, that every changement in life starts with a dream. Your beloved person, your family, the soul of children, can be the reason, to bring dreams into reality, in a way, that they don't loose it's magic and it's charm ...
What do you think of me, i hope that you take me seriously, i do want this to come true...
I am waiting for your leter,
Letter 3

Dear Rich!
I will be happy if you come to see me, and I think you will need the visa, because it seems to me I have heard something about this, but I am not sure, can you check this somehow???? Maybe inInternet??? i do not know... But if you come, we will have the great time together, I will show you the sity and I hope you can like it!!! I will introduce you to my parents, would you mind??? I hope not)))) I do not think it ois too soon, because the real meeting seems to be the best way to know each other better and I see we are going to do this anyway! if you really can come to seeme and if you feel like this, why to wait???? Moreovet, i think you are coming not tomorrow and we will have some time to communicate as well, we are going to keep in touch, right???
You have asked moe about the fee for the translation servise... I want ed to talk to you about this, i pay about 5.0 USD for every letter to be converted and I should say it is too much for me and if you really want to help me with paying the translation, I will be just happy! This is really great step forward in our relations, and if we have started trust each other that way, this is just great!!!
Unfortumately I will not be able to use your tel ninber, because I do not have telephone at my place, I live in a rened room, but I will try to aggange somethingfor us to have a telephone conversation, if you wish!!!))) I will be waiting for your letter.
Letter 4

Dear Richard!
I really think it will be great if we meet!
I will try to prepare everything... unfortunately about the invitation letter I will be able to tel you only on Monday, because they have a dfay of today and tomorrow (Sunday and Monday), but as far as I know something new I will tell you at onse, ok???)))))
I think it will not be a problem to find a room for you here... I am not sure that you can stay at my place, because I rent a room myself, but I think I can arrange this somehow with the landlady, or maybe it would be better to rent a room for you, because I do not think you would like to sat at hotel... they are not so good, and very expencive, but I need to check everything, ok?????
There is an airport in Lugansk, but you can get here from Kiev, the capital, because there are no international flinhts to Lugansk.
About the translations...
I was talking to my translator and she told me that if we are going to prolong your communication (and we are going!) she is ready to help us with this, you know, I trust her and I know that she is very good and she really understand the situation! I told you that I pay about 5$ for every letter ans the lady told that we can use unlimited service for 120$ per month, and this is much better, I think, moreover, I will be able to write to you anytime I wish, and as many letters a day, as I want! I think this is really great, do not you think so??? I want to know your opinion, but I think that this way is the best fo us, moreover, it would be easier to use, do not you think so????
Also, lady tanslator told me that it would be easier to use the Western Union transfer system, or Money Gram, do you know about this????? She sais that this is very safe and very fast way for wiring, do not you think so??? And I think she told me you will need the information, which is the name and address of the translator.
So, name is
Alla Tihonova
16, Voronezskaya Stereet
zip code 91007.
It seems to me that you will need to go to a bank and fill this information to a blank, and it seems to be rather easy, do not you think so???? I know that we will meet soon, and till then we can correspond like this, and maybe till the day of our meeting I will try to learn some english for better communication, and you know, I am trying to do my best and I see you want the same, and I feel this is really great!
I will be waiting for your letter,
Letter 5

Dear Rich!
I do not know who can you do this, but you are making me smiling!!!))) I feel so happy hearing from you!!! thank you very much for this!!!!!
What about Kiev, I think we can check this, because you are not sur about he date, I am correct??? But this is ok, and even if we deside to meet in Kiev, I will try to arrange something with the flat, but it will be for two, right??)))) smile... This way I will be cooking for you definitely)))) Good!!!))))) foxy smile)))))))))))))))
And about the English.. I have talked to the lady translator, and she agreed to teach me, she told me that this is possible, though she has not got a lot time free, but I come to her every day anyway,,so, she said id I am her client, ahe would help us as well!! She proposes to study three times a week, one class is 1,5 hours, and this will cost 180$ per month, she told me that I am rather bright student, she has made a little test, and she told me that till the day of our meeting I will be able to explaine you what do I want and how can you do this_))))) Joking, really, she told me that I can remind everything I studied at school, though I do not remember a lot, and I will be able to be a good interpreter for you in Kiev))))))) I was thinking a lot about hs, and it seems to me that ths is a good idea, do not you think so>????? This way we will not have to look for interpritor and to carry him to Kiev and to pay for his hotel and so on, I think this is good idea, what do you think??? If I start now, I think I have anough time to surprise you!!!
But I want to know your opinion first, and I hope you would agree, because I ... I feel like I have already started, and I hope you do as well!!!!
You know, I have met my old friend today, she is getting married next week, and she asked me to come... this is so starange..,.. I havenot seen her for ages, and now I ma meetig her just before her wedding... misterious.. but you know, iwas glad to meet her, though I could not imagine she can be somethere here... I have heard her parents moved to Moscow, I am not sure.. and I was surprised, but you know.,\ I think that wedding is a good, eapesially for a young lady, and I am gald for her!!!
She told me that I know her future husband, but she have not called his name, I suppose this is my class mate, I do remember they were dating long time ago, but I am not sire still... I am esxcited a bit, but we'll see...
So, till the tomorrow, I hope you are not working too hard, though I think you will be able to have a good rest here, next to me))))
Letter 6

