Letter(s) from Valeria to Michael (Austria)

Letter 1

Hello dear Michael,
Thank you a lot for your letter, i was very glad to get it from you. I am happy that you spend your time good, it seems to me it is so. Did you go to disco with your friends? My weekend was also fine.On the weekend I went to the cinema with my friends. We watched the movie spiderman 2. I really liked this movie. Did you watch it?
I am very happy to hear that you already booked the tickets for your trip. I am waiting for your here impatiently. It doesn't really matter for me where to meet, the most important to see you!!, if you would help me with the travelling expanses for me and for the girl who will translate for us, because to use the dictionary it would be very uncomfortable. It would be easier to have somebody to translate for us and if when it would be nessessary we will understand each other without words.
Well, my dear Stefan I will finish my letter for now and I will be waiting for yours impatiently. I hope you will like the photo.
Dear Michael,I tried to send you this letter on the new email you gave me but it didn't work. Please send me a letter from there. ok?
yours, Valeria.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Michael,
Thank you a lot for your letter, I am very happy to get it from you. How are you?
I would really happy that you like my photos and think thay are beautiful. I would really like to meet you and I expected you to come to Kiev and there I would meet you. I have never seen Kiev in the real life and I wanted to go for a walk with you around Kiev.
If you wnat to meet me, I can give you the phone number of my interpreter and you will call her and organize our meeting. As I do not speak English very good, i need the help of the interpreter to help us to communicate. Dear I have one question for you, what are you going to do in Crimea? I hope you will answer me honestly, as we have to trust each other. Yes?
I think it would be difficult to explane you how to reach my home from teh railway station, so you would better call my interpreter and she we will meet you there. OK?
If you agree I will give you her phone number and you will contact her. with love,
yours, Valeria.