Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Volodina to George (USA)

Letter 1

Hello George,
Thank for photo, you very attractive male. I am so glad receive answer from you.
In this world there is a person who wishes to acquaintance with me. Excuse me beforehand if my letter will be a little bit incoherent. I am timid therefore I is not capable to begin acquaintance. But I hope that we can find out each other better. But if I start write to you, I shall write in this letter a little about me. I shall also send one of my photos.
I was born 22 of April 1976 and I am now 27years old. It is a lot of for me. I live in a small apartment with my parents. I haven't brothers and sisters and I haven't own children. And I think about my future life.
I want to have own family. I want to bring up own children. I was born and have grown in republic Hakasija city of Abakan. It is the not big industrial city in Eastern Siberia of Russia. My daddy works in militia.
It too most, that at you police.
My mum works in Abakan`s to city hospital.
She works there in a first-aid as medical sister.
About my parents I shall tell you in the following letter more. Now how I spoke I shall write about myself.
As I spoke already, I was born in 1976. Up to 7 years I went to a kindergarten. As my parents could not be constant with me. Since 7 years I began to go to school. I studied very good.
When I finished a school with Red certificate in the 1994 and I have gone to the Krasnoyarsk medical academy. As I had the fine certificate about of my finished the school. I could study in Institute free-of-charge.
In 1999 I have finished study in academy.
Since that year I work in Abakan`s to children's city hospital. It near to hospital where works my mum.
My task on work is to define the diagnosis of disease and to appoint treatment. If necessary I should send my patients on various medical testing. My work with children forces me to be more attentive.
My work with children is more difficult than with adult people. And my work is more pleasant me. And I have pleasure that I can help children. Probably the love to children has come to me with my age.
And now I have understood the children - is our future.
Therefore I would like to have my own children.
You will ask me why I have chosen you? Why I shall not find the man in the own country?
I do not know how answer you. But I already spoke that I am timid therefore I is not capable to begin acquaintance.
And I can not simply strike up in the street an acquaintance with the stranger. My girlfriend, my fellow worker has offered me to find acquaintance with the help of the Internet.
And now I write you from Internet cafe. Because I haven't own computer. It is expensive very much. And I can not allow this luxury. In our country not so many people have a personal computers at home. Probably the level of our life does not allow to live so that to afford much. No, I don't complain of bad life in Russia. I earn enough that to live in Russia. Well, I shall finish this letter. You having read my letter and if you agree to continue with me acquaintance.
May be I can ask you one question: " You agree to have acquaintance with the Russian woman and if all will be good, do you agree a have serious attitudes with her? " Yours faithfully, your new familiar Aleksandra.
Letter 2

Hello my dear friend George.
I very thanks to you for the letter back. Excuse me for the my last letter. It was a little bit sad. But all it was in the past.
In this letter I shall not write you sad histories of my life.
With each letter, I understand that we become more adhered to each other. Therefore I shall give you my home address:
Pushkina 11-3
Volodina I think, that you can send me the letter in a regular mail. If you also will give me your home address, I also can send you the letter. But I think, it is not so convenient for us. Each letter will go very long time. We have a problem in the regular mail not always the letter achieves the addressee. Probably our mail works very badly.
I also would like to speak with you, but at present I have found out that it is impossible.
I very much would like to hear your voice. And I think that you also would like to hear my voice. But I regret it is impossible.
I can not give you house phone number because I have no phone of my house. I want to speak with you, it would be amusing to hear your voice. But my familiar too have no phone.
In hospital where I work there is a phone, but he is used for emergency calls. Therefore on this phone it is impossible to call.
But I shall give you number of this phone but I do not know as you can call on it. I shall have problems, after as I used our work phone in the personal purposes. It is number of ph. (39022)93409 work
I can't afford the phone which is connected to the international lines. It is very expensive. Our city haven't such phones also. They are only at rich people.
I have found out that such phones are in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg. They are at the international airports. And telephone conversation is costs very expensive.
Therefore I can't call to you. It is a pity to me. But I am happy that we have an opportunity to contact you with the help of the Internet.
I think that Internet - great achievement of a science. It allows to speak with people, taking place on the big distances.
And I am very pleased that we could meet each other with help of the Internet. Oh, I nearly have not overlooked, I have informed my parents about you. That we have acquaintance.
I have told my parents a little about you. In the beginning, they have considered cautiously to ours to attitudes on Internet.
But subsequently, mum sends the regards to you.
She hopes that in future we can shall be magnificent pair.
If it is true, I too think so. But we know each other absolutely short period of time. And I think, that early to speak about it.
I simply haven't anybody, except for you , whom I can inform this words only you. And I really hope for continuation of our attitudes. I think that you not against. Kiss.
Letter 3

