Scam Letter(s) from Nadezhda Lopatina to Dave (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello my sweetheart, just came back from travel agency, sorry that so late, i will immediately write you my flight,that you could know it, and remember, firstly he found most cheap tiket to Windsor witch costs around 1100d,but i refused it, i will write you that price, that you could understand why.. it also on 15 of February - Wednesday
Departure would be 2:40 p.m. (my time)from Moscow Sheremetyevo airport
Then airrive to will Toronto 5:00 p.m.(your time) Canada fligt in way - 10 hours 20 min,.. really never thought that it can be so long on a plane.
Then i will have to spend 5 hours 10 min in Toronto, and only in 10:10p.m. will fly to Windsor, and would be there by 11:26 p.m.

I remember that you told me that Toronto few hours from your city, and i guess it would be better for me if you could come to Toronto,and take me from there, then i wait in Toronto 5 hours,and only then would come to Windsor,where you waiting me.. And because of it, i decided to check flights to Toronto, and he found directly flight from Moscow to Toronto, i paied for it 923 dollars, and im glad that i did it,because it even cheaper then if i would reserve to Windsor,
the flight is the same, departure from Moscow 2:39pm ,and arrive to Toronto on 5 p.m. with Aeroflot.Flight is SU303 ,SO you must be !!!!!!!!!!! in Toronto by 5 P.M. !!!!!! remember it!!

Its a pity.. i wanted to reserve flight on the earlier morning ,that could arrive to you in day, but that cheap flight is on 2:39 p.m.
He found anothers flights of course, with 2 stops throught USA, but they cost a lot more , and because of it i stoped on that flight..
Ah, im going to embassy on Tuesday, because of it i took flight on wednesday... WEEE!!! Really cant wait to share my happienss with my girlfriends and mom... Do you exciting Davie as i AM???? I cant wit to finnaly see you!!!!!!!! Ah.... its finnaly going to be happen, thank you!!!! I love you so much. i will go to mom's village today - tomorrow, she asked me to do that, when i directly will know dates..

she will come with me to kazan,and will spend last days here with me..So please DONT go Crazy if willnt hear from me in a day or two!!!!
But anyway,i will say you directly before my moving to her! so you will know when you shouldnt go crazy because of my silence!!
DAVIEEEE Fillny soon we will be together, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??i still so amazed, so HAPPY!!! I hope you will return from Toronto with Jessica soon, i just didnt understand why she going there? Or you will leave her there,and will return alone? Why then?? I would be GREAT, if she will be in toronto till wednesday, that when i will arrive we could visit her and take her with us? Or she could come to meet me in airport with you, it would be really COOL!!!!

Ok,i will write you latly, really cant sit on place, so happy, so exciting, and really need to share my happiness with friends... If i will decide to move to mom today, i will write about it...

hmm, no ,i better will go to her tomorrow morning.. Anyway, write me soon, I LOVE YOU!

Your Nadya

Letter 2

I guess i did mistake in my letter, may be not, i guess i wrote wednesday 15 february??If so,then i really too exciting and need to calm down..haha. of course 8 february!!!!

lets again, that you remember correctly!

Flight SU303 8 february,wednesday, Aeroflot from Sheremetyevo Moscow 14:39 p.m, to Lester B. Pearson airport,Toronto in 17:00, now its right, Remember it!

Letter 3

Hello Dave Mummery,

im Lena, friend of Nadya,she ask me to write you she is sorry,she want to write you yesterday and today,but always innternet service was full,but she was need go on train, she will back tomorrow with mother and will write you!
From all our friends i saing we very happy she is coming to you, we wish you happy, and very hope oneday you all will meet us here.
Best wishes to you and Nadya,


Letter 4

Hello Dave Mummery,
This is Lena again, Nadya call in shool today from hospital, i dont know details, but something happen with her mother, she ask me to write you and let you know that her mother is very bad, probably she will need operation, and that she must be with her now, she say that will write
you when will have a chance. And she say me to say you that she love you very very much , but now she must be with mom.


Letter 5

Hi my lovely Davie...

I had found internet cafe for writing you. I have bad news from my mum.
She is very bad...
She is also a farm-worker, she have cow and much animals... And it is very hard for her. but she like it so much...
Much time ago doctor told her that she must be very careful with her heart, because she had Illness of heart and if it will come back again she will be very bad...
As you know on sunday i went on train to village,and when i came in village casually met mothers neighbour,she said that my mum is very bad,and cant walk,that her heart is very bad...I made me crazy,i runed to my moms house,and saw her,laing on bad, she was without mind,like .....dead.... I didn`t know that it will come back, and that so soon she will be so bad.
I had so wonderful dreams about all of us, i was so happy,that when she will be with us, she will be absolutely healthy, and all days that i spend with her, she was so happy, so sunshine.. but now...
I love her and i don't want to lose her.... When we come to the hospital, doctors didnt allow me to be with her first hours, but i was under door, i felt that if i will leave hospital, my heart will exlode.. i don't have right words for explanation what i felt and saw there when i saw her....
There are much unknown for me devices. I cried, i cann't saw it... She was like a robot. Her face was unlive, i kissed her, but she didn't move...
I asked our God help her, please help her.... I love her very much. I cann't lose her, i lost my dad, now i don't want that You take my mum, Please don't do it.....
It was the worse days in my life.. When it was first time, she was not so bad, it was a little easy.
But now i understand that it is very bad and we must do something with her...
I spoke with her doctor and he told me:" We have not much chance to help her in our hospital.
We need to going to another more better clinic, which situated in the Moscow, but it will be cost for us much money...
All what we can now, in our clinic, it is to support her heart working, but it will be not for a long time...
I am sorry." its was shock for me.i was dead in heart...i cant believe in it!!!
I asked him if we will find money for it, how much chance we will have after this operation, is she will be all right?

He told me that:

"Of course we have a risk to lose her, but we must to try save her and if you need it..." Damn, of COURSE i need it!!!
All what we need now for it,we take her into moscow, in that clilic, i was had to spend all money that you did send me last time, on road, and on that days in clinic.. only yesterday, i returned in life,and understand that i need to do something, all days i was in shock and dont remember what happened, i just sited before mother and look on her..
I had asked doctors for what i will pay so much money.And Now i have information about it...
Operation cost 2200 usd, one day in this clinic with course of reabilitation 75.25 usd im translating in dollars that you it could be better for you,she will be there 3 days before operation and at least week after it...
And about 2 weeks she will be in the center of reabilitation.... each day is 15,67 dollars..
He told me that all medical preparations and food will be free...
I love her and i am sure that you understand my feeling how it is hard for me to lose mum.
Please tell me, tell me that you will help me.. I will be working in your country for it and i promise you that i will give you this money back.. I cann't be happy with you, when i will know that my mom bad... YOu know Davie, that I LOVE YOU most of all, and i love my mom!! I CANT LOST HER!!!!! Please help HER....
I dont know what will be later, i only concerned about my mom life. I NEED to know your answer, i NEED IT DAVIE!!! Please write me soon.. I cant read your letters, because i hurry back to clinic, and i just cant focus mind about anything, But you know that i love you,Dave, you know it! Please sorry me, for brought so much unhappiness to you, but i cant leave mother right now... she need me! I NEED HER!!!!!!!!
But you know,that i NEED you also , please dont leave me,even when you are far, i feel your love, i feel that im not alone in that terribe days.. I NEED you Davie! DOnt leave me, i pray YOU!!!!!
I love you! butneed to go!,
Your wife Nadya



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