Romance scam letter(s) from Alena Latysheva to Scott (USA)
Letter 1

Hello darling Scott!
I am so happy to hear from you.
How are you doing? I hope everything o.k. I'm great. the weather it wounderful here.
Well I was at the travel there are 2 ways to get to your place:
1. myself 2. with travel agency.
1. If i go myself, so i shall need to make passport (it takes one week and costs 164 $), open visa, make madical ensurance and buy tickets. To open visa I should go to Kiev two times. Visa costs 120 $ All this can take a lot of time...not less than a month and a half for sure. And it is very difficult to get visa myself. You know that I am a young girl and I'm not sure the Embassy will give me visa.
So i can try, but there are no any guarentee...You see, we can wait nearly two month and don't get anything.
2. The travel agency offer to use the tour to USA
The travel agency will make my passport, medical insurence, open visa andbuy tickets. So I can come and go back with the group, but when I`ll be inthere, i shall stay with you.
May be sometimes you`ll have no time for order not to bother you...i shall go to excursions with my group.
All preperation of the documents for the tour will take 17-20 days.
And to get visa in such a way is very easy. The agency will take group visa, and not personal, so there will not be a problem with visa.
Tell me what do you think about this and what option is best.
I'm very impatient about knowing you in person. you are right, it's exciting and a little bit scared. And we really need to trust each other in this question. That's the only way. Right?
And also...Can you write me the name of the city you live in or the nearest city with international airport? Than I'll be able to find out the total price of the tour.
Waiting for answer from you.
Kisses, Your Lenusya
Letter 2

Hello, dear Scott!
Thank you, for your soon reply. Nice to hear from you.
How are you? I hope everything is fine.
I'm great. The weather is so beautiful and warm. It even getting more hot mow. The summer is mooving on.
I'm in a good mood today. What about you?
I would like to hear your voice. Do you want to call me? It would be great to talk.
Yes , I have found out some detailes of the tour. So the price is 1074$. It's something like not complete tour. It includes visa, passport, roundway tickets and travel agency services. Hotel, feeding and excursions are not included.So that I have just to go and return with my group...We can be together whole time. The tour lasts 14 days. We can make it in the second part of June or in July. Does this option suits you? As for me it's the best one. What do you think?
Letter 3

Hello, dear Scott!
Thank you for your letter. How are you doing?
I like your answers as well. Dear sorry, my time is limited today. So I'll be very short. O.k.? Dear, why are you delaying question about our meeting? :)
What are we going to do? Will we take this tour? What about the payment? You know that I can't effort myself the whole price. Think about this. O.k.? But I'm not insisting.
have a wonderful day.
Kiss you, Lenusya
Letter 4

Hello, dear Scott!
I'm very glad to recieve your letter. How are you doing? I'm great. Hope you too.
I'm very happy you are not delaying conversation about our meeting. :)
Well, as you know, the tour costs 1074$. It lasts 14 days. They offer us the 27 of June. It's the nearest date when we can meet. But the payment should be done not less than 20 days. So it means that it should be done till the 7th of June. Is it o.k. for you? If it's not, we can take the tour later. It's up to you. What do you think?
We'll have a futher detailes (the time of arrive, the flight number and so on), when the payment is done.
If you have some questions feel free to ask. O.k.?
Last night I stood near my window and just stared at the beautiful, full moon. It was so bright outside, you could almost read! When I looked at the moon, I wondered if you might be watching it to at the same time. I wished I was standing beside you, arms around each other, my head on your chest, enjoying this beautiful view together. I yearn for that day.
I hope you will not be cold with me... :)
Hope to hear from you soon.
Have a wonderful day.
Take care. Kiss you, Lenusya The agency called "Travel Dream Agency". The payment can be done to their bank account or directly to them. I mean you can transfer money on their bank account or to me by Western Union and I'll pay them directly. What is the best for you? If it's better with bank account I'll send you information. O.k.? Actually I have no money to pay. Maybe I can try to find some. But I'm not sure.
Yes I'll come directly to Detroit. I don't know what we are going to do after 14 days? We'll see than.
Letter 5