Hello my best friend George.
I am glad to see your letter. I understand, that between us fine attitudes are fastened.
And I become sure, that sometime there will come day when we can tell each other: " I love you ". Or may be probably I am mistaken.
Today before writing to you the letter, I spoke with the manager of Internet cafe. He has told that Internet have a lot of deceit therefore I should be cautious. But when I read your letters, I understand that I should not be afraid of a deceit. He also spoke that many girls play in false love to entice money or with the help of this false love to left in USA.
My god why in this world there is not enough validity?
But you can trust me, I do not deceive you. Though probably you will not trust me. But I haven't idea to deceive you.
I already spoke you that I use the Internet only with one purpose. I want to find my half because I can not find worthy male here. I know what such a deceit and his consequences.
In one time one male has deceived me and I had feeling that my private world is devastated.
And I in this occasion have huge grief.
Well, I shall forget this bad theme for conversation today. I shall write a little about my daily routine. Per working days I rise early from bed. I rise at 6.00 mornings.
It would be wonderful, if I could wake up near to you and speak you " good morning ". But it only dreams.
Then I go in a bath where I wash and I clean a teeth.
Then I do small gymnastics that my muscles came in the order.
Further I prepare for breakfast. In the morning I do not like to fill in my stomach. I eat a little.
I make sandwiches with sausage, cheese and cooked eggs And then I drink tea with a lemon. It is my breakfast. At 7.15 I go for work. I go for work on bus, as I have not the own car. For 45 minutes I need go to my work.
Near to with my house a stop.
I go to bus stops and sit down on a bus number 16.
Then I change to the bus number 23 which carries me directly to work. In 8.00 my work begins.
We gather with my colleagues and we go to check ill children which are on treatment in our hospital.
On survey of patients I leaves 2 hours.
From 10 hours I accept ill children on check.
I check them.
I put the diagnosis and I appoint treatment.
If it is necessary to hospitalize, I hospitalize children. And then I with my colleagues make further their treatment. From 12.00 till 13.00 I have a lunch break.
I usually fill him to write to you the letter. I also write you this letter in a lunch break.
My work comes to an end in 17.00 evenings.
If I can not write to you during dinner then I write you in the evening after work. And I go home. At home, I am usually occupied with domestic affairs. It is washing of clothes, cleaning of rooms from a dust. And another. At leisure, I watch TV more.
In days off, I also am in the basic house. I do not like with recent time to go on various dances or a bar.
Sometimes I go to my girlfriend Elena. We can speak with her on any themes of conversation.
Usually we discuss female themes. We speak about recipes, lady's wear and much the others. But I think that to you it not interestingly.
I hope that I have not bothered you with the letter.
With love Aleksandra.
Letter 4

Hi my love George!
I shall be possible to name you my love? Probably I hurry with conclusions. But I am sure that the love arrives to our hearts.
You know, in the childhood I dreamed, that I shall find the prince, with whom I can come on edge of the ground.
In a consequence, I have understood, that actually there are no princes. Ideal the man cannot be found.
But close to an ideal which is necessary for you, you can find. I can not tell you with confidence, that you - my ideal. But............ You too can not tell, that I - your ideal.
But in it the reason, what people fall in love? The reason here in many respects. I can not explain an origin of love. I can not explain why the woman draws to male.
I can not explain why the male draws to the woman. It occurs at a subconscious level.
Private world of the person informs to the person about it. And in a consequence, you understand, that it is the truth. I write you it, that you could understand what to be created in my ideas. I understand, that you are intended for me, but I am afraid to inform you about it. I also am afraid to tell you that the love to you has come in my heart. I am afraid to tell you, that I love you.
I am afraid to tell it as the love should be mutual.
My mum also speaks me, that I should be more cautious with the feelings. The last lesson has learned me, but I have become attached to you. I miss about you when I do not receive from you letters. With feeling of love, the person does many nonsenses. And I not exception. You know, when I have decided to begin acquaintance through the Internet, I thought about myself. (for fun or seriously)
It is interesting, if I shall find the love in USA, I should go in USA? ( it there were my ideas before I have got acquainted with you) Further, I did not think of it.
But time has come, when I should think of it. I think that you agree with me. My lovely, my dear, I am afraid to speak you about it, but I LOVE YOU!!! And I shall wait for the letter from you with impatience. But if you will not answer me, I shall understand all because I any more the little girl.
Your Aleksandra
Thank for a remarkable photo
I too like to be on a nature to go to a campaign, to cook to an ear
Letter 5

