Letter(s) from Tatyana Anokhina to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hallo Jack.
Why you do not call me on a name. I asked you to not write to me, if you will disagreed with my conditions. I have written all to you in the previous letter.
I do not have money to pay your mail for the Internet. I receive per one month 100 $. Now mum hardly is sick. But your money is not necessary to me. And I am nothing you I do not ask. If you were the decent(considerable) person, you would send me money to repayment the Internet of mail. And even has taken an interest about what. I am tired from your uniform and indifferent letters. What for you write me same? To me the kind, decent(considerable) and fond husband is necessary, to which one I shall be devoted and valid, fond wife. With it(him) we shall not speak about any pleasures. I want to live with the husband in love and consent under the laws of the God.
Jack, you write i only me. I see again your declaration in the newspaper.
Probably, you and to find the woman, which one will accept your rules and conditions. I wish to you good luck.
But if I am necessary to you, you will accept my conditions and will send me money, that I have paid our correspondence.
If not will do it, please, do not write to me more.