Hello, dear Scott!
Thank you for your soon reply. Your mails brings me much delight and pleasure As you asked I give you all detailes.
1)their email address
2) for their tel number
+8097 6331 450
3)their address
Sovetskaya Street, 14/3
Lugansk, Ukraine
3)their bank account
where you can transfer the money. It's on the name of managing director Jana Pogribat'ko. I attached it.
So if you want you can call or write email and to find out all information you need.
You are right our time is limited so we should hury up to organize everything.
Yes, Moskow is 8 hours ahead. But I don't live in Russia. I live in Ukraine. So our (Kiev) time is 7 hours ahead.
I'm so impatient of hearing your voice. I think this talk will get us closer to each other. It would be great!!!
I'm waiting for your soon reply.
I kiss you. Take care, Lenusya
Letter 6

Here is information about me, tour and travel agency
1)my full name Elena Latisheva
2)my home address
Krasnaya Ploschad, 2/75
Lugansk, Ukraine
3) my friend's phone number
+38 097 641 7021
4) Travel agency "Travel Dream Agency" email address
2) for their tel number
+8097 6331 450
3)their address
Sovetskaya Street, 14/3
Lugansk, Ukraine
3)their bank account
where you can transfer the money. It's on the name of managing director Jana Pogribat'ko. I attached it once more.
So the price of the tour is 1074$. It's something like not complete tour. It includes visa, passport, return tickets and travel agency services. Hotel, feeding and excursions are not included.So that I have just to go and return with my group...We can be together whole time. The tour lasts 14 days. We can make it in the end of June or in July.
It's a full information.
Dear, are you still going to bring me by your side. As for me it's my strongest wish no.
We both was dreaming to meet. So let's do it...Let's make our dreames come true!
I'm thinking of you...miss you
Hope to see your letter
Kisses, Lenusya
Letter 7

Hello, my dear Scott!
Thank you for your letter. It's very nice to hear from you. I'm very sorry for me delay with the responce. Something has happend to my email address. I was not able to sent messages. I hope that you'll recieve this one.How is your computer. I hope you've alredy repared it.
Dear, I really miss your mails. Three days withoput hearing from you are like two years for me. These days made me to relize how much I need you and how much I want to be with you.
Dear, please, try to contact travel agency again. You see, there is much distance between our places. So the connection can be very bad.
Try there email address again
Of course, if you are still going to bring me to your place. Dear, I understand that it's much money to risk. But I really trust this agency. You see, good friends of my parents used it last year and everything was fine.
They didn't stole their money or something like this. I completely trust them. It's reliable company, I know this.
Dear, you see first we should meet and see each other to know if we are right people for each other. So I think two weeks are enough for this.
Then if everything is o.k. we shall plan our future. But first we should just see each other. I think this option with the travel agency is the best.
What do you think about this?
have a nice day and write me soon.
Sweet kisses, Lenusya
Letter 8

Hello, dear Scott!
I want to appologize for my late reply. I had some problems with my email box.
Thank you for your wonderful letter. After I read it I've got wet.
As for my favourite favourite one is 69. With such dick as you have this possition would be espacially that I can suck you and you can lick my pussy. I would like you to apply your sperm on my face, I like to pound it on my face and all my body (when I write this words for you it gets me and I start caress my body).
I like making blowjob...with you it's going to be espacially good as you have what to suck.
I like hard and deep.
Doggy style is one of my perfect possitions. I like anal sex (but very tenderly)
Dear as for our meeting...I would prefer to come to your country see, I would like our first meeting to be in some place which is more beautiful than Ukraine. I would like everything to be perfect.
You see, here in Lugansk there are no places to go. Nothing interesting...And there is another thing I'm scared about. you see, we have so many robbers here and I'm affraid that you can become an easy victim for them as you are foreigner and you have some money.
I just think maybe it's really better to meet in your country...But I don't insist. The main thing that we'll be together and have a chance to know each onther closer. Right?
I'm waiting for your soon reply...
Kisses, Lenusya P.s. I send you one more sexy photo. :) Elena Latisheva
Krasnaya Ploschad, 2/75
Lugansk, Ukraine
Letter 9