Hello my love George!
Now I can call you my love with confidence.
Your letter has brought to me this confidence.
Also this letter has brought to me hope for that that I shall continue the life not in loneliness.
And I can speak that my life only begins. And this life will be connected to you. I am happy.
I can tell now with confidence, that I love you. I can not transfer this feeling in a word, it is difficult. But my heart is beaten more frequently, my breath becomes rough. Everything, that I feel, that I can do all, I can write in a poem. I have found fine poem Susan Polis Schutz.
It refers to " Love is. " Love is
being happy for the other person when they are happy
being sad for the person when they are sad
being together in good times and being together in bad times
Love is the source of strength Love is
being honest with yourself at all times
being honest with the other person at all times
and never pretending
Love is the source of reality Love is
an understanding that is so complete that
you feel as if you are a part of the other person
accepting the other person just the way they are
and not trying to change them to be something else
Love is the source of unity Love is
the freedom to pursue your own desires
while sharing your experiences with the other person
the growth of the one individual alongside of
and together with the growth of another individual
Love is the source of success Love is
the excitement of planning things together
the excitement of doing things together
Love is the source of the future Love is
the fury of the storm
the calm in the rainbow
Love is the source of passion Love is
giving and taking in a daily situation
being patient with each other's needs and desires
Love is the source of sharing Love is
knowing that the other person
will always be with you regardless of what happens
missing the other person when they are away
but remaining near in heart at all times
Love is the source of security Love is the source of life. This poem defines - that such love.
And I understand, that it so. I know this poem by heart. I also have translated it to Russian. And you can trust me, that she sounds in Russian also perfectly.
As soon as I read your letter, I have made the decision. We should be together. Tomorrow in the morning I shall go in visa agency. I shall find out all how I can arrive to you.
I think, I shall not have difficulties with official registration of papers. I solve it, having carried out all night in meditations.
And your letter which I read today has confirmed my decision.
I am sure, that we should have a meeting. We can not find out in completeness each other, hoping only on the computer.
The computer has given much. He has given us hope. And we should not miss this hope. I am sure, that you agree with me. I have to you a true feeling - love.
I spoke you about my girlfriend Elena much.
The last year she has married.
I hope that I can soon to dress a white dress of the bride too. Therefore I shall be tomorrow in visa agency.
I love you.
With all heart,
With all love, With love Aleksandra.
Letter 6

Hello my love George !!!
I am happy to receive your letter.
Today in the morning as I spoke, I went to visa agency.
I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer that I need the visa, foreign passport and some other documents for registration.
We have defined a type of the visa and it's type which allows to marry in the future This visa allows me to be in your country during 90 days.
I think, that it will be enough to know each other and in a consequence to marry. If we marry during validity of the visa, I can remain with you on more time. If we do not marry, I should leave your country on the termination of validity of the visa.
I asked about prices and was very surprised, first I ask about time of performance. and they said that there is many people who wants to make documents and leave the country Therefore, if I wish to fly in the country earlier, I should write the application and pay the visa on next week.
Then the visa will be ready during 2 weeks.
If I can not write the application and pay the visa on next week, that I should wait manufacture of the visa during 2-3 months. I was very much surprised with the prices of services. The visa costs approximately 270 dollars, and the passport and necessary documents cost 79 dollars.
It's make me little suppressed and disappointed. I don't have so much now. I was make application but I must pay for it.
I asked my mother about our savings she said that the money should not be a barrier between two people which love each other.
I counted my sum and I found out that I have only about fifty dollars and my wages. will be not soon.
I asked my friends about helping me and they said that have not at the present moment.
I asked the advice my mother and she said that maybe you can help me, because you loves me.
I asked her how he can help me, because he is far from me. My mother said that you can send the money through company which make this service. I asked about it, on my work and I know now, that exists reliable and fast company, which makes remittances in world and it's western union. I remember that I saw advertising this company on tv.
I take a directory book and found the address of it and it's not far from me. I went there, and I asked them about service.
They said that sender must go to the western union, give them information: the name and last name of receiver, country they make transfer and bring the ten digits secret code to sender.
The receiver must know ten digits for receiving money.
They say that the branches of it must be everywhere worldwide.
Here is the information about me: Country: Russia
Name: Aleksandra
Surname: Volodina I must know your full name, full address.
You must know that I decide to ask you about it because I love you and trust you very much.
I decide to come to you because I feel this way and you are very necessary to me, decided to come to the unfamiliar country and I never be outside my country. But I decided to do it because now you are part of my life and I trust you in all. I think you trust me too and love me too.
You must inform me the closest airport to you I'll ask the help with ticket from my relatives.
Please, don't forget to tell me the closest airport.
My love I need 300 dollars I think you will help me because we found our love and we want to meet closer.
You must inform me ten digits and I can receive it.
You must know we must hurry because I can receive the documents soon, and if we lost the time it is necessary for a long time.
Now it's very difficultly to receive the visa to your country, and it's fact, but if I pay now, I think I do it.
I think about sense of money, and I'm very sad if this paper can prevent people to meet each other.
In most cases the money play a main role in life but it's not right! I'm sure. And the quantity of money was and will not important to me, I always not aspired to material enrichment and don't search specially for rich male. I appreciate human qualities and relations, and I love you George !!! I love you all my heart, I want to be with you now. I want to be with you forever. If it's mutually we will be very happy in our life.
I think you love me too and we will meet very soon.
You are my love, my Angel. My heart is yours.
Probably, you will not trust me after that the letter.
Probably, you will decide that I am a deceiver.
But I can repeat to you, all my words, all my ideas, all my feelings to you is a true.
And as though the destiny has not turned to us, as though you have not decided, I shall love all the same you. And I shall prove to you, that it is not simple words. I'm waiting good news from you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be together soon.
Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real, we must use this chance of destiny.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Your love Aleksandra.
Letter 7