Dear Rich!
I think this is a great idea for us to meet in your place!!!!
I am not sure this will be so easy to arrange, because I do nothave the international passport, but I know, that it is possible to get it, and I think I will need to check about the visa for me, right???? You are so sweeet, it will be just great if we meet soon! I will be very happy, and if you come then to my place, we will expend our holidays, right????
Oh, I wanted to ask you, how was your Easter, I see, you were to work a lot, but maybe you will have a chanse to rest a bit??? I feel woried that you work so much, please, try to be a good boy, ok???? Just for me, will you???????
I am confused a bit, why are you asking about my full name and address, but it seems to me I gave it to you then youwired the funds for our translations, but Ihaverealized just now, that I have made a mistake in typing, and I hae changed the word prder in the sentence, the lady translator just explaine d to me, and I have to say I am sorry for the misunderstanding, maybe I was not very carefull, but you see, I am trying to type my letters to learnn some new words, to helpmyself with the english, and that is why I've made a mistake, so, I think the situation is better now, right???? Please, I did not mind)))))))
Also, aboutthe passport, do you need it right now, because I think I need to scan it, right, and I think I will need it in th visa office if I am going to get the international passport, but this is not a problem, I can make a copy for your firdt, ok??? I will check everything tomorrow, because tody is th day off, and nobody works, so, I will write you tomorrow and tell you all the news I manage to get, OK???)))))
Letter 7

Dear Richard!
This is me again! I have just come back from the visa offise, and I have got news for you!!! I hope you will like this)))))
But first I wanted to tell you that you have understood correct about the name, I have mixed up the words in the sentence it it looked as the name and address of the translator, sorry, as you can see, I am making a lot of missprints, but this is because I do not speak english and I do not know the rules, I can easily change the word order, but I see now, this may cause a mistake, and I do promise not to do this anymore, ok???)))))))
But I liked the idea of surprise, thank you very much, youare so nice)))))))
But I have promised to tell you about the result of my being at the visa office. I have asked if it is nesessary to have passport for travelling abroad and they were laughting, can you imagine this???? They told me that nobody can leave a country without the passport and I will have to get it firs, only then it will be posible to obtain the visa. They told me the it is possible to get the passport for three days, for a week and for two weeks, but the term depends on the price, no, it is better to say the price depnds on the term.. or... oh, I have mixed it up))) So, I was told that if I need the passport in three days I have to pay 180.0USD, if I need it in one week, it will cost 160.0USD, and if I need it in two weeks, I will pay 140.USD. They say it is easy.... and this is the problem I wanted to tell you earlier. but I could not dare... i do not even know what to do with this, because the passport is just the beginning, I will have to obtain the visa, but the travel agent told me that the touring visa is the best choice, (it will cost 60$) if I am going to Great Britain, because it will be easier to get it and it will save some maney... and if you are ready to suppoirt me in this situation, the meeting can be real... I was shocked first, and I was wondering, how could it happen that a lot of people from our county, and even some of my friends can afford travelling overseas??? But the one thought saves me... the idea of you and I just hope that this will not stop us... I just started picking up the papers, some cettificates and reference, but this is not a problem, I am going to have all till the end of this week, and you can transfer the funds for the passport.. and this will show if we really can meet so soon... you know, darling.. I feel that if I do not see you soon,...... I will lose my hope... I feel so much excited now, and the same time I am so much impressed and even shocked, and see that the day of our meeting is so close, though it may be so soon the same time.... and I just hope that you can tell me what to do next, because I am lost, and I need your help and your support, I know, you are strong man, and I am just your weaker ;lady.... and that is the reason we want to be together: we need to have a piece on one another, and I hope we can have it!!!!!
Please, response soon, I will be waiting for your letter!
Letter 8