Hello, dear Scott!
Thank you for your letter...Nice to hear from you.
How are you doing? I'm great.
O.k...I'll write you finishing of my take me to your bed eat my lips...suck my tunge...your hands touching my breasts!! you lick and suck my niples and they get hard!! your hand between my legs... playing gently with my pussy finger alittle bit naughty!! it went inside!! it is wet...other two follow it...
Than you open my legs!! kiss hot pussy!! eat it!! open my pussy lips!! suck them!! put your long noughty tunge deep inside of me!!'s so pleasent
Than we make lovely 69 with you!! I suck your big lick my pussy...eating my juice... Than I bend over, open my legs and spread my pussy for you...welcome you to fack me hard... your dick stands like libarty tower!! Strong like a stone... It throbling on the lips of my pussy!! asking the permition to get inside!! and then.. you penetrate me..deep deep inside ..!! we are mooving back and forth... I start moaning : Scott...Scott..oh fuck me please !!!OOH OOH Scott more !! more..AAh AHH!! OOH eat me!! SUCK me!! OOH Scott MY LOVE MORE please!!!! Fuck me hard...OHH I'm your slave...take me..FUCK ME...I'm completely yours...and we were moving up down for long time..we geton the seventh sky...together.. you expload and squirt the sperm to my face, mouth, chest...oh it's so sexy...I pound it all over my body...
Dear, can you write me how you imagine our first night? Can you also write me what physical preparations I should do?
Dear, don't think that I just want to spend twop weeks with you and that's all...I just think that it would be right if first we'll meet for two weeks. I mean it's the easiest way. It's really difficult to get visa by myself. You see, it would be great if we can stay together more time...maybe I'll go to the travel agency and ask them if it possible somehow to long my staying there. Dear, don't worry...this travel agency is real, reliable...I'm sure about this for 100%. Today I went there and ask them to contact you. Have you recieved it. I saw how they wrote and sent it to you. I just know that the travel agency is the only way how I can get to you. I can try to do it myself, but i think Dear, why do you think that my correspondance is odd? I'm completely sincere and honest with you. And I really want to meet with you...and to stay with you as soon as possible.
So, honey, read the mail from travel agency and think about this option. I really think it's the best.
What do you think?
Have a nice day and write me soon
Take care Kisses, Lenusya
Letter 10

Welcome to our travel agency "Travel Dream"
Elena Latisheva asked us to contact you as you think to use our services, but can't get through our email address and telephone. We appologize for this difficulties.
Our agency can offer you the tour to USA, Detroit. The tour for 14 days costs 1074 USD. It includes next services:
1. Opening visa 120 USD
2. Passport 164 USD
3. Medical insurance 40 USD
4. Roundway tickets 650 USD
5. Travel agency services 100 USD
As Elena Latisheva asked for dates of the first part of July, we can offer you July 5th, 8th, 11th,15th.
If you have some more questions, you are welcome to ask.
We always happy to help our clients.
Managing director,
Jana Pogribat'ko
Letter 11

Hello, dear Scott!
Thank you very much for your soon reply.
I'm so happy we are in a couple of steps towards our meeting.
Dear can you send me sexy photo with your face? I want to see your face when you are excited. Can you do?
Dear, yesterday I started to do excercises.
Well, I can hold my breath for 1 min. Is it a good result? I tried to stretch my pussy (I was thinking of you while doing this). It's difficult to say about some results. It's the question of time.
Well, see you soon.
Kisses, Lenusya
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