Hi my love George!
I very much want to meet you and would be glad to your arrival in Russia, but there is one BUT!
The employees the Internet cafe beforehand warn the girls concerning meetings Now I shall try to explain:
If the man comes to Russia to the beloved girl, the girl bears responsibility for his safety We have such groupings of the gangsters, which meet and track down the foreigners at the large airports
These gangsters plunder and injure of the foreigners, is especial of the Americans There is even such, that they kidnap the people and require of the relatives the large repayment for his freedom !
I would not like that with you something happened
I never shall forgive myself, if with you something similar happen! I very much love you and do not want to lose you !
It will be much better if I shall come to you , especially I never was abroad It will be twice pleasant from of this travel, I shall see a lot of new and interesting, and most important, I shall see you, my love!
Write to me that you think in this occasion
On it I finish and shall be with impatience to wait for your answer
Your bride Aleksandra.
Letter 8

Hi my lovely George!
I am glad to see your letters, I was borrowed on work and could not write to you but Now I have such opportunity and I want to tell you I LOVE YOU!!! I can not live without you and too I want to meet you.
I very much love you and I worry for you. My alarms have under themselves the bases I have neighbour which lives opposite to our apartment We live in the neighbourhood from the settling a house He is already long in love with me, but I do not answer him reciprocity And then he has left in army and began to serve under the contract He has got in armies of special purpose and them there learned art to **** them were going for special Diversive tasks. He served in army and at war in the Chechen Republic, he with the group there served in investigation
They found the Chechen terrorists in mountains both destroyed them, and destroyed the weapon and drugs
he has much seen death and killed people
he killed many people itself, recently he has got demobilize and has come back home. Also was arranged to work in militia
After returning from the Chechen Republic he became abnormal, he drinks alcoholic drinks much. And frequently human life that does not cost arranges fights, for him Recently he has learned that I correspond with you and that I love you and you love me. It(he) has overheard conversation when my mum spoke with the girlfriend. They stood in the street before e?ueuoii he has decided to prevent our happiness
he began to stick to me almost each day,
It is not born to suffer his sticking, it practically does not give me pass Some times spoke that if will meet you that **** you He has weapon as he serves in militia
he is capable of it, as he was in the Chechen Republic Excuse that has not told you earlier and that hid from you
I am guilty to you, I do not know that to me now to do
I feel a cargo which lays on my soul for your health and well-being I can not forgive to myself if with you that happen
You see you my most favourite person on the ground and I feel that only you can make me happy I can not live without you, I am broken off from inability that or to make It will be better if I come to you
It is not born to live near to such person as my neighbour
I ask you take away me from here I so I can not live more
It nightmare
Your bride Alexsandra.
Letter 9

Hi my love George!
I am very glad to your decision will meet in Kiev
I very much love you and is very happy
But I do not know as to arrive to Kiev as I have no what savings to spend them for trip As the ticket up to Kiev with residing will cost to me approximately 400 $ but I do not have such big money And I at all do not know at whom them to borrow as it is very big sum at our friends there is no such money I did not want you to tell..................
I went to former to the man which once have deceived me.
I know that it has the big money and 400 $ it for him a trifle.
I have asked for him money in a duty that he has helped me.
It has asked for what to me it and I have told to him because I am not able to lie. I thought that it will understand me and will help on old love.
But it appeared the rascal!
It has told that simply so will give me 500 $ right now if I shall sleep with him today. And tomorrow I can go where I shall want.
I have very much taken offence at him and to strike him on the person a hand. It has very strongly offended me having counted me the **********! But he has told that to prostitutes pay 20 $ and I love you!!!!! He asked to return to him but I have refused and have told that I more for him do not exist. Also left having closed a door.
I never shall be the **********!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not see an exit from this situation, I do not know who except for you can help me You my unique hope
I wait for your letter with impatience
Yours and only yours Aleksandra
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