Dear Richard!
Oh, I see now what it was!!! I am sorry, my english is so bad, I do not understand a ,ot of words, and know just simple phrases, you see now, why I do want to study???))))
You were so sweet! I was so much afraid that I will not be able to understand you but I was so happy that yopu tyried to explaine me something, and I still remember your woise... oh... but we will meet soon, that is so great!
Of course, the passport will be ready in two weeks, and today is Thursday, so, it is left one wek and three days, you se))))) I have started on Monday)))) So, on Monday, ia a week I will get my passport, and I will be able to go to Kiev, to embassy to obtain the visa. I have checked about the flights, and this makes us to wait just two weeks more.
I have checked at my deans office, and they told me that I can be free as far as April ends, because I have got my last exam ( I have changed the date, arranged with a professor) next Wednesday ( besides, I have passed today one more)))) So, this is what I do have, and after readin you can comment, ok???))))
I am getting passport on the 3-d of May. The next day I flight to Kiev, to obtain the visa, it takes three days more..and if you feel like this, I can book the ticket to Uk for the 10-th of May, that do you think??? I am not sure about weekends, but I know, it is better to start from the beginning of a week, because of some changes in flights, righ??? So, if everything goes well, I come to see you on the 10-th of may, what do you think???
And yes, I will scan the passport, and send it to you the same day I have got it, ok???
I do want to go the a travel agency now, and I will tell you about the flinght, ok???? Will you be waiting???
I am so impatious now...))) thinking of your future meeting... you have asked about my parents, so, they are well, and I am going to meet them at the wwekend, but i ma not sure yet, thinking of the last exam, but this is ok, the last one Today was very successfull, an I am very happy of this!!!
Rich, you will not need to book a hotel, I have found the flat and I have arranged it already, but the landlady told me that I will have to pay in advance, in a month before your coming, but we still have some time, you see, I will pay her after I have come back from UK, and you need not worry about this, ok, this is what I am going to do, I can arrange evrything here and this will be good, right???
I miss you so much, and I still can not forget your deep voice, and I feel trembling... wow... Kisses,
Ps. I have almost forgotten aboutt he pictures, I hope they are good as well))))
Letter 9

Rich, darling!
Of course, I can come on the 17-th, it is not a aproblem, because I have told you about the date, which is not theexact, just supposed, and I have not booked theticket anyway, so, it is even good that you know for sure which date suits you more.. and this is good that you have told me about this, becaue it would be better for us to spend more time together, you are right, and I do appresiate your care of this!!! You are so sweet... but you know this yourself, I have told you already))
I am going to do as we have arranged, the direct flight from Kiev yto London, it is going to be Heathrow, I think, but I will check more infomation as far as I have got he passport.. I do not know why do they have such a rule..but maybe this is good, because if everybody will check theflights))) though who needs this if he is not going to flight/... oh, I feel like telling some silly things now... but you know, I do like this... I am still thinkin about your picture, made as Titanic, and you seem to be so romantic... I do kno that everything id\s going to be the best duing our meeting, and hten you will come to see me, this is just great!!!
Oh, yes, Rich, I wanted to ask you for how long I shoudl obtain the visa, they have for one week, for two and for a month... I am not sure but I think maybe two weeks, for but I need to know what do you think of this.. I just want to be sure, that maybe it will take a bit longer for me with the visa.. but I donot know yet, you see...
Please, forgive me, but I need to go right now... I have just come back from the aerobics, and I feel like falling down,, my legs hurt and my body needs massaging,,, but I will only be able to take a bath)))))
Kisses, Alina.
Letter 10

dear Rich!
I was waiting for your letter, but it is time to leave for me, I have tol you that I am going to see my folks for the wekend, and I have already bough the but ticket, so, I am sorry that you will have to wait formy next letter! I will come back on Monday, I have told you, and I will write to you, ok??? I will try to do my bestwith the coming back soon, and I hope you will have enough of patience and I want you to have a great weekend, and I am going to havea fun as well, because we have a holiday, you see...
Oh... I will miss you so muc...
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